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  23	<title>		Nick's Crispy Tacos - Russian Hill - San Francisco, CA
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  27	<meta name="description" content="Last reviewed Nov 19, 2008. 749 Reviews. &amp;quot;The taco that I had gets 5 stars, but the set up of the restaurant brings my rating down one star.  Be prepared to wait for parking (if you&amp;#39;re driving) and in a longer line once you&amp;#39;re inside,&#8230;">
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  99			<h1>Nick&#39;s Crispy Tacos</h1>
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 101					<div class="rating stars_4">4 star rating</div>
 102					<em>based on 749 reviews</em>
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 111			</p>
 113			<address>
 114				Neighborhood: Russian Hill<br/>
 115					1500 Broadway<br />
 116					(between Polk St &amp; United States Highway 101)<br />
 117					San Francisco, CA 94109<br />
 118			</address>
 120				<span id="bizPhone">(415) 409-8226</span>
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 132					<a href="/biz_photos/ziVej4oW2JpUConTE_Y_mg">View All</a>&nbsp;<strong>|</strong>&nbsp;<span id="slidestatus"><span style="font-size: 9px;"><strong>1</strong> of <strong>26</strong></span></span>&nbsp;<img id="reverseSSBtn" src="" width="21" height="15" border="0" /><img id="forwardSSBtn" src="" width="21" height="15" border="0" /><img id="playSSBtn" src="" width="21" height="15" />
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 138	</div>
 142		<div id="bizAdditionalInfo" class="clearfix">
 143			<ul>
 144							 <li><strong>Hours:</strong> <div class="attr_val hours">
 145				<p>
 146Mon-Fri.					11:30 a.m. - 9:00 p.m.
 147				</p>
 148				<p>
 149Sat-Sun.					10:30 a.m. - 9:00 p.m.
 150				</p>
 151		</div></li>
 154									 <li><strong>Price Range:</strong> <a title="Price range is the approximate cost per person for a meal including one drink, tax, and tip.<br><br> We're going for averages here, folks.<br><br> &#36; = Cheap, Under $10<br> &#36;&#36; = Moderate, $11 - $30<br> &#36;&#36;&#36; = Spendy, $31 - $60<br> &#36;&#36;&#36;&#36; = Splurge, Above $60" id="price_tip">&#36;</a></li>
 156									 <li><strong>Accepts Credit Cards:</strong> No</li>
 158									 <li><strong>Parking:</strong> Street</li>
 160									 <li><strong>Attire:</strong> Casual</li>
 162									 <li><strong>Good for Groups:</strong> Yes</li>
 164									 <li><strong>Good for Kids:</strong> Yes</li>
 166									 <li><strong>Takes Reservations:</strong> No</li>
 168									 <li><strong>Delivers:</strong> No</li>
 170									 <li><strong>Take-out:</strong> Yes</li>
 172									 <li><strong>Waiter Service:</strong> No</li>
 174									 <li><strong>Wheelchair Accessible:</strong> Yes</li>
 176									 <li><strong>Outdoor Seating:</strong> Yes</li>
 178									 <li><strong>Good for:</strong> Lunch</li>
 180									 <li><strong>Alcohol:</strong> Full Bar</li>
 182			</ul>
 183		</div>
 184			<div id="firstToReviewBox" class="clearfix">
 185		<div id="firstToReviewLabel"><a href="/biz/nicks-crispy-tacos-san-francisco#hrid:RczzCnHJgjvsnRGh-haf2Q" >First to Review</a></div>
 186				<div class="clearStyles photoBox" >
 187			<a  href="/user_details?userid=G5LXEaxhQMF_BVjNHkVr7g"><img src="" style="height:20px;width:20px;" alt="Photo of Nish N." /></a>
 188	</div>
 189 <a href="/user_details?userid=G5LXEaxhQMF_BVjNHkVr7g" id="user_name">Nish N.</a>
 190	</div>
 192	<div class="clearfix" id="bizOwner">
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 194			<a  href="/biz_attribute?biz_id=ziVej4oW2JpUConTE_Y_mg" id="bizUpdate">Edit Business Info</a>
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 206	</div>
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 216					<p><input type="text" name="q" value="" />
 217					<button type="submit" class="form_img_btn alignbtm">Search Reviews</button></p>
 218				</form>
 220				<h2 id="total_reviews">749 Reviews for Nick&#39;s Crispy Tacos</h2>
 221		</div>
 222						<div id="review_snapshot" class="clearfix">
 223			<h3 id="review_snapshot_header">Review Highlights &nbsp;&nbsp;</h3>
 224			<div class="content">
 225				<div id="review_summaries">
 226						<div class="review_summary clearfix">
 227								<div class="clearStyles photoBox" >
 228			<a  href="/biz/nicks-crispy-tacos-san-francisco?q=pescado" class="ngram" sentence-review-id="r7BqgenbdUTzxi4irkEjAA" ngram="pescado"><img src="" style="height:20px;width:20px;" alt="user photo" /></a>
 229	</div>
 231							<div class="snippet">
 232								"I can't begin to describe how perfect a food the <a class="ngram" sentence-review-id="r7BqgenbdUTzxi4irkEjAA" ngram="pescado" href="/biz/nicks-crispy-tacos-san-francisco?q=pescado" >pescado</a> taco is."
 233								<span class="secondary">(in 61 reviews)</span>
 234							</div>
 235						</div>
 236						<div class="review_summary clearfix">
 237								<div class="clearStyles photoBox" >
 238			<a  href="/biz/nicks-crispy-tacos-san-francisco?q=carne+asada" class="ngram" sentence-review-id="jLQ2_Ug5LzkJaMIIFw_BXA" ngram="carne%20asada"><img src="" style="height:20px;width:20px;" alt="user photo" /></a>
 239	</div>
 241							<div class="snippet">
 242								"I also had the <a class="ngram" sentence-review-id="jLQ2_Ug5LzkJaMIIFw_BXA" ngram="carne%20asada" href="/biz/nicks-crispy-tacos-san-francisco?q=carne+asada" >carne asada</a> tacos, which were pretty damn good too."
 243								<span class="secondary">(in 82 reviews)</span>
 244							</div>
 245						</div>
 246						<div class="review_summary clearfix">
 247								<div class="clearStyles photoBox" >
 248			<a  href="/biz/nicks-crispy-tacos-san-francisco?q=fish" class="ngram" sentence-review-id="f9lAahWnIPTXCjHlVJHjIA" ngram="fish"><img src="" style="height:20px;width:20px;" alt="user photo" /></a>
 249	</div>
 251							<div class="snippet">
 252								"Hands down the best Baja style <a class="ngram" sentence-review-id="f9lAahWnIPTXCjHlVJHjIA" ngram="fish" href="/biz/nicks-crispy-tacos-san-francisco?q=fish" >fish tacos</a> in the city."
 253								<span class="secondary">(in 205 reviews)</span>
 254							</div>
 255						</div>
 256				</div>
 257				<div id="snapshot_graphs">
 258					<div class="padding">
 259						<div id="review_snapshot_graph_header"></div>
 260						<div id="review_snapshot_graph_content">
 261							<div class="loader">
 262								<img src="" alt="loading" class="loader" />&nbsp;&nbsp;Loading...
 263							</div>
 264						</div>
 265					</div>
 266				</div>
 267			</div>
 268		</div>
 270				<div id="review_sort_section">Sort by: 
 272				<a  class="sort_label_desc selected" href="/biz/nicks-crispy-tacos-san-francisco?rpp=40&amp;sort_by=relevance_asc">Recent + Votes</a>
 273			 | 
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 279	</div>
 283		<div id="bizReviewsContent">
 284						<div id="bizSupporter" title="By sponsoring this page, this business receives an enhanced photo viewer and the opportunity to thank a user for a selected review.  No reviews by members of our trusted community have been removed, censored, or modified in any way - as is true for all Yelp's business listings.">This business is a Yelp Sponsor</div>
 285						<h3 id="featuredReviewHeader">One of Nick&#39;s Crispy Tacos' Favorite Reviews</h3>
 286							<div id="review_-QhhXl4NJn3zYUNMU5eZ2Q" class="review externalReview clearfix nonfavoriteReview  featuredReview">
 287			<div class="reviewer">
 288				<div class="mini">	
 289	<div class="photoBoxSm">
 290			<div class="clearStyles photoBox" >
 291			<a  href="/user_details?userid=GuNBz3pAXMxfB2SBd5qeuQ"><img src="" style="height:40px;width:40px;" alt="Photo of kylie H." /></a>
 292	</div>
 294	<p class="miniOrange is_elite ieSucks">
 295		<a  href="/elite" title="User is Elite">Elite '08</a>
 296	</p>
 297	<p class="miniOrange friend_count ieSucks">60</p>
 298	<p class="miniOrange review_count ieSucks">117</p>
 300	</div>
 303				<p class="reviewer_info"><a href="/user_details?userid=GuNBz3pAXMxfB2SBd5qeuQ">kylie H.</a></p>
 304				<p class="reviewer_info">San Francisco, CA</p>
 305			</div>
 306			<div class="ext_rating ieSucks">
 307				<div class="rating stars_5">5 star rating</div>
 308				<em class="smaller">10/30/2008</em>
 309			</div>
 311			<p class="review_comment ieSucks">When people talk about fusion i am not sure this is what they had in mind but they definitely should have. Really good tacos and a bar with comfortable booths to sit at. Apparently Tuesdays are the night to go.. Probably has something to do with the fact that it is $2 taco Tuesday night. Fabulous idea if you ask me. You can even get two beers for $5. I mean who wouldn&#39;t want to go and get really yummy tacos and beer. Genius. Check it out. Totally worth it and it won&#39;t break the bank. Be prepared to hunt for a seat however because there are alot of people there on Tuesday nights and personally I think sitting while you eat is a better way to enjoy the yummyness of Nicks Crispy Tacos.</p> 					<div class="rateReview external" id="ufc_-QhhXl4NJn3zYUNMU5eZ2Q">
 312			<p class="rateReviewIntro">
 313					People thought this was:
 314			</p>
 316						<p class="smaller">
 317							Useful&nbsp; (2)
 318						</p>
 319						<p class="smaller">
 320							Funny&nbsp; (1)
 321						</p>
 322						<p class="smaller">
 323							Cool&nbsp; (1)
 324						</p>
 325		</div>
 329			<p class="externalReviewActions">
 330				<a  href="/signup" class="bookmark" rel="-QhhXl4NJn3zYUNMU5eZ2Q" title="Something catch your eye?<br> Bookmark this business to build your own list of fun ideas to check out later!" onclick="initBookSignUp(this,'ziVej4oW2JpUConTE_Y_mg','Nick\'s Crispy Tacos');return false">Bookmark</a>&nbsp;&nbsp;
 331				<a  href="/biz_share?bizid=ziVej4oW2JpUConTE_Y_mg&amp;reviewid=-QhhXl4NJn3zYUNMU5eZ2Q&amp;return_url=/biz/nicks-crispy-tacos-san-francisco" class="sendToFriend" onclick=", 'ziVej4oW2JpUConTE_Y_mg', '-QhhXl4NJn3zYUNMU5eZ2Q', null);return false">Send to a Friend</a>
 332				<a  class="linkToThis" href="/biz/nicks-crispy-tacos-san-francisco#hrid:-QhhXl4NJn3zYUNMU5eZ2Q" onclick="review_fetcher.fetchReviews('ziVej4oW2JpUConTE_Y_mg', '-QhhXl4NJn3zYUNMU5eZ2Q', '-QhhXl4NJn3zYUNMU5eZ2Q')">Link to This Review</a>
 333			</p>
 335	</div>
 337			<div id="bizReviewsInner">
 338									<div id="review_4w-uqsAYPZc9qyaU9h6Vkg" class="review externalReview clearfix nonfavoriteReview  ">
 339			<div class="reviewer">
 340				<div class="mini">	
 341	<div class="photoBoxSm">
 342			<div class="clearStyles photoBox" >
 343			<a  href="/user_details?userid=PyFzJlt1R9p6tNnVTLreXw"><img src="" style="height:40px;width:40px;" alt="Photo of Betsy D." /></a>
 344	</div>
 346	<p class="miniOrange is_elite ieSucks">
 347		&nbsp;
 348	</p>
 349	<p class="miniOrange friend_count ieSucks">4</p>
 350	<p class="miniOrange review_count ieSucks">6</p>
 352	</div>
 355				<p class="reviewer_info"><a href="/user_details?userid=PyFzJlt1R9p6tNnVTLreXw">Betsy D.</a></p>
 356				<p class="reviewer_info">Cambridge, MA</p>
 357			</div>
 358			<div class="ext_rating ieSucks">
 359				<div class="rating stars_4">4 star rating</div>
 360				<em class="smaller">11/19/2008</em>
 361			</div>
 363			<p class="review_comment ieSucks">The taco that I had gets 5 stars, but the set up of the restaurant brings my rating down one star. &nbsp;Be prepared to wait for parking (if you&#39;re driving) and in a longer line once you&#39;re inside, but it&#39;s definitely worth it.<br /><br />My boyfriend and I weren&#39;t sure what a &quot;crispy taco&quot; meant, but they are soo good. &nbsp;I guess it is a corn tortilla pan-fried to make it cripsy, and then a softer corn tortilla around that? &nbsp;Kind of tough to explain.. &nbsp;I had the carne asada (and added guac &amp; jack cheese) and it tasted just like the &quot;authentic&quot; Mexican food I love so much in Orange County. &nbsp;Next time I&#39;m in the city I&#39;m definitely going back.</p> 			
