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   3;; twb
   4"I blame Kraftwerk."
   5"I blame Manitoba."
   6"I blame Sao Tome."
   7"I blame algebra."
   8"I blame astronomers"
   9"I blame bovines"
  10"I blame crop circles."
  11"I blame democracy."
  12"I blame fedora."
  13"I blame hammond organs"
  14"I blame herons."
  15"I blame humanity"
  16"I blame humanity."
  17"I blame hyacinths."
  18"I blame inner monologues"
  19"I blame llamas"
  20"I blame marmosets."
  21"I blame marshmallows."
  22"I blame marsupials."
  23"I blame marzipan"
  24"I blame nectarines"
  25"I blame oil companies"
  26"I blame opera."
  27"I blame pedestrians"
  28"I blame pixies"
  29"I blame pok-é-mon, rather."
  30"I blame presbyterians"
  31"I blame radio"
  32"I blame the cetaceans"
  33"I blame the cheesewrights and vintners"
  34"I blame the church."
  35"I blame the government"
  36"I blame the government."
  37"I blame the lawyers."
  38"I blame the mafia."
  39"I blame the mammals."
  40"I blame the media."
  41"I blame the parrots"
  42"I blame the pope"
  43"I blame the scandians."
  44"I blame the walruses"
  45"I blame the war."
  46"I blame veracity."
  47"I blame video games."
  48"I just worked out the strange marks on my trousers are caused by resting the ends of carrots upon them while I'm thinking"
  50;; brx
  51"I feel great inside.  Like the cavity of my body is filled with an avocado and mayonnaise whip"
  53;; jordanb
  54",lice is also I'll believe it when I see it."
  55"Any yuppie who'd pay that much for an mp3 needs taken out back and shot."
  56"Anyone who designes a program that uses the character \"~\" as something other than a reference to the user's home directory needs taken out back."
  57"Anyone who puts macros in a program that are run when an ordinary file is opened need taken out back."
  58"Anyone who's going to replace their desktop with a laptop needs taken out back."
  59"Cisco needs taken out back for their advertisment."
  60"Everyone at MIT needs taken out back."
  61"Gnome needs taken out back and shot."
  62"Heh, I'm sitting hear reading this article about why people with their own styles need taken out back."
  63"I *don't* think apple should be taken out back and shot, for instance, because that makes no sense."
  64"I like the MS-windows default behavior (ctrl-c for copy, ctrl-v for paste, etc) even when I'm running vimon a unix terminal."
  65"I love it how Apple voted Yes without comments for OOXML."
  66"I love it how C has this wretched trail of variously broken library functions all over the place."
  67"I love it how Firefox 2."
  68"I love it how Larry McVoy just got more and more insane as time went on."
  69"I love it how Slashdot completly fails to understand what the GPL requires."
  70"I love it how amature every foreign language wikipedia is compared to the english on."
  71"I love it how arc does rendering in table-based html."
  72"I love it how compilcated and contrived plots are in movies."
  73"I love it how easy it is to spot the buzzwords in asian text."
  74"I love it how every foreigner thinks they're an expert on America."
  75"I love it how every possible facet of sci fi fandom has a fantastically huge page on wikipedia devoted to it."
  76"I love it how gnucash uses floats."
  77"I love it how he has his own dialect of english that he insists is correct."
  78"I love it how if firefox has a stale lock it recommends that you reboot your computer to clear it."
  79"I love it how if you mount a filesystem with KDE it's not really mounted."
  80"I love it how it runs apt-get update again if you don't use yum for a half an hour."
  81"I love it how microsoft and apple held out on multiple workspaces until they could transition between them using ghey animations."
  82"I love it how msdn is 'mind' in the url."
  83"I love it how mysql has like three lines of boiler plate to complain about a syntax error."
  84"I love it how on star trek the woman always falls in love with the bad guy and risks the enterprise as a result."
  85"I love it how osx uses a different file structure than every othe runix in the universe."
  86"I love it how that image viewer makes my browser do entirely the wrong thing when I hit \"back."
  87"I love it how that page doesn't exist."
  88"I love it how the BSD folks are such champions of the right of proprietory software vendors to take free software and never give back."
  89"I love it how the Department of Homeland Defence voted \"Yes\" without comments, and the US Department of Defense voted \"No."
  90"I love it how the NASA TV feed simulates paint drying."
  91"I love it how the ubuntu wankers all install automatix."
  92"I love it how the website has a picture of a monitor showing a screenshot of the website with the picture of the building in it."
  93"I love it how there's a banner ad on the bottom of that page with a picture of a girl with a banana in her vagina."
  94"I love it how they \"expire\" old hardware out of their drivers."
