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 1This directory contains project files for building zlib under various
 2Integrated Development Environments (IDE).
 4If you wish to submit a new project to this directory, you should comply
 5to the following requirements.  Otherwise (e.g. if you wish to integrate
 6a custom piece of code that changes the zlib interface or its behavior),
 7please consider submitting the project to the contrib directory.
13- The project must build zlib using the source files from the official
14  zlib source distribution, exclusively.
16- If the project produces redistributable builds (e.g. shared objects
17  or DLL files), these builds must be compatible to those produced by
18  makefiles, if such makefiles exist in the zlib distribution.
19  In particular, if the project produces a DLL build for the Win32
20  platform, this build must comply to the officially-ammended Win32 DLL
21  Application Binary Interface (ABI), described in win32/DLL_FAQ.txt.
23- The project may provide additional build targets, which depend on
24  3rd-party (unofficially-supported) software, present in the contrib
25  directory.  For example, it is possible to provide an "ASM build",
26  besides the officially-supported build, and have ASM source files
27  among its dependencies.
29- If there are significant differences between the project files created
30  by different versions of an IDE (e.g. Visual C++ 6.0 vs. 7.0), the name
31  of the project directory should contain the version number of the IDE
32  for which the project is intended (e.g. "visualc6" for Visual C++ 6.0,
33  or "visualc7" for Visual C++ 7.0 and 7.1).
36Current projects
39visualc6/   by Simon-Pierre Cadieux <>
40            and Cosmin Truta <>
41        Project for Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0