 366			<p class="externalReviewActions">
 367				<a  href="/signup" class="bookmark" rel="4w-uqsAYPZc9qyaU9h6Vkg" title="Something catch your eye?<br> Bookmark this business to build your own list of fun ideas to check out later!" onclick="initBookSignUp(this,'ziVej4oW2JpUConTE_Y_mg','Nick\'s Crispy Tacos');return false">Bookmark</a>&nbsp;&nbsp;
 368				<a  href="/biz_share?bizid=ziVej4oW2JpUConTE_Y_mg&amp;reviewid=4w-uqsAYPZc9qyaU9h6Vkg&amp;return_url=/biz/nicks-crispy-tacos-san-francisco" class="sendToFriend" onclick=", 'ziVej4oW2JpUConTE_Y_mg', '4w-uqsAYPZc9qyaU9h6Vkg', null);return false">Send to a Friend</a>
 369				<a  class="linkToThis" href="/biz/nicks-crispy-tacos-san-francisco#hrid:4w-uqsAYPZc9qyaU9h6Vkg" onclick="review_fetcher.fetchReviews('ziVej4oW2JpUConTE_Y_mg', '-QhhXl4NJn3zYUNMU5eZ2Q', '4w-uqsAYPZc9qyaU9h6Vkg')">Link to This Review</a>
 370			</p>
 372	</div>
 373 									<div id="review_fxBpg589pmV_-ANRZz1TFA" class="review externalReview clearfix nonfavoriteReview  ">
 374			<div class="reviewer">
 375				<div class="mini">	
 376	<div class="photoBoxSm">
 377			<div class="clearStyles photoBox" >
 378			<a  href="/user_details?userid=Bp-TQEtc6Vs6ldnLgjqglg"><img src="" style="height:40px;width:40px;" alt="Photo of May T." /></a>
 379	</div>
 381	<p class="miniOrange is_elite ieSucks">
 382		<a  href="/elite" title="User is Elite">Elite '08</a>
 383	</p>
 384	<p class="miniOrange friend_count ieSucks">189</p>
 385	<p class="miniOrange review_count ieSucks">324</p>
 387	</div>
 390				<p class="reviewer_info"><a href="/user_details?userid=Bp-TQEtc6Vs6ldnLgjqglg">May T.</a></p>
 391				<p class="reviewer_info">San Francisco, CA</p>
 392			</div>
 393			<div class="ext_rating ieSucks">
 394				<div class="rating stars_4">4 star rating</div>
 395				<em class="smaller">11/15/2008</em>
 396			</div>
 398			<p class="review_comment ieSucks">The tacos are California-style, large and filled to capacity with cabbage, red onions, salsa and served with whatever protein (there&#39;s also a veggie taco) wrapped in a tasty little bundle either fried or soft.<br /><br />psst...I suggest the fried fish fillet. The bf likes the grilled camarones.<br /><br />One taco will fill you up, two will make you want to spend the afternoon snoozing in the sun with a couple of cervezas. <br /><br />The fresh tortilla chips, salsa and guacamole are a treat as well. <br /><br />We tried the horchata and watermelon drinks today. ZOMG! Dessert in a cup.</p> 					<div class="rateReview external" id="ufc_fxBpg589pmV_-ANRZz1TFA">
 399			<p class="rateReviewIntro">
 400					People thought this was:
 401			</p>
 403						<p class="smaller">
 404							Useful&nbsp; (6)
 405						</p>
 406						<p class="smaller">
 407							Funny&nbsp; (5)
 408						</p>
 409						<p class="smaller">
 410							Cool&nbsp; (7)
 411						</p>
 412		</div>
 416			<p class="externalReviewActions">
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 420			</p>
 422	</div>
 423 									<div id="review_UdNpUZzydmzbLZ5b2h-3iw" class="review externalReview clearfix nonfavoriteReview  ">
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 428			<a  href="/user_details?userid=XTUko7vKIZAqfnFMcl8DXA"><img src="" style="height:40px;width:40px;" alt="Photo of roger l." /></a>
 429	</div>
 431	<p class="miniOrange is_elite ieSucks">
 432		&nbsp;
 433	</p>
 434	<p class="miniOrange friend_count ieSucks">50</p>
 435	<p class="miniOrange review_count ieSucks">76</p>
 437	</div>
 440				<p class="reviewer_info"><a href="/user_details?userid=XTUko7vKIZAqfnFMcl8DXA">roger l.</a></p>
 441				<p class="reviewer_info">San Francisco, CA</p>
 442			</div>
 443			<div class="ext_rating ieSucks">
 444				<div class="rating stars_4">4 star rating</div>
 445				<em class="smaller">11/17/2008</em>
 446			</div>
 448			<p class="review_comment ieSucks">Acceptable, but doesn&#39;t thrill me.: I did *like* some of the food here - the carne asada taco &quot;Nick&#39;s Way&quot; was good, and the habenero salsa they give gave it a nice kick. But their burritos just didn&#39;t work for me. Too thick, not enough meat, too many beans, just sorta off. If you like the gigantic foil wrapped burros from other SF Mexican food joints, you will probably like this, but that is not my style. The quality is there in all the ingredients, which I did appreciate.<br /><br />I found this place a bit too expensive, without any real reason. A single taco &quot;Nick&#39;s Way&quot; approaches $5. Give it a may be more into it than I.</p> 			
 451			<p class="externalReviewActions">
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 455			</p>
 457	</div>
 458 									<div id="review_dPXhvcIoJ7-R07grwDYFQg" class="review externalReview clearfix nonfavoriteReview  ">
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 463			<a  href="/user_details?userid=aEZwTlSYuTihuDvTewmMYw"><img src="" style="height:40px;width:40px;" alt="Photo of Dee Dee N." /></a>
 464	</div>
 466	<p class="miniOrange is_elite ieSucks">
 467		&nbsp;
 468	</p>
 469	<p class="miniOrange friend_count ieSucks">2</p>
 470	<p class="miniOrange review_count ieSucks">3</p>
 472	</div>
 475				<p class="reviewer_info"><a href="/user_details?userid=aEZwTlSYuTihuDvTewmMYw">Dee Dee N.</a></p>
 476				<p class="reviewer_info">San Francisco, CA</p>
 477			</div>
 478			<div class="ext_rating ieSucks">
 479				<div class="rating stars_3">3 star rating</div>
 480				<em class="smaller">11/18/2008</em>
 481			</div>
 483			<p class="review_comment ieSucks">What can I say...walked into Nick&#39;s and felt that I was in Scarface the movie. &nbsp;Was afraid that Al Pacino and Michelle Pfeiffer were gonna walk in and blow up the place.<br /><br />Food and Margaritas were cheap, filling and zummy. &nbsp;Not the best but certainly one of the few joints in this city that knows how to make a fish taco -- I&#39;m from San Diego so that&#39;s a compliment. &nbsp;<br /><br />Bonus: &nbsp;they try to use sustainable ingredients. &nbsp;That alone makes it worth a trip.</p> 			
 486			<p class="externalReviewActions">
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 490			</p>
 492	</div>
 493 									<div id="review_SKENI8otSOlKTWJxEX4D0A" class="review externalReview clearfix nonfavoriteReview  ">
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 498			<a  href="/user_details?userid=ps9NxwiSFJrZ1mhgsD6IZQ"><img src="" style="height:40px;width:40px;" alt="Photo of Olga P." /></a>
 499	</div>
 501	<p class="miniOrange is_elite ieSucks">
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 503	</p>
 504	<p class="miniOrange friend_count ieSucks">6</p>
 505	<p class="miniOrange review_count ieSucks">13</p>
 507	</div>
 510				<p class="reviewer_info"><a href="/user_details?userid=ps9NxwiSFJrZ1mhgsD6IZQ">Olga P.</a></p>
 511				<p class="reviewer_info">San Francisco, CA</p>
 512			</div>
 513			<div class="ext_rating ieSucks">
 514				<div class="rating stars_4">4 star rating</div>
 515				<em class="smaller">11/14/2008</em>
 516			</div>
 518			<p class="review_comment ieSucks">Really good tacos trick is obvi Nick&#39;s way, the pescado is my fave also the taco salad is really good everything is fresh and tasty. Taco Tueday go off here so join in if you like cheap tasty tacos and drink specials. Be warned cash only in this place so don&#39;t get caught ordering up a storm and reaching for the plastic :)</p> 					<div class="rateReview external" id="ufc_SKENI8otSOlKTWJxEX4D0A">
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 537			</p>
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 540 									<div id="review_VGEIiZCmdkVRr3qWlXfK8w" class="review externalReview clearfix nonfavoriteReview  ">
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 545			<a  href="/user_details?userid=sIxLoeTM4t9Ck10mCZh5eg"><img src="" style="height:40px;width:40px;" alt="Photo of July H." /></a>
 546	</div>
 548	<p class="miniOrange is_elite ieSucks">
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 550	</p>
 551	<p class="miniOrange friend_count ieSucks">10</p>
 552	<p class="miniOrange review_count ieSucks">51</p>
 554	</div>
 557				<p class="reviewer_info"><a href="/user_details?userid=sIxLoeTM4t9Ck10mCZh5eg">July H.</a></p>
 558				<p class="reviewer_info">San Francisco, CA</p>
 559			</div>
 560			<div class="ext_rating ieSucks">
 561				<div class="rating stars_4">4 star rating</div>
 562				<em class="smaller">11/12/2008</em>
 563			</div>
 565			<p class="review_comment ieSucks">Great tacos for $2! But the $2 choices are limited to Beef (Carne Asada), Chicken (Pollo), and Pork (Carnitas), and only on Tuesdays! Otherwise, they are $3.25.<br /><br />It is all meat - a little bit of beans ( I usually get it without beans, but this one time I forgot to tell them) and if you get it Nick&#39;s way with $.95 more, then it is crispy and topped with guacamole. The tacos are practicaly bursting with fillings. Carne Asada and Pollo are very flavorful. Pass on the Carnitas - it is quite bland.<br />The atmosphere is very casual. Very cafetaria-like with vinyl table clothes and you order up front and then seat yourself at the first available table. The servers will bring your order to the table. &nbsp;There are tvs - usually broadcasting sports. It is a great place to meet up with friends and hang out. There is a separate bar just for drinks if you wanted to pass on the eats. <br /><br />Horchatas are $3 - Almost the same price as cervezas - so make your choices wisely. Beer are $5 for two, but $4 for one. Very confusing.... Just drink more...</p> 			
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 572			</p>
 574	</div>
 575 									<div id="review_3wbOU89THdoVlkMBhiZ0Uw" class="review externalReview clearfix nonfavoriteReview  ">
 576			<div class="reviewer">
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 579			<div class="clearStyles photoBox" >
 580			<a  href="/user_details?userid=QMugllQW_dXUNxMxWGJuqA"><img src="" style="height:40px;width:40px;" alt="Photo of Hector a." /></a>
 581	</div>
 583	<p class="miniOrange is_elite ieSucks">
 584		&nbsp;
 585	</p>
 586	<p class="miniOrange friend_count ieSucks">0</p>
 587	<p class="miniOrange review_count ieSucks">6</p>
 589	</div>
 592				<p class="reviewer_info"><a href="/user_details?userid=QMugllQW_dXUNxMxWGJuqA">Hector a.</a></p>
 593				<p class="reviewer_info">Los Angeles, CA</p>
 594			</div>
 595			<div class="ext_rating ieSucks">
 596				<div class="rating stars_4">4 star rating</div>
 597				<em class="smaller">11/14/2008</em>
 598			</div>
 600			<p class="review_comment ieSucks">The first time I came to Nick&#39;s, I got all L.A. and ordered dos de asada and dos de carnitas, Nick&#39;s way. The problem with that was that they weren&#39;t L.A. tacos at all, more like Tacos 2.0 the future. <br />The crispy tortilla with the beans and guac and a little red sauce make this explosion of flavors in your mouth. The asada was really good and the carnitas had enough crispy/buttery softness. I took two asadas and one carnita down they way your supposed to and forked out the last taco, all washed down with a Bohemia. <br />I like Nick&#39;s and you should too!</p> 			
 603			<p class="externalReviewActions">
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 607			</p>
 609	</div>
 610 									<div id="review_C6GKCiqRNuPiD8Gj84Pxvw" class="review externalReview clearfix nonfavoriteReview  ">
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 613	<div class="photoBoxSm">
 614			<div class="clearStyles photoBox" >
 615			<a  href="/user_details?userid=wGWc1rv-Ed0yCMUaoq7cLA"><img src="" style="height:40px;width:40px;" alt="Photo of Jane A." /></a>
 616	</div>
 618	<p class="miniOrange is_elite ieSucks">
 619		&nbsp;
 620	</p>
 621	<p class="miniOrange friend_count ieSucks">2</p>