  95"I love it how they keep the poorly-translated slogan in english on the french language version of the site."
  96"I love it how whenever anyone links to video now they do so with a flash object and don't bother providing a direct link."
  97"I love it how you can choose between styles that are all exactly the same."
  98"I love it how you have to wait five minutes for the colors to scroll onto the screen."
  99"I think anyone who uses an editor that emails you every day needs taken out back and shot."
 104"I'LL META YOU!"
 108"I'LL SVN YOU."
 111"I'll <transitive verb> you in a minute."
 112"I'll ?"
 113"I'll CRLF you in a minute."
 114"I'll RET you."
 115"I'll URL-encode you."
 116"I'll add your hook."
 117"I'll annotate you."
 118"I'll arbitrate your elisp."
 119"I'll asign a value to you in a minute."
 120"I'll assign root access to you."
 121"I'll attempt to remove your nonexistent passive grab!"
 122"I'll bang you."
 123"I'll be laughing at your head tumor."
 124"I'll be management and you be labor."
 125"I'll bootstrap your hour."
 126"I'll break you."
 127"I'll buffer you."
 128"I'll buffer your history."
 129"I'll buffer your lamp."
 130"I'll bug you."
 131"I'll burn your ce."
 132"I'll call YOU back during buisness hours."
 133"I'll callback your function."
 134"I'll clean your oslution of epotash."
 135"I'll come down and have a drink with you there."
 136"I'll conduct you."
 137"I'll control your revision."
 138"I'll count your ferences."
 139"I'll credit you."
 140"I'll customize you."
 141"I'll define your lambda."
 142"I'll depend on you."
 143"I'll develop your java."
 144"I'll die you."
 145"I'll divide your days into hours."
 146"I'll download you."
 147"I'll dream you!"
 148"I'll dual your band."
 149"I'll electrocute you."
 150"I'll embed a font in you in a minute"
 151"I'll embed you."
 152"I'll embiggen your font."
 153"I'll encode you as 'quoted/printable' in a minute."
 154"I'll encode you."
 155"I'll encrypt you."
 156"I'll equate you."
 157"I'll escape you."
 158"I'll factor you."
 159"I'll fill out your captcha."
 160"I'll finger your gold."
 161"I'll frenchify you."
 162"I'll give you one time pads, when they're used properly, which isn't always."
 163"I'll give you trance and all that cause it was just a silly fad anyway."
 164"I'll grep you."
 165"I'll grow your ."
 166"I'll hide your fortress."
 167"I'll ignore your bell."
 168"I'll imprecision you."
 169"I'll include you."
 170"I'll indent you."
 171"I'll install your missing plugin."
 172"I'll install your sunscreen."
 173"I'll interact with your shell."
 174"I'll kick ban you."
 175"I'll kick you."
 176"I'll kill you."
 177"I'll kill your ring."
 178"I'll kill your whole line."
 179"I'll let you."
 180"I'll likn your d."
 181"I'll lobotomize you."
 182"I'll lock your font."
 183"I'll make YOU RoHS Compliant in a minute!"
 184"I'll make you a pointer."
 185"I'll make you functional!"
 186"I'll make you irrelevent."
 187"I'll mark you down."
 188"I'll mcrypt you."
 189"I'll mean you."
 190"I'll mega your pixel."
 191"I'll mix your metaphor."
 192"I'll mouse you."
 193"I'll o your type."
 194"I'll open your network stream."
 195"I'll oy you."
 196"I'll paypal you."
 197"I'll perplex you."
 198"I'll post your http."
 199"I'll prefer your codec."
 200"I'll pump you."
 201"I'll qualify you."
 202"I'll read you."
 203"I'll require you."
 204"I'll reserve you for future use."
 205"I'll run netbsd on your vax."
 206"I'll send you a notice in a minute."
 207"I'll seperate your ???."
 208"I'll set your tty"
 209"I'll spam you."
 210"I'll stick your caps lock."
 211"I'll subvert you."
 212"I'll sugar your syntax."
 213"I'll tab your loids."
 214"I'll tag your type."
 215"I'll take you out of context."
 216"I'll test YOUR beta in a minute!"
 217"I'll thread you."
 218"I'll time you."
 219"I'll tote your bag in a minute."
 220"I'll transform you."
 221"I'll truncate you."
 222"I'll truncate your buffer."
 223"I'll underscore your double quotes."
 224"I'll uni your code."
 225"I'll wire wrap you."
 226"I'll wrong you."
 227"ISO/IEEE/ANSi need taken out back and shot."
 235"LETS RAIN!"
 239"LEt's have some assorted drugs."
 240"Let's 7yhiao;lfdokjqwaert;kjz;soiafheq;krejlasjpdfdfew."
