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 1This directory contains a .Net wrapper class library for the ZLib1.dll
 3The wrapper includes support for inflating/deflating memory buffers, 
 4.Net streaming wrappers for the gz streams part of zlib, and wrappers
 5for the checksum parts of zlib. See DotZLib/UnitTests.cs for examples.
 7Directory structure:
10LICENSE_1_0.txt       - License file.
11readme.txt            - This file.
12DotZLib.chm           - Class library documentation         - NAnt build file
14DotZLib.sln           - Microsoft Visual Studio 2003 solution file
16DotZLib\*.cs          - Source files for the class library
18Unit tests:
20The file DotZLib/UnitTests.cs contains unit tests for use with NUnit 2.1 or higher.
21To include unit tests in the build, define nunit before building.
24Build instructions:
271. Using Visual Studio.Net 2003:
28   Open DotZLib.sln in VS.Net and build from there. Output file (DotZLib.dll)
29   will be found ./DotZLib/bin/release or ./DotZLib/bin/debug, depending on 
30   you are building the release or debug version of the library. Check 
31   DotZLib/UnitTests.cs for instructions on how to include unit tests in the
32   build.
342. Using NAnt:
35   Open a command prompt with access to the build environment and run nant
36   in the same directory as the file.
37   You can define 2 properties on the nant command-line to control the build:
38   debug={true|false} to toggle between release/debug builds (default=true).
39   nunit={true|false} to include or esclude unit tests (default=true).
40   Also the target clean will remove binaries.
41   Output file (DotZLib.dll) will be found in either ./DotZLib/bin/release 
42   or ./DotZLib/bin/debug, depending on whether you are building the release 
43   or debug version of the library.
45   Examples: 
46     nant -D:debug=false -D:nunit=false
47       will build a release mode version of the library without unit tests.
48     nant
49       will build a debug version of the library with unit tests 
50     nant clean
51       will remove all previously built files.
55Copyright (c) Henrik Ravn 2004
57Use, modification and distribution are subject to the Boost Software License, Version 1.0. 
58(See accompanying file LICENSE_1_0.txt or copy at