 622	<p class="miniOrange review_count ieSucks">53</p>
 624	</div>
 627				<p class="reviewer_info"><a href="/user_details?userid=wGWc1rv-Ed0yCMUaoq7cLA">Jane A.</a></p>
 628				<p class="reviewer_info">Cupertino, CA</p>
 629			</div>
 630			<div class="ext_rating ieSucks">
 631				<div class="rating stars_3">3 star rating</div>
 632				<em class="smaller">11/11/2008</em>
 633			</div>
 635			<p class="review_comment ieSucks">Um....<br />It was between &quot;alright&quot; and &quot;pretty good&quot; - I dont know what the big hype is about....<br /><br />3.5 stars.</p> 			
 638			<p class="externalReviewActions">
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 640				<a  href="/biz_share?bizid=ziVej4oW2JpUConTE_Y_mg&amp;reviewid=C6GKCiqRNuPiD8Gj84Pxvw&amp;return_url=/biz/nicks-crispy-tacos-san-francisco" class="sendToFriend" onclick=", 'ziVej4oW2JpUConTE_Y_mg', 'C6GKCiqRNuPiD8Gj84Pxvw', null);return false">Send to a Friend</a>
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 642			</p>
 644	</div>
 645 									<div id="review_LP2YneMTdlyBoXswLVl_kA" class="review externalReview clearfix nonfavoriteReview  ">
 646			<div class="reviewer">
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 649			<div class="clearStyles photoBox" >
 650			<a  href="/user_details?userid=GEOe8uxg-dAXjl7SsqQ80A"><img src="" style="height:40px;width:40px;" alt="Photo of Caroline S." /></a>
 651	</div>
 653	<p class="miniOrange is_elite ieSucks">
 654		&nbsp;
 655	</p>
 656	<p class="miniOrange friend_count ieSucks">20</p>
 657	<p class="miniOrange review_count ieSucks">62</p>
 659	</div>
 662				<p class="reviewer_info"><a href="/user_details?userid=GEOe8uxg-dAXjl7SsqQ80A">Caroline S.</a></p>
 663				<p class="reviewer_info">San Francisco, CA</p>
 664			</div>
 665			<div class="ext_rating ieSucks">
 666				<div class="rating stars_4">4 star rating</div>
 667				<em class="smaller">11/13/2008</em>
 668			</div>
 670			<p class="review_comment ieSucks">one word: alote.<br /><br />if you have not tried this delectable treat, you must try asap. <br /><br />i call it crack corn. &nbsp;(of course you can go to the mish and get sum, but nicks does it proper as well!) &nbsp;<br /><br />so many other things at nicks are muy delish... the chicken tacos, the pescado tacos - regular or nicks way. &nbsp;the salad with the grilled pescado on top! so fresh, so healthy, so filling. &nbsp;we walk there all the time and enjoy to stay or take away.... they make a decent margie, but not our fave. (he makes z best ones at home!) <br /><br />heart the kitchsy ambiance of nicks... we sit and munch and laugh.....somehow we are eating mexi food inside a has-been niteclub called rouge. &nbsp;wtf? &nbsp;it works though. been coming here for a long time and we love it!</p> 					<div class="rateReview external" id="ufc_LP2YneMTdlyBoXswLVl_kA">
 671			<p class="rateReviewIntro">
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 680						</p>
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 682							Cool&nbsp; (1)
 683						</p>
 684		</div>
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 692			</p>
 694	</div>
 695 									<div id="review_hEEmTWVUvsdy5oaruVKMLA" class="review externalReview clearfix nonfavoriteReview  ">
 696			<div class="reviewer">
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 698	<div class="photoBoxSm">
 699			<div class="clearStyles photoBox" >
 700			<a  href="/user_details?userid=3yeBxgUCl6sXtn2GTX1UNw"><img src="" style="height:40px;width:40px;" alt="Photo of Dennis L." /></a>
 701	</div>
 703	<p class="miniOrange is_elite ieSucks">
 704		&nbsp;
 705	</p>
 706	<p class="miniOrange friend_count ieSucks">28</p>
 707	<p class="miniOrange review_count ieSucks">89</p>
 709	</div>
 712				<p class="reviewer_info"><a href="/user_details?userid=3yeBxgUCl6sXtn2GTX1UNw">Dennis L.</a></p>
 713				<p class="reviewer_info">San Francisco, CA</p>
 714			</div>
 715			<div class="ext_rating ieSucks">
 716				<div class="rating stars_4">4 star rating</div>
 717				<em class="smaller">11/15/2008</em>
 718			</div>
 720			<p class="review_comment ieSucks">after coming back from socal, i noticed a shortage of taco tuesdays in the city. thank goodness for nick&#39;s. tuesdays are jam-packed. i always get everything nick&#39;s way which everyone else talks about. <br /><br />the funniest part about this place is that it&#39;s same place as the club rouge.</p> 			
 723			<p class="externalReviewActions">
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 727			</p>
 729	</div>
 730 									<div id="review_yEkxgiWerrp3ixu22ykwkw" class="review externalReview clearfix nonfavoriteReview  ">
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 735			<a  href="/user_details?userid=tzqYy9UEJvzW0WMjRuVaAA"><img src="" style="height:40px;width:40px;" alt="Photo of Elijah S." /></a>
 736	</div>
 738	<p class="miniOrange is_elite ieSucks">
 739		&nbsp;
 740	</p>
 741	<p class="miniOrange friend_count ieSucks">1</p>
 742	<p class="miniOrange review_count ieSucks">3</p>
 744	</div>
 747				<p class="reviewer_info"><a href="/user_details?userid=tzqYy9UEJvzW0WMjRuVaAA">Elijah S.</a></p>
 748				<p class="reviewer_info">San Francisco, CA</p>
 749			</div>
 750			<div class="ext_rating ieSucks">
 751				<div class="rating stars_4">4 star rating</div>
 752				<em class="smaller">11/11/2008</em>
 753			</div>
 755			<p class="review_comment ieSucks">Came here with a group of friends on a Sunday morning before going to Circa&#39;s bottomless mimosa brunch. &nbsp;They&#39;d all been here before, so I was excited about all the talk about tacos and nachos and quesadillas. &nbsp;We pretty much covered the whole menu. &nbsp;I had the carne asada and deep fried fish taco Nick&#39;s Way. &nbsp;Granted, I washed these tacos down with a Margarita (which was delicious btw), but these tacos were really tasty. &nbsp; The breakfast burrito and quesadilla were pretty good according to my friends, and if you like &nbsp;&quot;nacho&quot; cheese on your nachos instead of shredded cheese, then these are the nachos for you. &nbsp;Check it out, but bring cash, cuz I&#39;m almost sure it&#39;s cash only. &nbsp;Peace!</p> 					<div class="rateReview external" id="ufc_yEkxgiWerrp3ixu22ykwkw">
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 764							Funny&nbsp; (2)
 765						</p>
 766		</div>
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 774			</p>
 776	</div>
 777 									<div id="review_xLFxCLEfVPOYubLokVGHsQ" class="review externalReview clearfix nonfavoriteReview  ">
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 782			<a  href="/user_details?userid=GWMo-GHRtiIBNV_T2YXd7g"><img src="" style="height:40px;width:40px;" alt="Photo of Janet H." /></a>
 783	</div>
 785	<p class="miniOrange is_elite ieSucks">
 786		&nbsp;
 787	</p>
 788	<p class="miniOrange friend_count ieSucks">30</p>
 789	<p class="miniOrange review_count ieSucks">110</p>
 791	</div>
 794				<p class="reviewer_info"><a href="/user_details?userid=GWMo-GHRtiIBNV_T2YXd7g">Janet H.</a></p>
 795				<p class="reviewer_info">San Francisco, CA</p>
 796			</div>
 797			<div class="ext_rating ieSucks">
 798				<div class="rating stars_5">5 star rating</div>
 799				<em class="smaller">10/21/2008</em>
 800			</div>
 802			<p class="review_comment ieSucks">What a wonderful lunch place! &nbsp;Here I am in front of Nick&#39;s Crispy Tacos on the corner of Broadway &amp; Polk in Russian Hill thinking I am going to be the only person when the place opens. &nbsp;No such thing - there are 10 people in line @ 1130AM.<br /><br />So I ordered a Carne Asada taco and a Grilled Fish taco to go. &nbsp;The tacos have meat, guacamole, tomatoes, cilantro and onion. &nbsp; The steak is very tender and delicious, while the grilled fish (served w/ lime slice) was healthy and also delicious. &nbsp;The veggies are fresh and the amount of guacamole in the taco is humongous - it is out of this world and polished off. &nbsp;I recommend trying both hot red and green sauces, which are each served in a separate container.<br /><br />Probably the best thing about the tacos are the taco shell itself. &nbsp;Normally I do not jump up and down about a taco shell since I always order soft. &nbsp;But their taco shell is what I would consider a &nbsp;1/2 soft taco shell. &nbsp;It has the best of both worlds in hard shell and soft shell. &nbsp;The shell is lightly fried enough for a slight crisp but still soft enough to fold and give the feeling of a soft shell taco.<br /><br />Everyone is right about this place - try Nick&#39;s Crispy Tacos for yourself.</p> 					<div class="rateReview external" id="ufc_xLFxCLEfVPOYubLokVGHsQ">
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 815						</p>
 816		</div>
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 824			</p>
 826	</div>
 827 									<div id="review_BBiK5ptDUJJyb0bGC36DJg" class="review externalReview clearfix nonfavoriteReview  ">
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 832			<a  href="/user_details?userid=PmTAFPoq3bufn9FVxCWRvA"><img src="" style="height:40px;width:40px;" alt="Photo of stella c." /></a>
 833	</div>
 835	<p class="miniOrange is_elite ieSucks">
 836		<a  href="/elite" title="User is Elite">Elite '08</a>
 837	</p>
 838	<p class="miniOrange friend_count ieSucks">161</p>
 839	<p class="miniOrange review_count ieSucks">427</p>
 841	</div>
 844				<p class="reviewer_info"><a href="/user_details?userid=PmTAFPoq3bufn9FVxCWRvA">stella c.</a></p>
 845				<p class="reviewer_info">Oakland, CA</p>
 846			</div>
 847			<div class="ext_rating ieSucks">
 848				<div class="rating stars_4">4 star rating</div>
 849				<em class="smaller">10/26/2008</em>
 850			</div>
 852			<p class="review_comment ieSucks">Chandeliers and tacos. <br /><br />Nick&#39;s Crispy Tacos is randomly inside of Rouge, but in the daytime, you get to eat your tacos in plush seating underneath chandeliers. Where else can you do this?<br /><br />Their tacos truly are extraordinary and worth the wait in line. They are HUGE and made Nick&#39;s way (crispy &amp; soft tortilla), they are even bigger (and tastier!). I don&#39;t think you should get it any other way than Nick&#39;s way! Everything in the taco is fresh, from the meat to the guacamole. Yummm!<br /><br />They had watermelon aguas fresca and horchata, yes! I hope to come back on a day with strawberry.<br /><br />They have a few other things on the menu that I definitely need to try: the carne asada salad and the elote (corn on the cob smothered in cheese/chilli!). This is truly a great place on Polk St., you don&#39;t have to travel all the way to the mission to get awesome mexican food!</p> 					<div class="rateReview external" id="ufc_BBiK5ptDUJJyb0bGC36DJg">
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 862						</p>
 863		</div>
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 871			</p>
 873	</div>
 874 									<div id="review_jaxbgIp1dom1M144ZNGUmg" class="review externalReview clearfix nonfavoriteReview  ">
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 879			<a  href="/user_details?userid=iZ2jdT2LLTGzKWwyXdqveg"><img src="" style="height:40px;width:40px;" alt="Photo of NiKKi N." /></a>
 880	</div>
 882	<p class="miniOrange is_elite ieSucks">
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 884	</p>
 885	<p class="miniOrange friend_count ieSucks">26</p>
 886	<p class="miniOrange review_count ieSucks">88</p>
 888	</div>
 891				<p class="reviewer_info"><a href="/user_details?userid=iZ2jdT2LLTGzKWwyXdqveg">NiKKi N.</a></p>
 892				<p class="reviewer_info">CA</p>
 893			</div>
 894			<div class="ext_rating ieSucks">
 895				<div class="rating stars_4">4 star rating</div>
 896				<em class="smaller">10/20/2008</em>
 897			</div>