 241"Let's TP offby1's house."
 242"Let's \\h\\h\\h\\h\\hQUIT"
 243"Let's accelerate our life."
 244"Let's add-hook."
 245"Let's all buy Macs."
 246"Let's all make openoffice viruses."
 247"Let's all put gliders on our websites."
 248"Let's all use a 1970s editor and call it god's gift to programmers."
 249"Let's all warm the globe."
 250"Let's all write mouser hate mail for not stocking the electronics that I need."
 251"Let's animate our cusor."
 252"Let's argue over if site $foo is a blog, a homepage, or a web diary."
 253"Let's attack Russia."
 254"Let's backspace."
 255"Let's be OS/2 fanboys."
 256"Let's be a '90s guy."
 257"Let's be a pop sensation."
 258"Let's be a sparse file."
 259"Let's be an angry drunk."
 260"Let's be automata."
 261"Let's be five years behind and found a 'zine."
 262"Let's be haughty."
 263"Let's be libertarian nutjobs."
 264"Let's be nerds."
 265"Let's be no Jack Kennedy."
 266"Let's be nonsensical."
 267"Let's be pirates by making bitkeeper work with non-bitkeeper software."
 268"Let's be simplistic in our searches so that stuff gets cut at a newline."
 269"Let's be ten years behind."
 270"Let's be the NYPD."
 271"Let's be tickless."
 272"Let's be uninsured."
 273"Let's be xenophobes."
 274"Let's beat a dead horse."
 275"Let's become arc programmers."
 276"Let's become fishers of men."
 277"Let's blame jordanb."
 278"Let's blog about #emacs."
 279"Let's boot into runlevel 4."
 280"Let's break an arrow."
 281"Let's break down why this article is stupid."
 282"Let's bring suit in the western district of Texas."
 283"Let's bubble sort ourselves."
 284"Let's buffer our output."
 285"Let's build a space vehicle that runs on solid rocket fuel."
 286"Let's build an airplane to replace the B-52."
 287"Let's busy-wait."
 288"Let's buy Microsoft."
 289"Let's buy \"FogBugz\"."
 290"Let's buy a subscription from dotmac."
 291"Let's buy a tablet from macreltosh."
 292"Let's buy an e-book."
 293"Let's buy drugs from internet spam to enlarge our penii."
 294"Let's buy leased lines."
 295"Let's buy salt in a salt grinder."
 296"Let's buy some overpriced tee shirts from thinkgeek."
 297"Let's buy some shares of JAVA."
 298"Let's byte-compile."
 299"Let's clear our private data."
 300"Let's come around at twelve with some Puerto Rican girls who are just dying to meet you." ;not jordanb at all, actually; Mick Jagger
 301"Let's come up with a bunch of stupid, redundant X- headers to pollute our RFC2822 messages with."
 302"Let's come up with something we can sell for $300 an ounce."
 303"Let's compile just in time."
 304"Let's compress our dynamic range."
 305"Let's control both the horizontal and the vertical."
 306"Let's control our vertical AND our horizontal."
 307"Let's creat a vast network of computers so people all across the world can communicate."
 308"Let's create a public log of this channel."
 309"Let's create an electronic television."
 310"Let's create brand awareness."
 311"Let's create newcompoundwords onthefly."
 312"Let's credit the regents of the university of california."
 313"Let's defeat Truman."
 314"Let's define 'programmer' as 'one who programmed a computer'."
 315"Let's design a password system that can be guessed one letter at a time."
 316"Let's develop apps for the iPhone in elisp."
 317"Let's die from exhaustive game playing in a korean internet cafe?"
 318"Let's dine together and not communicate."
 319"Let's discuss how x86 sucks."
 320"Let's discuss the suckitude of Ubuntu and/or Apple OSX."
 321"Let's disobey the laws of thermodynamics."
 322"Let's distribute our memo."
 323"Let's divide Poland amongst ourselves."
 324"Let's do a panty raid on #vim."
 325"Let's do first-fit line wrapping."
 326"Let's do one thing and do it half-assed."
 327"Let's do opinionated programming."
 328"Let's do that."
 329"Let's drink like Phil Katz."
 330"Let's drop the bomb."
 331"Let's dynamically link our package manager."
 332"Let's enrich our uranium."
 333"Let's evaluate a to 2."
 334"Let's exercise our stock options."
 335"Let's fail to return a value."
 336"Let's fake loss of vitality."
 337"Let's fall into a ring of fire."
 338"Let's fight a land war in asia."
 339"Let's fight city hall."
 340"Let's fold, spindle, and mutilate."
 341"Let's found a meme where we spell experience as \"xperience."
