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Possible License(s): BSD-3-Clause
 2Signals relating to comments.
 4from django.dispatch import Signal
 6# Sent just before a comment will be posted (after it's been approved and
 7# moderated; this can be used to modify the comment (in place) with posting
 8# details or other such actions. If any receiver returns False the comment will be
 9# discarded and a 403 (not allowed) response. This signal is sent at more or less
10# the same time (just before, actually) as the Comment object's pre-save signal,
11# except that the HTTP request is sent along with this signal.
12comment_will_be_posted = Signal(providing_args=["comment", "request"])
14# Sent just after a comment was posted. See above for how this differs
15# from the Comment object's post-save signal.
16comment_was_posted = Signal(providing_args=["comment", "request"])
18# Sent after a comment was "flagged" in some way. Check the flag to see if this
19# was a user requesting removal of a comment, a moderator approving/removing a
20# comment, or some other custom user flag.
21comment_was_flagged = Signal(providing_args=["comment", "flag", "created", "request"])