 899			<p class="review_comment ieSucks">We had to check this place out after we saw it on Check Please Bay Area. On Saturday evening, we just beat the dinner crowd. Very casual, family friendly environment, and easy on your wallet. We ordered the quesadilla with carnitas and steak and chicken crispy tacos. Unlike other Mexican restaurants that drown your food in the rice and beans, they don&#39;t do that here. The food was fresh and service was on point! I&#39;ll pass on the margaritas which was too sour for my taste.<br /><br />Parking is b*tch though! We circled the block several times and finally caved and parked at a lot. Lots of swanky shops and bars in the area.<br /><br />I&#39;ll definitely come back for $2 Taco Tuesdays!</p> 					<div class="rateReview external" id="ufc_jaxbgIp1dom1M144ZNGUmg">
 900			<p class="rateReviewIntro">
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 911							Cool&nbsp; (2)
 912						</p>
 913		</div>
 917			<p class="externalReviewActions">
 918				<a  href="/signup" class="bookmark" rel="jaxbgIp1dom1M144ZNGUmg" title="Something catch your eye?<br> Bookmark this business to build your own list of fun ideas to check out later!" onclick="initBookSignUp(this,'ziVej4oW2JpUConTE_Y_mg','Nick\'s Crispy Tacos');return false">Bookmark</a>&nbsp;&nbsp;
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 921			</p>
 923	</div>
 924 									<div id="review_-TXvoJogkkxPBgjOOts1WA" class="review externalReview clearfix nonfavoriteReview  ">
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 929			<a  href="/user_details?userid=Mp9gZsob8Hp7qzTh0vA4aA"><img src="" style="height:40px;width:40px;" alt="Photo of Grace R." /></a>
 930	</div>
 932	<p class="miniOrange is_elite ieSucks">
 933		&nbsp;
 934	</p>
 935	<p class="miniOrange friend_count ieSucks">1</p>
 936	<p class="miniOrange review_count ieSucks">15</p>
 938	</div>
 941				<p class="reviewer_info"><a href="/user_details?userid=Mp9gZsob8Hp7qzTh0vA4aA">Grace R.</a></p>
 942				<p class="reviewer_info">San Francisco, CA</p>
 943			</div>
 944			<div class="ext_rating ieSucks">
 945				<div class="rating stars_3">3 star rating</div>
 946				<em class="smaller">11/15/2008</em>
 947			</div>
 949			<p class="review_comment ieSucks">Nick&#39;s uses fresh ingredients. &nbsp;I love the soup, and the salad and the drinks are always fresh and tasty. &nbsp;Huge burritos. &nbsp;Good fish tacos. &nbsp;I woudn&#39;t call this authentic, but it is good. &nbsp;Bathrooms could be cleaner.</p> 			
 952			<p class="externalReviewActions">
 953				<a  href="/signup" class="bookmark" rel="-TXvoJogkkxPBgjOOts1WA" title="Something catch your eye?<br> Bookmark this business to build your own list of fun ideas to check out later!" onclick="initBookSignUp(this,'ziVej4oW2JpUConTE_Y_mg','Nick\'s Crispy Tacos');return false">Bookmark</a>&nbsp;&nbsp;
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 956			</p>
 958	</div>
 959 									<div id="review_fshpGiyWtiFlObv36JP6Pg" class="review externalReview clearfix nonfavoriteReview  ">
 960			<div class="reviewer">
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 962	<div class="photoBoxSm">
 963			<div class="clearStyles photoBox" >
 964			<a  href="/user_details?userid=r61MFYKQXpiCG1qqv5ENpA"><img src="" style="height:40px;width:40px;" alt="Photo of Tim B." /></a>
 965	</div>
 967	<p class="miniOrange is_elite ieSucks">
 968		&nbsp;
 969	</p>
 970	<p class="miniOrange friend_count ieSucks">0</p>
 971	<p class="miniOrange review_count ieSucks">7</p>
 973	</div>
 976				<p class="reviewer_info"><a href="/user_details?userid=r61MFYKQXpiCG1qqv5ENpA">Tim B.</a></p>
 977				<p class="reviewer_info">San Francisco, CA</p>
 978			</div>
 979			<div class="ext_rating ieSucks">
 980				<div class="rating stars_1">1 star rating</div>
 981				<em class="smaller">11/14/2008</em>
 982			</div>
 984			<p class="review_comment ieSucks">if white man invented mexican food this is what it would look and taste like. this place blows goats. yuppies everywhere are PUMPED.</p> 			
 987			<p class="externalReviewActions">
 988				<a  href="/signup" class="bookmark" rel="fshpGiyWtiFlObv36JP6Pg" title="Something catch your eye?<br> Bookmark this business to build your own list of fun ideas to check out later!" onclick="initBookSignUp(this,'ziVej4oW2JpUConTE_Y_mg','Nick\'s Crispy Tacos');return false">Bookmark</a>&nbsp;&nbsp;
 989				<a  href="/biz_share?bizid=ziVej4oW2JpUConTE_Y_mg&amp;reviewid=fshpGiyWtiFlObv36JP6Pg&amp;return_url=/biz/nicks-crispy-tacos-san-francisco" class="sendToFriend" onclick=", 'ziVej4oW2JpUConTE_Y_mg', 'fshpGiyWtiFlObv36JP6Pg', null);return false">Send to a Friend</a>
 990				<a  class="linkToThis" href="/biz/nicks-crispy-tacos-san-francisco#hrid:fshpGiyWtiFlObv36JP6Pg" onclick="review_fetcher.fetchReviews('ziVej4oW2JpUConTE_Y_mg', '-QhhXl4NJn3zYUNMU5eZ2Q', 'fshpGiyWtiFlObv36JP6Pg')">Link to This Review</a>
 991			</p>
 993	</div>
 994 									<div id="review_5fMQhPnPVP7wYVxt3iH1BA" class="review externalReview clearfix nonfavoriteReview  ">
 995			<div class="reviewer">
 996				<div class="mini">	
 997	<div class="photoBoxSm">
 998			<div class="clearStyles photoBox" >
 999			<a  href="/user_details?userid=PZokuYn6GU3t-TbeYiYrEg"><img src="" style="height:40px;width:40px;" alt="Photo of Chris P." /></a>
1000	</div>
1002	<p class="miniOrange is_elite ieSucks">
1003		&nbsp;
1004	</p>
1005	<p class="miniOrange friend_count ieSucks">1</p>
1006	<p class="miniOrange review_count ieSucks">9</p>
1008	</div>
1011				<p class="reviewer_info"><a href="/user_details?userid=PZokuYn6GU3t-TbeYiYrEg">Chris P.</a></p>
1012				<p class="reviewer_info">San Francisco, CA</p>
1013			</div>
1014			<div class="ext_rating ieSucks">
1015				<div class="rating stars_1">1 star rating</div>
1016				<em class="smaller">10/22/2008</em>
1017			</div>
1019			<p class="review_comment ieSucks">If the place was called Nick&#39;s Greasy Cheap Tacos, then I would give them five stars.<br /><br />Since it&#39;s called Nick&#39;s Crispy Tacos, they only get one star.<br /><br />The carnitias and guacamole was rather good, but you can&#39;t sell tacos under the guise of being crispy and not deliver that selling point. I got my food to go. I didn&#39;t want to wait until I got home to test the crispy taco shell, so I tried one in the car. The &quot;shell&quot; was soggy with grease. They probably crowded the pan (or whatever they use) which then brings down the oil temperature. Any savvy cook knows that you need to keep the temperature consistently at xx degrees to keep food from absorbing the oil. Come on mi gente en la it out.<br /><br />The only thing crispy at Nick&#39;s was the money as it came out of my wallet. Not that it costs a lot to eat here, but this business is incorrectly named for sure.<br /><br />If you&#39;re willing to drive out to Berkeley for some REAL crunchy tacos, then check out the reviews on my page. I would not send anyone out to the East bay for food if it was not worth the drive from the City.</p> 					<div class="rateReview external" id="ufc_5fMQhPnPVP7wYVxt3iH1BA">
1020			<p class="rateReviewIntro">
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1035			</p>
1037	</div>
1038 									<div id="review_2NRQuzZBK9Hu6pZXjMNfCw" class="review externalReview clearfix nonfavoriteReview  ">
1039			<div class="reviewer">
1040				<div class="mini">	
1041	<div class="photoBoxSm">
1042			<div class="clearStyles photoBox" >
1043			<a  href="/user_details?userid=vqn-YtS4Lv2fM_cVil-lWg"><img src="" style="height:40px;width:40px;" alt="Photo of Jenny H." /></a>
1044	</div>
1046	<p class="miniOrange is_elite ieSucks">
1047		&nbsp;
1048	</p>
1049	<p class="miniOrange friend_count ieSucks">3</p>
1050	<p class="miniOrange review_count ieSucks">8</p>
1052	</div>
1055				<p class="reviewer_info"><a href="/user_details?userid=vqn-YtS4Lv2fM_cVil-lWg">Jenny H.</a></p>
1056				<p class="reviewer_info">San Francisco, CA</p>
1057			</div>
1058			<div class="ext_rating ieSucks">
1059				<div class="rating stars_5">5 star rating</div>
1060				<em class="smaller">11/14/2008</em>
1061			</div>
1063			<p class="review_comment ieSucks">The room this taco counter resides in is full of chandeliers and red fabric. I suppose that would matter more if the food sucked, but it doesnt. I tried this place last week for a fish taco (fried).<br /><br />Yes. The fish taco was so perfect, so crispy-hot, with mouthwatering spicy sauce and cabbage shreds, I felt more relaxed, happy, and satisfied than after a minor orgasm. Shane could tell I was really feeling it, so he ordered one. I watched him get more and more excited himself with each bite. We sat at the table a long time, deliberating whether to get another.<br /><br />We were back within the week, even though it a pain in the ass to get out to Broadway, and had the same experience. Just typing this, I think I might have to make a trip back today.<br /><br />I recommend the fried fish taco. Not Nick&#39;s way.<br />I also tried the veggie taco and the grilled fish taco and they were only OK. I think Shane liked his (pre-fish) pollo and carne asada tacos, but now he&#39;s on the fish.<br /><br />Big, beautiful tacos, just floppin&#39; in the wind. Holy-jeez I just want to lick&#39;em. Anybody want to go? Please call me.</p> 			
1066			<p class="externalReviewActions">
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1070			</p>
1072	</div>
1073 									<div id="review_NrmuhQ8rGkaQchuW873QUw" class="review externalReview clearfix nonfavoriteReview  ">
1074			<div class="reviewer">
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1076	<div class="photoBoxSm">
1077			<div class="clearStyles photoBox" >
1078			<a  href="/user_details?userid=CQ7AB1RE_6zwcWRMy729CQ"><img src="" style="height:40px;width:40px;" alt="Photo of Garrett J." /></a>
1079	</div>
1081	<p class="miniOrange is_elite ieSucks">
1082		&nbsp;
1083	</p>
1084	<p class="miniOrange friend_count ieSucks">1</p>
1085	<p class="miniOrange review_count ieSucks">3</p>
1087	</div>
1090				<p class="reviewer_info"><a href="/user_details?userid=CQ7AB1RE_6zwcWRMy729CQ">Garrett J.</a></p>
1091				<p class="reviewer_info">San Francisco, CA</p>
1092			</div>
1093			<div class="ext_rating ieSucks">
1094				<div class="rating stars_4">4 star rating</div>
1095				<em class="smaller">11/03/2008</em>
1096			</div>
1098			<p class="review_comment ieSucks">Great tacos! I love the tacos&#39; &quot;Nick&#39;s way.&quot; Great tacos, margies, salsa and guacamole. Extremely fresh, and yummy. I just wish it was closer to home.</p> 			
1101			<p class="externalReviewActions">
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1105			</p>
1107	</div>
1108 									<div id="review_zuJbs6cLLIkvqfISRof-FQ" class="review externalReview clearfix nonfavoriteReview  ">
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1113			<a  href="/user_details?userid=hA8et-LncZc1F1_seQl4eg"><img src="" style="height:40px;width:40px;" alt="Photo of Kelly M." /></a>
1114	</div>
1116	<p class="miniOrange is_elite ieSucks">
1117		&nbsp;
1118	</p>
1119	<p class="miniOrange friend_count ieSucks">0</p>
1120	<p class="miniOrange review_count ieSucks">6</p>
1122	</div>
1125				<p class="reviewer_info"><a href="/user_details?userid=hA8et-LncZc1F1_seQl4eg">Kelly M.</a></p>
1126				<p class="reviewer_info">San Francisco, CA</p>
1127			</div>
1128			<div class="ext_rating ieSucks">
1129				<div class="rating stars_4">4 star rating</div>
1130				<em class="smaller">11/02/2008</em>
1131			</div>
1133			<p class="review_comment ieSucks">I usually forget about Nick&#39;s since it&#39;s not within my day-to-day circle of home to work. However, I try to go out of my way to go there when I can. There are lots of tasty items on the menu, but my favorite is the shrimp taco-topped off with some delicious guacomole. Add a mexican coke to that and i&#39;m good to go!</p> 			
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1140			</p>
1142	</div>
1143 									<div id="review_btTtU0dqaHo398yVeCgz2Q" class="review externalReview clearfix nonfavoriteReview  ">