 342"Let's fuse hydrogen in our cores."
 343"Let's gamble."
 344"Let's get Angelina Jolie to call us \"elite\"."
 345"Let's get a hybrid SUV."
 346"Let's get delisted."
 347"Let's get listed on NASDAQ."
 348"Let's get obesssed with a computer company."
 349"Let's get out of the computer industry and work in something stable, like banking."
 350"Let's get some POS software."
 351"Let's go back to Windows XP."
 352"Let's go for a ride on the love canal."
 353"Let's go from one boondoggle to the next, all of which jeopardize our ability to do science."
 354"Let's go have a cookout on the beach and watch Wall Street sink."
 355"Let's go kill the white whale."
 356"Let's go off on a tangent."
 357"Let's go out with guns blazing."
 358"Let's go phishing."
 359"Let's go phreaking."
 360"Let's go pirating."
 361"Let's go to China."
 362"Let's go to DeVry and get an exciting tech career started."
 363"Let's go to hell."
 364"Let's go to the center of the earth by turning a rocket upside down."
 365"Let's go to town."
 366"Let's godify."
 367"Let's hang up and try again."
 368"Let's hate america."
 369"Let's hate freedom."
 370"Let's have Celene Dion do a cover of A Boy Named Sue."
 371"Let's have a 24 hour news cycle."
 372"Let's have a blog."
 373"Let's have a bridge collapse."
 374"Let's have a civil war."
 375"Let's have a high infant mortality rate."
 376"Let's have a keysigning orgy."
 377"Let's have a leap second."
 378"Let's have a love triangle."
 379"Let's have a mst3k session on the state of the union tonight."
 380"Let's have a multimedia blog with like 1000 articles on the front page."
 381"Let's have a nerd-gasm."
 382"Let's have a nutsplit."
 383"Let's have a penny stock spam."
 384"Let's have a race (condition)."
 385"Let's have a race."
 386"Let's have a red scare."
 387"Let's have a science fiction universe in which every planet has its own climate."
 388"Let's have a secret lair behind a waterfall."
 389"Let's have a six month release cycle."
 390"Let's have a subtle bias."
 391"Let's have a surge."
 392"Let's have a war in space."
 393"Let's have an AI winter."
 394"Let's have an Opium war."
 395"Let's have an alternate seat of government."
 396"Let's have an international incident."
 397"Let's have an internet romance."
 398"Let's have an obsession with asian stuff."
 399"Let's have an oil war."
 400"Let's have sects."
 401"Let's have unleaded gasoline."
 402"Let's heat HFCS"
 403"Let's hook up our IRC client to teletype terminals so we can kill the earth while we waste our lives."
 404"Let's implode spectacularly."
 405"Let's imply a warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose."
 406"Let's include \"DIggit\" and \"Redit\" icons on our IRC statements."
 407"Let's incorporate in Deleware."
 408"Let's indemnify ourselves."
 409"Let's install everything we need to compile."
 410"Let's introduce a new disease to control a species we introduced."
 411"Let's invent a buzzword."
 412"Let's javascript(void);"
 413"Let's join some random irc channel and try to troll them."
 414"Let's join the ACM."
 415"Let's join the EU."
 416"Let's join the army."
 417"Let's just all agree that Apple sucks."
 418"Let's just let us all have artistic license with our sarcastic statments, how about?"
 419"Let's keep the nuclear option on the table."
 420"Let's kill a mockingbird."
 421"Let's kill all the people who like tabs."
 422"Let's kill our liver."
 423"Let's learn eunichs."
 424"Let's left recurse."
 425"Let's let hubble fall out of the sky, much better to keep working on that stupid ISS."
 426"Let's let the Hapsburgs back into power."
 427"Let's lexically scope."
 428"Let's live in a basement down the stairs on montague street."
 429"Let's login."
 430"Let's lose 12 billion dollars per year."
 431"Let's lose a war."
 432"Let's lose data."
 433"Let's make a Jump to Conclusions mat."
 434"Let's make a \"Jurassic Park\" That has an IRIX-based computer system that can't be soft-booted."
 435"Let's make a band and have a website that isn't 1) myspace or 2) made entirely in flash."
 436"Let's make a bank deathpool."
 437"Let's make a botnet of ubuntu machines."
 438"Let's make a candy named CowChips(tm)."
 439"Let's make a cat and a dog mate."
 440"Let's make a device with a LED that blinks to let you know it's on."
 441"Let's make a document where you have to go to a new page to get every paragraph."
 442"Let's make a frame on a display."
 443"Let's make a free software project so we can sell out to apple."
 444"Let's make a law that pi is 3 and an eighth."
 445"Let's make a literate lisp."