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1148			<a  href="/user_details?userid=t8eeyCHVuPe0r4WpURxRfA"><img src="" style="height:40px;width:40px;" alt="Photo of Steve S." /></a>
1149	</div>
1151	<p class="miniOrange is_elite ieSucks">
1152		&nbsp;
1153	</p>
1154	<p class="miniOrange friend_count ieSucks">0</p>
1155	<p class="miniOrange review_count ieSucks">2</p>
1157	</div>
1160				<p class="reviewer_info"><a href="/user_details?userid=t8eeyCHVuPe0r4WpURxRfA">Steve S.</a></p>
1161				<p class="reviewer_info">San Francisco, CA</p>
1162			</div>
1163			<div class="ext_rating ieSucks">
1164				<div class="rating stars_2">2 star rating</div>
1165				<em class="smaller">10/17/2008</em>
1166			</div>
1168			<p class="review_comment ieSucks">A taqueria that charges extra for chips and salsa? Strike one.<br /><br />Screwing up my order? Strike two.<br /><br />They&#39;re not &quot;crispy&quot; tacos as the name of the place would imply, but soft tacos? Swing and a miss, Nick&#39;s. Strike three.</p> 					<div class="rateReview external" id="ufc_btTtU0dqaHo398yVeCgz2Q">
1169			<p class="rateReviewIntro">
1170					People thought this was:
1171			</p>
1173						<p class="smaller">
1174							Useful&nbsp; (1)
1175						</p>
1176		</div>
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1184			</p>
1186	</div>
1187 									<div id="review_FGwnvF2kZ2qE0JK9hx8wZA" class="review externalReview clearfix nonfavoriteReview  ">
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1190	<div class="photoBoxSm">
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1192			<a  href="/user_details?userid=LnDW09gSlZCDtQrgzwWjHw"><img src="" style="height:40px;width:40px;" alt="Photo of Arceli A." /></a>
1193	</div>
1195	<p class="miniOrange is_elite ieSucks">
1196		&nbsp;
1197	</p>
1198	<p class="miniOrange friend_count ieSucks">13</p>
1199	<p class="miniOrange review_count ieSucks">87</p>
1201	</div>
1204				<p class="reviewer_info"><a href="/user_details?userid=LnDW09gSlZCDtQrgzwWjHw">Arceli A.</a></p>
1205				<p class="reviewer_info">San Francisco, CA</p>
1206			</div>
1207			<div class="ext_rating ieSucks">
1208				<div class="rating stars_5">5 star rating</div>
1209				<em class="smaller">10/20/2008</em>
1210			</div>
1212			<p class="review_comment ieSucks">The extra cash in my pocket goes to my investment at Nick&#39;s. &nbsp;Good jesus, i&#39;m in heaven when i go here! You boys at the bar scoping out the ladies... dont ever interupt a woman eating the best tacos in the world! hahaha. I love my pescado tacos (nick&#39;s way)! Yummy yummy in my tummy!</p> 			
1215			<p class="externalReviewActions">
1216				<a  href="/signup" class="bookmark" rel="FGwnvF2kZ2qE0JK9hx8wZA" title="Something catch your eye?<br> Bookmark this business to build your own list of fun ideas to check out later!" onclick="initBookSignUp(this,'ziVej4oW2JpUConTE_Y_mg','Nick\'s Crispy Tacos');return false">Bookmark</a>&nbsp;&nbsp;
1217				<a  href="/biz_share?bizid=ziVej4oW2JpUConTE_Y_mg&amp;reviewid=FGwnvF2kZ2qE0JK9hx8wZA&amp;return_url=/biz/nicks-crispy-tacos-san-francisco" class="sendToFriend" onclick=", 'ziVej4oW2JpUConTE_Y_mg', 'FGwnvF2kZ2qE0JK9hx8wZA', null);return false">Send to a Friend</a>
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1219			</p>
1221	</div>
1222 									<div id="review_J4I_qvGfrvtB5OQEpTlR2A" class="review externalReview clearfix nonfavoriteReview  ">
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1227			<a  href="/user_details?userid=DiiyWCoTG_urZBffTsvx-Q"><img src="" style="height:40px;width:40px;" alt="Photo of Melissa G." /></a>
1228	</div>
1230	<p class="miniOrange is_elite ieSucks">
1231		&nbsp;
1232	</p>
1233	<p class="miniOrange friend_count ieSucks">32</p>
1234	<p class="miniOrange review_count ieSucks">83</p>
1236	</div>
1239				<p class="reviewer_info"><a href="/user_details?userid=DiiyWCoTG_urZBffTsvx-Q">Melissa G.</a></p>
1240				<p class="reviewer_info">San Francisco, CA</p>
1241			</div>
1242			<div class="ext_rating ieSucks">
1243				<div class="rating stars_4">4 star rating</div>
1244				<em class="smaller">10/18/2008</em>
1245			</div>
1247			<p class="review_comment ieSucks">Yes, it looks like a beat-up 70s lounge with stained red velvet booths -- it&#39;s awesome that way...because it is (and has been for many years) a nightclub in the later hours. <br /><br />But I really like the fish tacos - filled with cabbage, salsa and sometimes guacamole. I haven&#39;t tried the &quot;crispy&quot; kind yet and I can&#39;t imagine ordering chicken or beef here when you can get fish and shrimp. &nbsp;Anyway, I really like &#39;em.</p> 			
1250			<p class="externalReviewActions">
1251				<a  href="/signup" class="bookmark" rel="J4I_qvGfrvtB5OQEpTlR2A" title="Something catch your eye?<br> Bookmark this business to build your own list of fun ideas to check out later!" onclick="initBookSignUp(this,'ziVej4oW2JpUConTE_Y_mg','Nick\'s Crispy Tacos');return false">Bookmark</a>&nbsp;&nbsp;
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1254			</p>
1256	</div>
1257 									<div id="review_SGIicy3z4iLKHjpz9aVq6w" class="review externalReview clearfix nonfavoriteReview  ">
1258			<div class="reviewer">
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1260	<div class="photoBoxSm">
1261			<div class="clearStyles photoBox" >
1262			<a  href="/user_details?userid=R_aCqb62GyeU2h7OmSufeA"><img src="" style="height:40px;width:40px;" alt="Photo of Julie F." /></a>
1263	</div>
1265	<p class="miniOrange is_elite ieSucks">
1266		<a  href="/elite" title="User is Elite">Elite '08</a>
1267	</p>
1268	<p class="miniOrange friend_count ieSucks">77</p>
1269	<p class="miniOrange review_count ieSucks">107</p>
1271	</div>
1274				<p class="reviewer_info"><a href="/user_details?userid=R_aCqb62GyeU2h7OmSufeA">Julie F.</a></p>
1275				<p class="reviewer_info">San Francisco, CA</p>
1276			</div>
1277			<div class="ext_rating ieSucks">
1278				<div class="rating stars_2">2 star rating</div>
1279				<em class="smaller">10/15/2008</em>
1280			</div>
1282			<p class="review_comment ieSucks">Maybe it&#39;s just me...and it probably is, but I really don&#39;t see what the big hype is with this place. &nbsp;I&#39;ve been here several times, and I have not been impressed with the chicken tacos. I haven&#39;t totally given up on Nick&#39;s, but I&#39;m not eager to get back there on taco Tuesday.</p> 			
1285			<p class="externalReviewActions">
1286				<a  href="/signup" class="bookmark" rel="SGIicy3z4iLKHjpz9aVq6w" title="Something catch your eye?<br> Bookmark this business to build your own list of fun ideas to check out later!" onclick="initBookSignUp(this,'ziVej4oW2JpUConTE_Y_mg','Nick\'s Crispy Tacos');return false">Bookmark</a>&nbsp;&nbsp;
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1289			</p>
1291	</div>
1292 									<div id="review_OllWIlbkPETsL5cW0RcmHg" class="review externalReview clearfix nonfavoriteReview  ">
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1295	<div class="photoBoxSm">
1296			<div class="clearStyles photoBox" >
1297			<a  href="/user_details?userid=GCuDiPUKYxhgFHP5LqJa2Q"><img src="" style="height:40px;width:40px;" alt="Photo of Gloria H." /></a>
1298	</div>
1300	<p class="miniOrange is_elite ieSucks">
1301		<a  href="/elite" title="User is Elite">Elite '08</a>
1302	</p>
1303	<p class="miniOrange friend_count ieSucks">50</p>
1304	<p class="miniOrange review_count ieSucks">536</p>
1306	</div>
1309				<p class="reviewer_info"><a href="/user_details?userid=GCuDiPUKYxhgFHP5LqJa2Q">Gloria H.</a></p>
1310				<p class="reviewer_info">San Francisco, CA</p>
1311			</div>
1312			<div class="ext_rating ieSucks">
1313				<div class="rating stars_4">4 star rating</div>
1314				<em class="smaller updated_date">Updated - 10/07/2008</em>
1315			</div>
1317			<p class="review_comment ieSucks">Tuesday Taco Night rocks and the place was packed! &nbsp;Got there shortly after 7pm and there were no seats left. &nbsp;We were debating if we should take it to go but decided to stick around and wait for a space. &nbsp;<br /><br />Not sure if there are always this busy or the Tuesday Taco night drew everyone in. &nbsp;$2 tacos - carnitas, carne asada and pollo only - but $2, that&#39;s CHEAP! &nbsp;We decided on 2 each of carnitas and carne asada and a margarita - cashier asked if we wanted the margarita from there or the other side at the bar - difference is top shelf at $6 there or $3 at the bar across the room. &nbsp; We got the taco Nick&#39;s way (see previous post for description) and it comes to ~$18 - that explains why the line gets longer and longer all the way to the other side of the dining room. <br /><br />Luckily, a table of 4 was leaving while we were waiting. &nbsp;Before we even sat down - the waiter came by, dropped down our baskets of taco and took our number away. &nbsp;The tacos did not disappoint at all - the mass of guacamole is just the perfect topping. &nbsp;I must say that I&#39;m a fan of the carnitas and will only order that from now on.<br /><br />Finger licking good and absolutely delicious!</p> 					<div class="rateReview external" id="ufc_OllWIlbkPETsL5cW0RcmHg">
1318			<p class="rateReviewIntro">
1319					People thought this was:
1320			</p>
1322						<p class="smaller">
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1324						</p>
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1332		<ul class="stripped">
1333				<li class="clearfix">
1334					<div class="rating stars_small_4">4 star rating</div> <em>08/25/2008</em>
1336					<p class="review_comment">Sunday was beautiful and sunny even in SF. &nbsp;Hubby said let&#39;s go for a ride in the convertible -&#8230;
1337							<span class="pseudoLink">Read more &raquo;</span>
1338					</p>
1339				</li>
1340		</ul>
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1348			</p>
1350	</div>
1351 									<div id="review_IjCZJjGSHEe8mOWt5lmvbw" class="review externalReview clearfix nonfavoriteReview  ">
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1357	</div>
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1361	</p>
1362	<p class="miniOrange friend_count ieSucks">6</p>
1363	<p class="miniOrange review_count ieSucks">4</p>
1365	</div>
1368				<p class="reviewer_info"><a href="/user_details?userid=sV7R7Vyx1zbRHdTaPYe8Mg">John G.</a></p>
1369				<p class="reviewer_info">San Francisco, CA</p>
1370			</div>
1371			<div class="ext_rating ieSucks">
1372				<div class="rating stars_4">4 star rating</div>
1373				<em class="smaller">10/23/2008</em>
1374			</div>
1376			<p class="review_comment ieSucks">The famous Nick&#39;s Crispy Tacos, is definitely a diamond in the rough snuggled in the side of rouge night club. &nbsp;The decor is fairly tacky but the tacos are unbelievable. &nbsp;I would say the one ingredient to die for here is the guacamole. &nbsp;A basket chips and guac feed about 3 (1 if your hungover), and the Tacos are the best in town. &nbsp;The only downside are the hours, they close early because they share space with Rouge night club - I would have given this a 5 star if they were open late night and I could snag some on my way out of the buccaneer!<br /><br />-CSE</p> 			
1379			<p class="externalReviewActions">
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1383			</p>
1385	</div>
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1391			<a  href="/user_details?userid=5jXfN4vBYb-PyNfOSVulLQ"><img src="" style="height:40px;width:40px;" alt="Photo of t l." /></a>
1392	</div>
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1395		&nbsp;
1396	</p>
1397	<p class="miniOrange friend_count ieSucks">0</p>
1398	<p class="miniOrange review_count ieSucks">15</p>
1400	</div>
1403				<p class="reviewer_info"><a href="/user_details?userid=5jXfN4vBYb-PyNfOSVulLQ">t l.</a></p>
1404				<p class="reviewer_info">San Francisco, CA</p>
1405			</div>
1406			<div class="ext_rating ieSucks">
1407				<div class="rating stars_4">4 star rating</div>
1408				<em class="smaller">10/22/2008</em>