 446"Let's make a movie following the exploits of a veteran cop two weeks from retirement and his rookie partner."
 447"Let's make a multi-tab web browser with scripting that runs in a single thread."
 448"Let's make a phone system with in-band dialing."
 449"Let's make a political thriller."
 450"Let's make a sony rootkit."
 451"Let's make a stop-motion animated version of #emacs."
 452"Let's make a tinyurl with a 16 bit hash."
 453"Let's make an emacs machine that implements elisp."
 454"Let's make an expert system."
 455"Let's make an irc client with offensive quit messages."
 456"Let's make anime that doesn't involve a tibeten monastary."
 457"Let's make another content management system."
 458"Let's make every sentence its own paragraph."
 459"Let's make fun of arc."
 460"Let's make laptops with non-removable batteries."
 461"Let's make our own terminal emulator, irc client, or wiki engine."
 462"Let's make ourselves quoted printable."
 463"Let's make password hashes without salting them."
 464"Let's make something people want."
 465"Let's make the battery explode."
 466"Let's move this channel to oftc."
 467"Let's move this channel to second life."
 468"Let's move to Austria."
 469"Let's need 2GB of ram to run our file system."
 470"Let's not be regular."
 471"Let's not even pretend to not be evil."
 472"Let's optimize prematurely."
 473"Let's patent buying something without first going through a bidding process."
 474"Let's patent troll."
 475"Let's pgp sign all of our irc messages."
 476"Let's pirate a penis in second life."
 477"Let's plan our apple bankrupcy party."
 478"Let's plant a dirty bomb."
 479"Let's play grab-ass."
 480"Let's play the blame game."
 481"Let's play to the galley."
 482"Let's pollute the french language."
 483"Let's program for Mono."
 484"Let's protect our objects."
 485"Let's purchase software for our Makintoshes."
 486"Let's put \"creative commons\" tags on all of our posts to IRC."
 487"Let's put a capital letter and a period on every IRC line, even when they're sentence fragments."
 488"Let's put a giant, burning, lower-case t in their yard."
 489"Let's put antibiotic in our milk."
 490"Let's put everything in a database."
 491"Let's put on an off-broadway play."
 492"Let's put the GUI in the kernel."
 493"Let's pwoer up our computer and leave it running forever to keep the tubs from burning out."
 494"Let's quit our job."
 495"Let's rattle our sabers."
 496"Let's read BUFSIZ bytes from johnsu01."
 497"Let's rebuild our system in Java."
 498"Let's recommend stupid stuff to unicode and see what sticks/"
 499"Let's recurse."
 500"Let's repeat old news items and pretend they're ironic."
 501"Let's reprogram emacs in scheme."
 502"Let's restate our earnings."
 503"Let's return void from main."
 504"Let's revoke the GPL"
 505"Let's rewrite emacs in cobol"
 506"Let's riot because our sports team won/lost."
 507"Let's roast the fanbois over an open fire, with an apple in their mouth"
 508"Let's rsync eachother."
 509"Let's run Emacfs 23."
 510"Let's run a Level 3 Diagnoistic."
 511"Let's say 'ppl' like morons."
 512"Let's secretly bomb cambodia while we're at it."
 513"Let's secure it to the desert surface."
 514"Let's see him resign his chair to run for office."
 515"Let's sell Emacs to Apple."
 516"Let's send text messages while we drive this train."
 517"Let's set up our computers to install whatever software a corporation wants to install, automatically, without telling us."
 518"Let's shape."
 519"Let's shoot an albatross."
 520"Let's shoot down a Korean airliner."
 521"Let's sign our email."
 522"Let's spend an evil night together."
 523"Let's spin wait."
 524"Let's start a Web 19100."
 525"Let's start a revolution based on free love."
 526"Let's start a web 2."
 527"Let's start an internet 2."
 528"Let's start making a list."
 529"Let's start wearing diapers so that we can IRC for longer periods of time."
 530"Let's steal the debian elections."
 531"Let's sue the Regents of the University of Californa for incorporating our intellectual property into their operating system."
 532"Let's sue youtube."
 533"Let's suppose that we do, in fact, have some data that manages to be so universal that it works across major software packages."
 534"Let's swagger."
 535"Let's swap without a temporary."
 536"Let's switch to bitkeeper."
 537"Let's sync."
 538"Let's synergize our action items."
 539"Let's take something that was offloaded from the CPU so long ago that the chip on the mobo that does it now costs like twenty cents."
 540"Let's take the worst fucking part of a computer and make that the interface to everything."
 541"Let's talk about Dan Bernstein some more."
 542"Let's talk about fortran."
 543"Let's talk about how firefox sucks."
 544"Let's talk about how much we hate mozilla."
 545"Let's talka bout how much rms sucks."
 546"Let's think up horrible things to do to the OpenLDAP people."
 547"Let's trade catch phrases from it."
 548"Let's trickle down."
 549"Let's troll the kernel list."
 550"Let's try to kill castro."
 551"Let's try to out nerd eachother."
 552"Let's try to replace fortran."
 553"Let's turn e1f into a \"rent boy\"."
 554"Let's upscale."
 555"Let's use =66=75=63=6B as a euphanism for 'fuck'."
 556"Let's use Java."
 557"Let's use SunOS."
 558"Let's use Usenet."
 559"Let's use WIndows ME."
 560"Let's use Windows/386."
 561"Let's use bitkeeper."
 562"Let's use strncpy."
 563"Let's vacation in Darfur."
 564"Let's vote for OOXML."
 565"Let's walk the line."
 566"Let's watch our points."
 567"Let's win hearts and minds."
 568"Let's work to get you money."
 569"Let's write a bad check."
 570"Let's write a book about a language that has a chapter on installing said language."
 571"Let's write a language for formula translation."
 572"Let's write a parser for emacs font locking."
 573"Let's write an OOXML document."
 574"Let's write bad check."
 575"Let's write in Prolog"
 576"Let's write our changes to disk."
 577"Let's write our own free software license."
 578"Let's write our own irc clients."
 579"Let's xult this."
 582"Let;s hav a spel cheqer fer IRC."
 583"Lets get 210 million dollars in severance pay."
 585"Libertarians need taken out back and shot."
 586"Linksys needs taken out back and shot."
 587"NetBSD: Where History Comes Alive"
 588"Paul Graham hasn't been taken out back and shot yet?"
 589"People who do lolcats need taken out back."
 590"People who invent their own formatting styles need taken out back."
 591"People who make calculators with rubbery keys need taken out back and shot."
 592"People who mix tabs and spaces need taken out back and shot."
 593"People who name their children 'aspen' and 'sierra' need taken out back and shot."
 594"People who offer podcasts as RSS files only (should/shouldn't) be taken out back and  shot."
 595"People who recommend anime need taken out back and shot."
 596"People who say \"how to\" to ask a question need taken out back."
 597"People who think Ubuntu LTS isn't crap need taken out back."
 598"People who use the word 'muse' as a verb need taken out back."
 599"People who want to AA bitmap fonts need taken out back."
 600"Perl needs taken out back and shot for making its own regexes."
 601"Personally I maintain that Kelly is a boy's name, and parents who name their girls that also need taken out back."
 602"Should making a linux that doesn't understand what kind of term 'rxvt' is be a taken out back, or some lesser punishment?"
 604"Taken out back first though."
 605"That quote should be taken out back and shot."
 606"The fuckhead who came up with these ajax popups that load when you accidently hover over the wrong word needs taken out back and shot."
 607"The guy who invented the touchpad needs taken out back and shot."
 608"The history of Chicago waste management is really impressive."
 609"The people who made firefox take so long to open  need taken out back and shot."
 610"The people who wrote ipv6 need taken out back and shot."
 611"The person who chose that font needs taken out back and shot."
 612"They all should be taken out back and shot for being so obsessed with flash."
 613"They need taken out back and shot for that."
 614"This year I had a traditional thanksgiving. I invited the neighbors over for dinner, then killed them and took their land!!"
 615"We should advertise a mixed drink with Copacabana."
 616"We should advertise using Under the Bridge Downtown."
 617"We should become APL bigots."
 618"We should call twb the faq nazi."
 619"We should change our language to have micro levels of politeness."
 620"We should conduct this channel in accordance with Robert's Rules."
 621"We should dance me to the end of love."
 622"We should design a 48 bit computer."
 623"We should do Steve Jobs first so we can watch as e1f wails pitifully."
 624"We should do linux and mac ads."
 625"We should form a coup to take over emacs development."
 626"We should form a humane society for software."
 627"We should get a tattoo of the arc logo."
 628"We should get our emacs coup tee shirts made by threadless."
 629"We should go back and tell him that if he waits to implement emacs until 2045 he can do it in Arc."
 630"We should have DST all the day long."
 631"We should have ESR come back and discuss that point."
 632"We should have a GNU Genuine Advantage system that disables your computer whenever a server at the FSF goes down."
 633"We should have an alert status."
 634"We should have an apple deathpool when jobs goes."
 635"We should have gameshow."
 636"We should have on-line law with slashdot posters instead of lawyers."
 637"We should hire twb to tell RMS off."
 638"We should make Iraq celebrate the fourth of july."
 639"We should make a homebrew called \"Beer\"."
 640"We should make a new revision control system that is *perfect."