1409			</div>
1411			<p class="review_comment ieSucks">A slice of Mexican Heaven! &nbsp;Get everything you order &quot;nicks way&quot; and you wont be disappointed. &nbsp; &nbsp;This is most definitely my favorite Mexican in the city. &nbsp;Niman Ranch meats, good quality ingredients.<br /><br />The reason behing my star rating:<br /><br />My son is picky ---so I order a custom burrito --- they NEVER get it right!! ---EVER......Also, be prepared for the crisy taco wrapped with a soft taco......strange.. &nbsp;That&#39;s why they get 4 stars...</p> 			
1414			<p class="externalReviewActions">
1415				<a  href="/signup" class="bookmark" rel="cDav_gSVlQgr_5KW5neUzw" title="Something catch your eye?<br> Bookmark this business to build your own list of fun ideas to check out later!" onclick="initBookSignUp(this,'ziVej4oW2JpUConTE_Y_mg','Nick\'s Crispy Tacos');return false">Bookmark</a>&nbsp;&nbsp;
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1418			</p>
1420	</div>
1421 									<div id="review_O69A6u9wduPvd8vx1Tuw6g" class="review externalReview clearfix nonfavoriteReview  ">
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1426			<a  href="/user_details?userid=wcwH3HDVkIi9J90XzCZJkQ"><img src="" style="height:40px;width:40px;" alt="Photo of Eddy N." /></a>
1427	</div>
1429	<p class="miniOrange is_elite ieSucks">
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1431	</p>
1432	<p class="miniOrange friend_count ieSucks">13</p>
1433	<p class="miniOrange review_count ieSucks">76</p>
1435	</div>
1438				<p class="reviewer_info"><a href="/user_details?userid=wcwH3HDVkIi9J90XzCZJkQ">Eddy N.</a></p>
1439				<p class="reviewer_info">San Francisco, CA</p>
1440			</div>
1441			<div class="ext_rating ieSucks">
1442				<div class="rating stars_4">4 star rating</div>
1443				<em class="smaller">10/13/2008</em>
1444			</div>
1446			<p class="review_comment ieSucks">What do you get when you mix good mexican and a fancy club get Nick&#39;s Crispy Tacos. There&#39;s nothing like eating a super burrito while sitting in a club setting.<br /><br />Food is pretty good. Everything I&#39;ve ever had was good, from the salad, to the quesidila, to the tacos (Nick&#39;s way with jack cheese and guac).<br /><br />The corn is really good (Elote, which pepper and cheese), but becareful that it&#39;s so juicy, you might spray people near you with hot corn juices accidentally when you bite into it.</p> 			
1449			<p class="externalReviewActions">
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1453			</p>
1455	</div>
1456 									<div id="review_PkgE7rIfbMeKZtrrQGj1Gw" class="review externalReview clearfix nonfavoriteReview  ">
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1461			<a  href="/user_details?userid=aGKhooafW3zlKcK2Wp25uA"><img src="" style="height:40px;width:40px;" alt="Photo of Dan Y." /></a>
1462	</div>
1464	<p class="miniOrange is_elite ieSucks">
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1466	</p>
1467	<p class="miniOrange friend_count ieSucks">5</p>
1468	<p class="miniOrange review_count ieSucks">29</p>
1470	</div>
1473				<p class="reviewer_info"><a href="/user_details?userid=aGKhooafW3zlKcK2Wp25uA">Dan Y.</a></p>
1474				<p class="reviewer_info">San Francisco, CA</p>
1475			</div>
1476			<div class="ext_rating ieSucks">
1477				<div class="rating stars_4">4 star rating</div>
1478				<em class="smaller">10/19/2008</em>
1479			</div>
1481			<p class="review_comment ieSucks">Hit this place up on Tuesday for their specials. &nbsp;They use only the freshest ingredients (Niman Ranch, Free Range, etc.). &nbsp;It is fantastic in terms of quality and taste. The place is sharing rent with The Rouge, which describes the decor. &nbsp;Aside from that, I wish it was open late night - it would kill it.</p> 			
1484			<p class="externalReviewActions">
1485				<a  href="/signup" class="bookmark" rel="PkgE7rIfbMeKZtrrQGj1Gw" title="Something catch your eye?<br> Bookmark this business to build your own list of fun ideas to check out later!" onclick="initBookSignUp(this,'ziVej4oW2JpUConTE_Y_mg','Nick\'s Crispy Tacos');return false">Bookmark</a>&nbsp;&nbsp;
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1488			</p>
1490	</div>
1491 									<div id="review_ZvyV4vv6J4Z_1eHrIfDFtw" class="review externalReview clearfix nonfavoriteReview  ">
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1496			<a  href="/user_details?userid=vlYbuIXxmOxPTruIyB2cgA"><img src="" style="height:40px;width:40px;" alt="Photo of Annie B." /></a>
1497	</div>
1499	<p class="miniOrange is_elite ieSucks">
1500		&nbsp;
1501	</p>
1502	<p class="miniOrange friend_count ieSucks">7</p>
1503	<p class="miniOrange review_count ieSucks">25</p>
1505	</div>
1508				<p class="reviewer_info"><a href="/user_details?userid=vlYbuIXxmOxPTruIyB2cgA">Annie B.</a></p>
1509				<p class="reviewer_info">San Francisco, CA</p>
1510			</div>
1511			<div class="ext_rating ieSucks">
1512				<div class="rating stars_2">2 star rating</div>
1513				<em class="smaller">10/16/2008</em>
1514			</div>
1516			<p class="review_comment ieSucks">I know there are already like seven hundred thousand reviews here, but I HAVE to add my two cents (I can hear my mom&#39;s eyes rolling now). <br /><br />Eh. One and two.</p> 			
1519			<p class="externalReviewActions">
1520				<a  href="/signup" class="bookmark" rel="ZvyV4vv6J4Z_1eHrIfDFtw" title="Something catch your eye?<br> Bookmark this business to build your own list of fun ideas to check out later!" onclick="initBookSignUp(this,'ziVej4oW2JpUConTE_Y_mg','Nick\'s Crispy Tacos');return false">Bookmark</a>&nbsp;&nbsp;
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1523			</p>
1525	</div>
1526 									<div id="review_0PrfqEpUBQq9th_h_W2y2g" class="review externalReview clearfix nonfavoriteReview  ">
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1531			<a  href="/user_details?userid=_SVAW_bwFx3G2tDqmsmOBw"><img src="" style="height:40px;width:40px;" alt="Photo of Steven R." /></a>
1532	</div>
1534	<p class="miniOrange is_elite ieSucks">
1535		<a  href="/elite" title="User is Elite">Elite '08</a>
1536	</p>
1537	<p class="miniOrange friend_count ieSucks">24</p>
1538	<p class="miniOrange review_count ieSucks">172</p>
1540	</div>
1543				<p class="reviewer_info"><a href="/user_details?userid=_SVAW_bwFx3G2tDqmsmOBw">Steven R.</a></p>
1544				<p class="reviewer_info">San Francisco, CA</p>
1545			</div>
1546			<div class="ext_rating ieSucks">
1547				<div class="rating stars_3">3 star rating</div>
1548				<em class="smaller">09/24/2008</em>
1549			</div>
1551			<p class="review_comment ieSucks">Recently I went on a tour of a few establishments that offer Taco Tuesdays to see which was the best. &nbsp;I&#39;m sad to report that all the ones I went to are mediocre or worse. &nbsp;The loser in the competition was me for spending time and money at each. &nbsp;The winner was any establishment at which I spent money.<br /><br />Somehow I thought I stumbled into a time machine and now I had ended &nbsp;up getting tacos at some club in Miami circa 1974. &nbsp;I expected Scarface to walk in any minute and mow down the line of people at the bar. &nbsp;<br /><br />If you can get over the kind of weird decor, I found Nick&#39;s to easily have the best tacos of the places I went. &nbsp;They were more like small delicious fried meaty pitas than tacos, but given the price and size of the tacos I couldn&#39;t complain. &nbsp;The beer situation was a little annoying, since half the beers were like $2 but then the other beers were regular price but then you couldn&#39;t get both in the same spot so then you had to walk from the little counter to the bar to order beers and meanwhile everyone is staring at your chair as hungrily as you are staring at your tacos.<br /><br />The experience is ok. &nbsp;I really wish this place was open later since a few Coronas definitely greases the wheels for some tequila and then next thing you know it&#39;s Wednesday morning. &nbsp;The cheap chairs and tables seem like they were stolen from someone&#39;s yard. &nbsp;I guess they wanted to &nbsp;make sure no one hangs around too long. &nbsp;This place ends up getting so crowded people end up sitting on the stairs (or anywhere they can put a buttcheek) and the joint ends up looking like a Thai bus stop. &nbsp;The bathroom also looks like some too tiny room that was rented to a junkie and then once the owners kicked him out they noticed how really small it was and turned it into a bathroom.<br /><br />In summary: &nbsp;Good tacos, good prices, crappy venue. &nbsp;Best recommended for if you come early, order a boatload of tacos, eat them fast and go.</p> 					<div class="rateReview external" id="ufc_0PrfqEpUBQq9th_h_W2y2g">
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1563							Cool&nbsp; (1)
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1573			</p>
1575	</div>
1576 									<div id="review_sUhD9e_8zqYPKCZSHTgi5g" class="review externalReview clearfix nonfavoriteReview  ">
1577			<div class="reviewer">
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1579	<div class="photoBoxSm">
1580			<div class="clearStyles photoBox" >
1581			<a  href="/user_details?userid=PfbmDAiFhv_c4s_Aat_bow"><img src="" style="height:40px;width:40px;" alt="Photo of Marie K." /></a>
1582	</div>
1584	<p class="miniOrange is_elite ieSucks">
1585		&nbsp;
1586	</p>
1587	<p class="miniOrange friend_count ieSucks">10</p>
1588	<p class="miniOrange review_count ieSucks">53</p>
1590	</div>
1593				<p class="reviewer_info"><a href="/user_details?userid=PfbmDAiFhv_c4s_Aat_bow">Marie K.</a></p>
1594				<p class="reviewer_info">San Francisco, CA</p>
1595			</div>
1596			<div class="ext_rating ieSucks">
1597				<div class="rating stars_4">4 star rating</div>
1598				<em class="smaller">10/14/2008</em>
1599			</div>
1601			<p class="review_comment ieSucks">Given that our food was still delish by the time we got home 45 minutes later since they kicked us out (this place closes at 9 SHARP on a Sunday)... it must be pretty darn good indeed when fresh and piping hot. &nbsp; I wasn&#39;t even really hungry and my tacos still vanished in a flash. &nbsp;Pretty snazzy decor too (um, WTF??? &nbsp;Can anyone explain?). &nbsp;Minus one star because my taco was way light on the camarones-- there were, count &#39;em, FOUR lousy little shrimp in that sucker. &nbsp;And they&#39;re good sized tacos loaded with trimmings, especially if you go for the crispy style. &nbsp;However, the pescado was heaped with fresh, perfect... well, pescado. &nbsp;I&#39;ll be back, earlier and hungrier than I was this time around.</p> 			
1604			<p class="externalReviewActions">
1605				<a  href="/signup" class="bookmark" rel="sUhD9e_8zqYPKCZSHTgi5g" title="Something catch your eye?<br> Bookmark this business to build your own list of fun ideas to check out later!" onclick="initBookSignUp(this,'ziVej4oW2JpUConTE_Y_mg','Nick\'s Crispy Tacos');return false">Bookmark</a>&nbsp;&nbsp;
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1608			</p>
1610	</div>
1611 									<div id="review_-Sy0RvtZdRNiCySM0GMNdQ" class="review externalReview clearfix nonfavoriteReview  ">
1612			<div class="reviewer">
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1617	</div>
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1622	<p class="miniOrange friend_count ieSucks">3</p>
1623	<p class="miniOrange review_count ieSucks">12</p>
1625	</div>
1628				<p class="reviewer_info"><a href="/user_details?userid=l0E2uND3lPHlg8_rjd0m1Q">kristie l.</a></p>
1629				<p class="reviewer_info">San Francisco, CA</p>
1630			</div>
1631			<div class="ext_rating ieSucks">
1632				<div class="rating stars_5">5 star rating</div>
1633				<em class="smaller">09/29/2008</em>
1634			</div>
1636			<p class="review_comment ieSucks">I can not even walk by without stopping in for a &nbsp;fish &nbsp;taco.The problem is I always over order and eat it all.Good for &nbsp;my taste buds, not so &nbsp;great for body.</p> 					<div class="rateReview external" id="ufc_-Sy0RvtZdRNiCySM0GMNdQ">