 641"We should make an IPv5 that's not insanely stupid."
 642"We should make an emacs second life."
 643"We should make canada change its name to America Jr."
 644"We should make emacs work with METAFONT."
 645"We should make it so that you have to load c estensions through cl."
 646"We should monetize emacs."
 647"We should port WoW to the difference engine."
 648"We should pretend to be lesbians to get chicks."
 649"We should produce a trust graph for this channel."
 650"We should put it in football fields like idiots from the media."
 651"We should sell wrist watches with a radioactive dial so it lights up at night."
 652"We should spread a rumor that the ship had the first load of Apple iPhones and they all drifted to shore in their styrofoam packaging and are now just sitting on the beach."
 653"We should start a FreeMultics project."
 654"We should start making a PHP Emacs application and see if we can get Google to buy us."
 655"We should start securing Linux by death threat."
 656"We should use MS Comic Chat."
 657"We should."
 658"Whoever came up with regexes needs taken out back."
 659"Whoever invented \"firmware\" needs taken out back."
 660"Whoever made gtk2 needs taken out back and shot."
 661"let's use fidonet."
 662"let's write without margins."
 663"lets ch4t"
 664"offby1's spell chequer needds taken out back."
 665"offby1, In order to get things rolling, can you provide me a list of everyone who needs taken out back?"
 667;; actually, this one's from consolers
 668"you know you're an opensource geek when someone cuts you off on the freeway and you're like \"PATCHES WELCOME!!!!\""
 670;; Woody Allen, I think
 671"The lobster, unlike you or I, has his skeleton on the outside."
 673;; Jamie Zawinski?
 674"Linux is free if your time is worthless."
 676;; Random stuff that I felt like sticking in here
 677"If you can't rock me, fine -- somebody will."
 679;; attributed to Henny Youngman
 680"Follow your dreams, except for that one where you're naked at work."
 682;; Giles Bowkett
 683"How can we apply the lessons of ZZ Top in the workplace?"
 685;; grepped from the #emacs logs by thunk on 08.31.10
 686"Let's #define const volatile"
 687"Let's (setq false t). For clarity."
 688"Let's 7yhiao;lfdokjqwaert;kjz;soiafheq;krejlasjpdfdfew."
 690"Let's COPY that floppy!!!"
 691"Let's Compile and Run."
 692"Let's HTTP 301: REDIRECT"
 693"Let's PEEK, then POKE."
 694"Let's Shop Smart. Shop S-Mart."
 695"Let's TP offby1's house."
 696"Let's abolish case-insensitivity."
 697"Let's accelerate our life."
 698"Let's add OpenGL bindings to elisp"
 699"Let's add an s for the sizzle"
 700"Let's add files to /proc."
 701"Let's add rdesktop to the hall of shame."
 702"Let's all agree that the corollary of Godwin's law is to end the thread."
 703"Let's all be like Stephen Slater."
 704"Let's all make openoffice viruses."
 705"Let's all pretend we don't read xkcd whether it's funny or not :-)"
 706"Let's all use zulu time"
 707"Let's all warm the globe."
 708"Let's all warm the globe."
 709"Let's ask #freenode."
 710"Let's ask Walfalfa."
 711"Let's assemble an army of revolutionary programs."
 712"Let's bake bread."
 713"Let's be OS/2 fanboys."
 714"Let's be a '90s guy."
 715"Let's be a pop sensation."
 716"Let's be a sparse file."
 717"Let's be an angry drunk."
 718"Let's be automata."
 719"Let's be bad and nationwide."
 720"Let's be creative!"
 721"Let's be dinosaurs."
 722"Let's be droll."
 723"Let's be libertarian nutjobs."
 724"Let's be no Jack Kennedy."
 725"Let's be pirates by making bitkeeper work with non-bitkeeper software."
 726"Let's be posher than posh."
 727"Let's be simplistic in our searches so that stuff gets cut at a newline."
 728"Let's be simplistic in our searches so that stuff gets cut at a newline."
 729"Let's be snarkfound."
 730"Let's be ten years behind."
 731"Let's be tickless."
 732"Let's be uninsured."
 733"Let's become arc programmers."
 734"Let's become regionally-known computorists."
 735"Let's betray Czechoslovakia."
 736"Let's betray our fans for a championship ring."
 737"Let's blame Ubuntu"
 738"Let's blame the weather"
 739"Let's blog about #emacs."
 740"Let's blog our twitstream"
 741"Let's boot into runlevel 4."
 742"Let's bow down before the CORBA ORB"
 743"Let's break an arrow."
 744"Let's bring back Woz."
 745"Let's bring suit in the western district of Texas."
 746"Let's buffer our output."