1637			<p class="rateReviewIntro">
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1645							Cool&nbsp; (1)
1646						</p>
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1655			</p>
1657	</div>
1658 									<div id="review_sGjTJVCL4IVsPdx3t0CZSQ" class="review externalReview clearfix nonfavoriteReview  ">
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1669	<p class="miniOrange friend_count ieSucks">1</p>
1670	<p class="miniOrange review_count ieSucks">69</p>
1672	</div>
1675				<p class="reviewer_info"><a href="/user_details?userid=0tl0RoxhNRqxYRqXLIDEig">Matthew G.</a></p>
1676				<p class="reviewer_info">San Francisco, CA</p>
1677			</div>
1678			<div class="ext_rating ieSucks">
1679				<div class="rating stars_4">4 star rating</div>
1680				<em class="smaller">10/13/2008</em>
1681			</div>
1683			<p class="review_comment ieSucks">Nick&#39;s has the best crispy tacos in town. &nbsp;And with the economy in a tailspin, this is the place to go for a great bite to eat at a bargain price.</p> 			
1686			<p class="externalReviewActions">
1687				<a  href="/signup" class="bookmark" rel="sGjTJVCL4IVsPdx3t0CZSQ" title="Something catch your eye?<br> Bookmark this business to build your own list of fun ideas to check out later!" onclick="initBookSignUp(this,'ziVej4oW2JpUConTE_Y_mg','Nick\'s Crispy Tacos');return false">Bookmark</a>&nbsp;&nbsp;
1688				<a  href="/biz_share?bizid=ziVej4oW2JpUConTE_Y_mg&amp;reviewid=sGjTJVCL4IVsPdx3t0CZSQ&amp;return_url=/biz/nicks-crispy-tacos-san-francisco" class="sendToFriend" onclick=", 'ziVej4oW2JpUConTE_Y_mg', 'sGjTJVCL4IVsPdx3t0CZSQ', null);return false">Send to a Friend</a>
1689				<a  class="linkToThis" href="/biz/nicks-crispy-tacos-san-francisco#hrid:sGjTJVCL4IVsPdx3t0CZSQ" onclick="review_fetcher.fetchReviews('ziVej4oW2JpUConTE_Y_mg', '-QhhXl4NJn3zYUNMU5eZ2Q', 'sGjTJVCL4IVsPdx3t0CZSQ')">Link to This Review</a>
1690			</p>
1692	</div>
1693 									<div id="review_wflFMXgVp_ywKD7cGMjtSw" class="review externalReview clearfix nonfavoriteReview  ">
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1698			<a  href="/user_details?userid=owf1nM4hKYAoUEgWYxQNyQ"><img src="" style="height:40px;width:40px;" alt="Photo of Spencer T." /></a>
1699	</div>
1701	<p class="miniOrange is_elite ieSucks">
1702		&nbsp;
1703	</p>
1704	<p class="miniOrange friend_count ieSucks">14</p>
1705	<p class="miniOrange review_count ieSucks">18</p>
1707	</div>
1710				<p class="reviewer_info"><a href="/user_details?userid=owf1nM4hKYAoUEgWYxQNyQ">Spencer T.</a></p>
1711				<p class="reviewer_info">San Francisco, CA</p>
1712			</div>
1713			<div class="ext_rating ieSucks">
1714				<div class="rating stars_5">5 star rating</div>
1715				<em class="smaller">09/12/2008</em>
1716			</div>
1718			<p class="review_comment ieSucks">FUCK escape from NY.<br /><br />you&#39;re in california now kid.<br />forget authentic, just grab this shit.<br /><br />cash only.<br />bag it up to the gullet.<br />dunzo&#39;d.<br /><br />for this area, it = gospel.<br /><br />done&#39;d<br /><br />(p.s. have you&#39;re partner in crime park in walgreens PL. pick up that lip balm you keep forgetting. get it done. gather. ghost.)</p> 					<div class="rateReview external" id="ufc_wflFMXgVp_ywKD7cGMjtSw">
1719			<p class="rateReviewIntro">
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1727							Funny&nbsp; (3)
1728						</p>
1729						<p class="smaller">
1730							Cool&nbsp; (2)
1731						</p>
1732		</div>
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1737				<a  href="/signup" class="bookmark" rel="wflFMXgVp_ywKD7cGMjtSw" title="Something catch your eye?<br> Bookmark this business to build your own list of fun ideas to check out later!" onclick="initBookSignUp(this,'ziVej4oW2JpUConTE_Y_mg','Nick\'s Crispy Tacos');return false">Bookmark</a>&nbsp;&nbsp;
1738				<a  href="/biz_share?bizid=ziVej4oW2JpUConTE_Y_mg&amp;reviewid=wflFMXgVp_ywKD7cGMjtSw&amp;return_url=/biz/nicks-crispy-tacos-san-francisco" class="sendToFriend" onclick=", 'ziVej4oW2JpUConTE_Y_mg', 'wflFMXgVp_ywKD7cGMjtSw', null);return false">Send to a Friend</a>
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1740			</p>
1742	</div>
1743 									<div id="review_dGT7gYNAWB3vxGkQB8TRyw" class="review externalReview clearfix nonfavoriteReview  ">
1744			<div class="reviewer">
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1748			<a  href="/user_details?userid=K1NLdTfT1IizE-6smhsSug"><img src="" style="height:40px;width:40px;" alt="Photo of Creamy A." /></a>
1749	</div>
1751	<p class="miniOrange is_elite ieSucks">
1752		&nbsp;
1753	</p>
1754	<p class="miniOrange friend_count ieSucks">1</p>
1755	<p class="miniOrange review_count ieSucks">44</p>
1757	</div>
1760				<p class="reviewer_info"><a href="/user_details?userid=K1NLdTfT1IizE-6smhsSug">Creamy A.</a></p>
1761				<p class="reviewer_info">San Francisco, CA</p>
1762			</div>
1763			<div class="ext_rating ieSucks">
1764				<div class="rating stars_2">2 star rating</div>
1765				<em class="smaller">10/02/2008</em>
1766			</div>
1768			<p class="review_comment ieSucks">You know...I&#39;ve been a fan of Nicks for over a year now, but it&#39;s really hard to be a fan of a place that you never can count on if they are open or not! &nbsp;<br /><br />7:30pm - Wednesday, Oct. 1st - WTF??? &nbsp;I was sitting with my bf across the street at Kelly&#39;s watching the Red Sox (kick some ass) and got the craving for a burrito! &nbsp;Begged him to run over there really quick and get me one. &nbsp;He said no at first as he can&#39;t stand the fact that the place is confused and has that lame ass nasty ghettoish club attached to it and is just not a place for a good quality Mexican restaurant to be located. &nbsp;I agreed, but still begged him to go over there for me. &nbsp;He went and guess what??? &nbsp;It was fucking closed! &nbsp;Really? &nbsp;Are you kidding me?? &nbsp;The last few times I&#39;ve been over there, they have been closed. &nbsp;<br /><br />Sorry Nick&#39;s (but not Nick as he no longer looks over that place), but you guys suck major ass!</p> 					<div class="rateReview external" id="ufc_dGT7gYNAWB3vxGkQB8TRyw">
1769			<p class="rateReviewIntro">
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1784			</p>
1786	</div>
1787 									<div id="review_g9JE7mGjRzBqb4xBsSJCqQ" class="review externalReview clearfix nonfavoriteReview  ">
1788			<div class="reviewer">
1789				<div class="mini">	
1790	<div class="photoBoxSm">
1791			<div class="clearStyles photoBox" >
1792			<a  href="/user_details?userid=ee1XilXm-2clTtM5O_k0aA"><img src="" style="height:40px;width:40px;" alt="Photo of Cory G." /></a>
1793	</div>
1795	<p class="miniOrange is_elite ieSucks">
1796		<a  href="/elite" title="User is Elite">Elite '08</a>
1797	</p>
1798	<p class="miniOrange friend_count ieSucks">36</p>
1799	<p class="miniOrange review_count ieSucks">209</p>
1801	</div>
1804				<p class="reviewer_info"><a href="/user_details?userid=ee1XilXm-2clTtM5O_k0aA">Cory G.</a></p>
1805				<p class="reviewer_info">Oakland, CA</p>
1806			</div>
1807			<div class="ext_rating ieSucks">
1808				<div class="rating stars_3">3 star rating</div>
1809				<em class="smaller">09/29/2008</em>
1810			</div>
1812			<p class="review_comment ieSucks">I&#39;ll give NIck&#39;s another chance, but my first experience was merely OK.<br /><br />Went for lunch on a Saturday and stood in line for awhile waiting to order. &nbsp;I was surprised that, because it&#39;s called Nick&#39;s Crispy Tacos that the tacos don&#39;t automatically come crispy unless you order them &quot;Nick&#39;s Way,&quot; which also includes a huge dollop of guacamole. &nbsp;Of course, this all costs an additional .95 cents per taco. &nbsp;My guestion, and I should have asked: What if I wanted &nbsp;a crispy taco sans guacamole? &nbsp;Still an extra charge?<br /><br />The tacos were big, wrapped well, and full of toppings. &nbsp;I had one carnitas and one chicken, and, honestly, they tasted exactly the same. &nbsp;Mostly like pinto bean. &nbsp;<br /><br />The salsas on the tables lacked punch, but I liked the space and the Dos Equis lined up in an ice cold bucket behind the counter. &nbsp;The menu is large and varied and has all the good things I would want from a taqueria.</p> 			
1815			<p class="externalReviewActions">
1816				<a  href="/signup" class="bookmark" rel="g9JE7mGjRzBqb4xBsSJCqQ" title="Something catch your eye?<br> Bookmark this business to build your own list of fun ideas to check out later!" onclick="initBookSignUp(this,'ziVej4oW2JpUConTE_Y_mg','Nick\'s Crispy Tacos');return false">Bookmark</a>&nbsp;&nbsp;
1817				<a  href="/biz_share?bizid=ziVej4oW2JpUConTE_Y_mg&amp;reviewid=g9JE7mGjRzBqb4xBsSJCqQ&amp;return_url=/biz/nicks-crispy-tacos-san-francisco" class="sendToFriend" onclick=", 'ziVej4oW2JpUConTE_Y_mg', 'g9JE7mGjRzBqb4xBsSJCqQ', null);return false">Send to a Friend</a>
1818				<a  class="linkToThis" href="/biz/nicks-crispy-tacos-san-francisco#hrid:g9JE7mGjRzBqb4xBsSJCqQ" onclick="review_fetcher.fetchReviews('ziVej4oW2JpUConTE_Y_mg', '-QhhXl4NJn3zYUNMU5eZ2Q', 'g9JE7mGjRzBqb4xBsSJCqQ')">Link to This Review</a>
1819			</p>
1821	</div>
1822 									<div id="review_s4oSx9jgYsazjpAsubaiAg" class="review externalReview clearfix nonfavoriteReview  ">
1823			<div class="reviewer">
1824				<div class="mini">	
1825	<div class="photoBoxSm">
1826			<div class="clearStyles photoBox" >
1827			<a  href="/user_details?userid=Za_I090SWdL67gKH_kGMRQ"><img src="" style="height:40px;width:40px;" alt="Photo of Ralph C." /></a>
1828	</div>
1830	<p class="miniOrange is_elite ieSucks">
1831		&nbsp;
1832	</p>
1833	<p class="miniOrange friend_count ieSucks">10</p>
1834	<p class="miniOrange review_count ieSucks">34</p>
1836	</div>
1839				<p class="reviewer_info"><a href="/user_details?userid=Za_I090SWdL67gKH_kGMRQ">Ralph C.</a></p>
1840				<p class="reviewer_info">Berkeley, CA</p>
1841			</div>
1842			<div class="ext_rating ieSucks">
1843				<div class="rating stars_3">3 star rating</div>
1844				<em class="smaller">09/12/2008</em>
1845			</div>
1847			<p class="review_comment ieSucks">Welcome to Club Taco! &nbsp;Make some noise for DJ Crispy and MC Aguafresca!<br /><br />Seriously, good tacos, crisp greasy shells freshly fried with a soft corn buffer tortilla. &nbsp;Passable guac, kind of bland but very fresh. &nbsp;Needs tons of green tomatillo salsa (available by the squeeze bottle!). &nbsp;Yummy fruit drink!<br /><br />Can&#39;t front on the puffy tacos back home, obviously it&#39;s Nob Hill. &nbsp;But put me on the guest list, because I will be there every $2 Taco Tuesday!</p> 					<div class="rateReview external" id="ufc_s4oSx9jgYsazjpAsubaiAg">
1848			<p class="rateReviewIntro">
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1852						<p class="smaller">
1853							Useful&nbsp; (1)
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1856							Funny&nbsp; (1)
1857						</p>
1858						<p class="smaller">
1859							Cool&nbsp; (1)
1860						</p>
1861		</div>
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1866				<a  href="/signup" class="bookmark" rel="s4oSx9jgYsazjpAsubaiAg" title="Something catch your eye?<br> Bookmark this business to build your own list of fun ideas to check out later!" onclick="initBookSignUp(this,'ziVej4oW2JpUConTE_Y_mg','Nick\'s Crispy Tacos');return false">Bookmark</a>&nbsp;&nbsp;
1867				<a  href="/biz_share?bizid=ziVej4oW2JpUConTE_Y_mg&amp;reviewid=s4oSx9jgYsazjpAsubaiAg&amp;return_url=/biz/nicks-crispy-tacos-san-francisco" class="sendToFriend" onclick=", 'ziVej4oW2JpUConTE_Y_mg', 's4oSx9jgYsazjpAsubaiAg', null);return false">Send to a Friend</a>
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1869			</p>
1871	</div>
1872 									<div id="review_9ZET-X9qdv2iJcIemPEy0g" class="review externalReview clearfix nonfavoriteReview  ">
1873			<div class="reviewer">
1874				<div class="mini">	
1875	<div class="photoBoxSm">
1876			<div class="clearStyles photoBox" >
1877			<a  href="/user_details?userid=TAzGPFt9x99JCYWtDmZDWg"><img src="" style="height:40px;width:40px;" alt="Photo of Derrick C." /></a>
1878	</div>
1880	<p class="miniOrange is_elite ieSucks">
1881		&nbsp;
1882	</p>
1883	<p class="miniOrange friend_count ieSucks">2</p>
1884	<p class="miniOrange review_count ieSucks">24</p>
1886	</div>
1889				<p class="reviewer_info"><a href="/user_details?userid=TAzGPFt9x99JCYWtDmZDWg">Derrick C.</a></p>
1890				<p class="reviewer_info">Burlingame, CA</p>
1891			</div>
1892			<div class="ext_rating ieSucks">
1893				<div class="rating stars_5">5 star rating</div>
1894				<em class="smaller">11/01/2008</em>
1895			</div>
1897			<p class="review_comment ieSucks">4 stars for the carne asada crispy taco but I&#39;d give the pescado one 6 if I could. &nbsp;Heaped w/ guacamole, fresh lettuce, and a delicious piece of fried fish equals the hands down best fish taco I&#39;ve ever had.<br /><br /> &nbsp;I didn&#39;t even care for fish tacos until I had this. &nbsp;The lime agua fresca was also good as was the chips/salsa. &nbsp;The decor is;s a sleazy looking old-fashioned nightclub atmosphere...plush sofas, lots of red felt, mirrors. &nbsp;Next time I&#39;m in the area, I&#39;m going back.</p> 			
1900			<p class="externalReviewActions">
1901				<a  href="/signup" class="bookmark" rel="9ZET-X9qdv2iJcIemPEy0g" title="Something catch your eye?<br> Bookmark this business to build your own list of fun ideas to check out later!" onclick="initBookSignUp(this,'ziVej4oW2JpUConTE_Y_mg','Nick\'s Crispy Tacos');return false">Bookmark</a>&nbsp;&nbsp;
1902				<a  href="/biz_share?bizid=ziVej4oW2JpUConTE_Y_mg&amp;reviewid=9ZET-X9qdv2iJcIemPEy0g&amp;return_url=/biz/nicks-crispy-tacos-san-francisco" class="sendToFriend" onclick=", 'ziVej4oW2JpUConTE_Y_mg', '9ZET-X9qdv2iJcIemPEy0g', null);return false">Send to a Friend</a>
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1904			</p>
1906	</div>
1908			</div>
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1931				<a href="/writeareview/biz/ziVej4oW2JpUConTE_Y_mg"><img src="" width="145" height="25" alt="Write a review" /></a>
1932			</div>
1933	</div>
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1938						<div id="bizNearby">
1939			<div id="mapdiv">
1940				<a  href="/map/nicks-crispy-tacos-san-francisco"><img id="static_map" src=",-122.42199707&amp;zoom=15&amp;size=238x245&amp;key=ABQIAAAA-4PdDZI3yUT7Q6QmlfyYQBR-H9_hULZDKDkXlc3vkn3yqIJUbRQJYjw-XzY7Nb8a-Xj4njoI-o-BLg&amp;client=gme-yelp" alt="Map of Business" />
1941				<img src="" width="20" height="29" id="biz_marker" alt="Business Location"></a>
1942				<img src="" id="zoom_in" alt="zoom in" /><img src="" id="zoom_out" alt="zoom out" />
1943			</div>
1945				<div id="mapLink">
1946						<a  href="/map/nicks-crispy-tacos-san-francisco">View Larger Map/Directions &raquo;</a>
1947				</div>
1949			<div id="nearby_biz_nav" class="clearfix">
1950					<h3>Browse Nearby:</h3>
1951					<ul class="stripped">
1952							<li><a href="/search?find_loc=1500+Broadway%2C+San+Francisco%2C+CA+94109&amp;cflt=restaurants" >Restaurants</a> | </li>
1953							<li><a href="/search?find_loc=1500+Broadway%2C+San+Francisco%2C+CA+94109&amp;cflt=nightlife" >Nightlife</a> | </li>
1954							<li><a href="/search?find_loc=1500+Broadway%2C+San+Francisco%2C+CA+94109&amp;cflt=shopping" >Shopping</a> | </li>
1955							<li><a href="/search?find_loc=1500+Broadway%2C+San+Francisco%2C+CA+94109&amp;cflt=coffee" >Coffee</a> | </li>
1956						<li><a href="/search?find_loc=1500+Broadway%2C+San+Francisco%2C+CA+94109" >All</a></li>
1957					</ul>
1958			</div>
1959		</div>
1962							<div id="bizSimilarBox" class="simple_list">
1963			<h3>People Who Viewed This Also Viewed...</h3>
1964			<ul>
1965						<li class="clearfix">
1968<div class="clearStyles bizPhotoBox">
1969		<a  href="/biz/panchos-salsa-bar-and-grill-san-francisco"><img src="" style="height:40px;width:40px;" alt="Photo of Pancho&#39;s Salsa Bar &amp; Grill"></a>
1972		<div class="biz_info">
1973			<a href="/biz/panchos-salsa-bar-and-grill-san-francisco"id="bizreclink1">Pancho&#39;s Salsa Bar &amp;&#8230;</a><br>
1974			<div class="biz_rating"> 
1975				<div class="rating stars_small_3_half">3.5 star rating</div>
1976				<em class="smaller">&nbsp;107 reviews</em>
1977			</div>
1978				Neighborhood: Nob Hill<br />
1979					Category: Mexican
1980		</div>
1981	</li>
1983						<li class="clearfix">
1986<div class="clearStyles bizPhotoBox">
1987		<a  href="/biz/olivos-san-francisco"><img src="" style="height:40px;width:40px;" alt="Photo of Olivo&#39;s"></a>
1990		<div class="biz_info">
1991			<a href="/biz/olivos-san-francisco"id="bizreclink2">Olivo&#39;s</a><br>
1992			<div class="biz_rating"> 
1993				<div class="rating stars_small_4">4 star rating</div>
1994				<em class="smaller">&nbsp;61 reviews</em>
1995			</div>
1996				Neighborhood: Nob Hill<br />
1997					Category: Latin American
1998		</div>
1999	</li>
2001						<li class="clearfix">
2004<div class="clearStyles bizPhotoBox">
2005		<a  href="/biz/underdogs-sports-bar-and-grill-san-francisco"><img src="" style="height:40px;width:40px;" alt="Photo of Underdog&#39;s Sports Bar &amp; Grill"></a>
2008		<div class="biz_info">
2009			<a href="/biz/underdogs-sports-bar-and-grill-san-francisco"id="bizreclink3">Underdog&#39;s Sports Bar &amp;&#8230;</a><br>
2010			<div class="biz_rating"> 
2011				<div class="rating stars_small_4">4 star rating</div>
2012				<em class="smaller">&nbsp;111 reviews</em>
2013			</div>
2014				Neighborhood: Outer Sunset<br />
2015					Category: Sports Bars
2016		</div>
2017	</li>
2019						<li class="clearfix">
2022<div class="clearStyles bizPhotoBox">
2023		<a  href="/biz/la-mexicana-taqueria-san-francisco"><img src="" style="height:40px;width:40px;" alt="Photo of La Mexicana Taqueria"></a>
2026		<div class="biz_info">
2027			<a href="/biz/la-mexicana-taqueria-san-francisco"id="bizreclink4">La Mexicana Taqueria</a><br>
2028			<div class="biz_rating"> 
2029				<div class="rating stars_small_3_half">3.5 star rating</div>
2030				<em class="smaller">&nbsp;37 reviews</em>
2031			</div>
2032				Neighborhood: Nob Hill<br />
2033					Category: Mexican
2034		</div>
2035	</li>
2037						<li class="clearfix">
2040<div class="clearStyles bizPhotoBox">
2041		<a  href="/biz/tortilla-heights-san-francisco"><img src="" style="height:40px;width:40px;" alt="Photo of Tortilla Heights"></a>
2044		<div class="biz_info">
2045			<a href="/biz/tortilla-heights-san-francisco"id="bizreclink5">Tortilla Heights</a><br>
2046			<div class="biz_rating"> 
2047				<div class="rating stars_small_3">3 star rating</div>
2048				<em class="smaller">&nbsp;254 reviews</em>
2049			</div>
2050				Neighborhood: Pacific Heights<br />
2051					Category: Nightlife
2052		</div>
2053	</li>
2055			</ul>
2056		</div>
2058						<div id="relatedLists" class="simple_list">
2059			<h3 class="clearfix">
2060					<a href="/list_search?q=Mexican&amp;sort=relevance&amp;location=San+Francisco%2C+CA" id="more_lists_button"><img src="" alt="More" /></a>
2061				Related Lists
2062			</h3>
2063			<ul>
2064				<li class="clearfix">
2065						<div class="clearStyles photoBox" >
2066			<a  href="/user_details?userid=e_Nl3VfvnZhewUpHgAF6mQ"><img src="" style="height:40px;width:40px;" alt="Photo of lindsay w." /></a>
2067	</div>
2069					<div class="user_info">
2070						<a href="/list/my-favorite-places-within-walking-distance-san-francisco">My Favorite Places Within&#8230;</a>
2071						<br />Here are the fabulous places that I don&#39;t need a&#8230;
2072					</div>
2073				</li>
2074				<li class="clearfix">
2075						<div class="clearStyles photoBox" >
2076			<a  href="/user_details?userid=-ZvOYHZSWQBi_K8dJghoyA"><img src="" style="height:40px;width:40px;" alt="Photo of jaja w." /></a>
2077	</div>
2079					<div class="user_info">
2080						<a href="/list/P3o3qe3Ho82HY5Pa1wkbyA">Top Restaurants</a>
2081						<br />Some of my favorite dining destinations in the&#8230;
2082					</div>
2083				</li>
2084				<li class="clearfix">
2085						<div class="clearStyles photoBox" >
2086			<a  href="/user_details?userid=XnbGrJNw0wglmqXekW138Q"><img src="" style="height:40px;width:40px;" alt="Photo of Carolyn B." /></a>
2087	</div>
2089					<div class="user_info">
2090						<a href="/list/my-new-hood-san-francisco-2">My New Hood!</a>
2091						<br />A few of the places I have tried since i moved to&#8230;
2092					</div>
2093				</li>
2094				<li class="clearfix">
2095						<div class="clearStyles photoBox" >
2096			<a  href="/user_details?userid=QMVuoUgZfVQYwWMFBcbPMw"><img src="" style="height:40px;width:40px;" alt="Photo of kiko v." /></a>
2097	</div>
2099					<div class="user_info">
2100						<a href="/list/kikos-top-ten-places-to-eat-san-francisco">Kiko&#39;s Top Ten Places to&#8230;</a>
2101						<br />Some of my favorite dining destinations in the&#8230;
2102					</div>
2103				</li>
2104				<li class="clearfix">
2105						<div class="clearStyles photoBox" >
2106			<a  href="/user_details?userid=s1DSkbdFEuO3ODbMWQqSvw"><img src="" style="height:40px;width:40px;" alt="Photo of Monika M." /></a>
2107	</div>
2109					<div class="user_info">
2110						<a href="/list/7BeV0ZLAHGeK9KlePdj8lQ">My Neighborhood</a>
2111						<br />My local dry cleaner, watering hole, deli, cafe,&#8230;
2112					</div>
2113				</li>
2114				<li class="clearfix">
2115						<div class="clearStyles photoBox" >
2116			<a  href="/user_details?userid=aEKUC4oQg2CokbwyW_CXSg"><img src="" style="height:40px;width:40px;" alt="Photo of Sarah R." /></a>
2117	</div>
2119					<div class="user_info">
2120						<a href="/list/cheap-and-easy-weeknight-dinner-san-francisco">Cheap and Easy Weeknight&#8230;</a>
2121						<br />Don&#39;t feel like cooking? Here&#39;s who I call for&#8230;
2122					</div>
2123				</li>
2124				<li class="clearfix">
2125						<div class="clearStyles photoBox" >
2126			<a  href="/user_details?userid=5vd9a7Xx_LlFfVogN1UsJg"><img src="" style="height:40px;width:40px;" alt="Photo of Lauren C." /></a>
2127	</div>
2129					<div class="user_info">
2130						<a href="/list/polk-me-san-francisco">Polk Me!</a>
2131						<br />Here&#39;s the haps on (and just off) Polk Street,&#8230;
2132					</div>
2133				</li>
2134				<li class="clearfix">
2135						<div class="clearStyles photoBox" >
2136			<a  href="/user_details?userid=YI79OBE_GEhguwk3qgslxQ"><img src="" style="height:40px;width:40px;" alt="Photo of Jessie L." /></a>
2137	</div>
2139					<div class="user_info">
2140						<a href="/list/strong-recommendations-san-leandro">Strong Recommendations</a>
2141						<br />Like Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens, these&#8230;
2142					</div>
2143				</li>
2144			</ul>
2145		</div>
2149			</div>
2150		</div>
2151			<div id="yahoo_link">
2152				Reviews of <a href="">San Francisco Mexican Restaurants</a> on Yahoo!
2153			</div>
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2158			<DataObject type="item">
2159				<Attribute name="name">Nick&#39;s Crispy Tacos</Attribute>
2160					<Attribute name="price">$0-$10.00</Attribute>
2161		      	<Attribute name="category">Mexican</Attribute>
2162			</DataObject>
2163			<DataObject type="review">
2164				<Attribute name="summary">Last reviewed Nov 19, 2008. 749 Reviews. &amp;quot;The taco that I had gets 5 stars, but the set up of the restaurant brings my rating down one star.  Be prepared to wait for parking (if you&amp;#39;re driving) and in a longer line once you&amp;#39;re inside,&#8230;</Attribute>
2165				<Attribute name="ratingstars">4.0/5.0</Attribute>
2166				<Attribute name="reviewdate">10/30/2008</Attribute>
2167				<Attribute name="ratingcount">749</Attribute>
2168				<Attribute name="reviewer">kylie H.</Attribute>
2169			</DataObject>
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