 747"Let's build a big bonfire for all the packages."
 748"Let's build a keyboard with all glyphs that exist in unicode"
 749"Let's build a space vehicle that runs on solid rocket fuel."
 750"Let's build an antivirus for elpa."
 751"Let's bust out the emergency slide and have a beer."
 752"Let's buy Microsoft."
 753"Let's buy a red case for our slate device."
 754"Let's buy a tablet from macreltosh."
 755"Let's buy a transistorized radio."
 756"Let's buy epic mounts."
 757"Let's buy gold."
 758"Let's call it \"Windows 8: Look Upon My Works Ye Mighty and Despair\" edition."
 759"Let's call sbrk()."
 760"Let's call the CLASS every one inherits from the SUPER class!!!"
 761"Let's cement the well"
 762"Let's clone ourselves for sex."
 763"Let's color our graph"
 764"Let's comment on the futility of our lives."
 765"Let's compile all suggestions in this channel into a tidy list for"
 766"Let's configure emacs with punch cards."
 767"Let's conquer Iraq^WGaul."
 768"Let's construct run-on sentences."
 769"Let's control both the horizontal and the vertical."
 770"Let's control both the horizontal and the vertical."
 771"Let's create a social networking site revolving around ESR."
 772"Let's create a spoken language consisting entirely of homonyms"
 773"Let's create brand awareness."
 774"Let's crosscompile windows"
 775"Let's decant a phial."
 776"Let's delete * from \"hash_emacs\" where \"mac_user\" = true;"
 777"Let's deny global warming."
 778"Let's design a language in which postincrement can perform an arbitrarily large amount of wasted copying work."
 779"Let's develop apps for the iPhone in elisp."
 780"Let's develop apps for the iPhone in elisp."
 781"Let's die from exhaustive game playing in a korean internet cafe?"
 782"Let's dine together and not communicate."
 783"Let's disobey the laws of thermodynamics."
 784"Let's dissociate into individual, self-reliant cells"
 785"Let's distribute our memo."
 786"Let's divide Poland amongst ourselves."
 787"Let's do a panty raid on #vim."
 788"Let's do all our computing with dangerous bacteria"
 789"Let's do first-fit line wrapping."
 790"Let's do it out on Highway 61."
 791"Let's double our L2 cache."
 792"Let's draw a stick-figure comic about people spurned for not wearing the proper funny hat."
 793"Let's drink like Phil Katz."
 794"Let's drink responsibly."
 795"Let's drop the bomb."
 796"Let's eliminate all known genes."
 797"Let's embrace nihilism enthusiastically."
 798"Let's engage in futile ritualistic courtship!"
 799"Let's enrich our uranium."
 800"Let's enter a lucrative contract with a company that has yet to demonstrate technical competence."
 801"Let's evaluate a to 2."
 802"Let's evaluate our thunks."
 803"Let's exercise our stock options."
 804"Let's exhume the *real* Lenin."
 805"Let's explore the unicode character plane for personal enrichment."
 806"Let's express write grep compressions."
 807"Let's fail to return a value."
 808"Let's fake loss of vitality."
 809"Let's feel empty and disillusioned."
 810"Let's field at silly mid off."
 811"Let's fight city hall."
 812"Let's flame them."
 813"Let's flip a bit."
 814"Let's follow our own advice."
 815"Let's fondly remember Carl Jung without having actually met him."
 816"Let's fork."
 817"Let's found a meme where we spell experience as \"xperience."
 818"Let's get RMS in a tv commercial promoting linux."
 819"Let's get a high score in Mrs. Astro Chicken."
 820"Let's get in front of the trend."
 821"Let's get listed on NASDAQ."
 822"Let's get listed on NASDAQ."
 823"Let's get memorialized for throwing our lives away."
 824"Let's get obesssed with a computer company."
 825"Let's get obesssed with a computer company."
 826"Let's get to the chopper."
 827"Let's give that a spin :-)"
 828"Let's go electric."
 829"Let's go for a ride on the love canal."
 830"Let's go have a cookout on the beach and watch Wall Street sink."
 831"Let's go out with a bang."
 832"Let's go phishing."
 833"Let's go phreaking."
 834"Let's go to CHURCH!"
 835"Let's go to the center of the earth by turning a rocket upside down."
 836"Let's go with \"enough that giving a phone to all of them seems like a"
 837"Let's grind our teeth."
 838"Let's hang up and try again."
 839"Let's have Celene Dion do a cover of A Boy Named Sue."
 840"Let's have Emacs shaved into our hair"
 841"Let's have a 100-km traffic jam."
 842"Let's have a blog."
 843"Let's have a civil war."
 844"Let's have a cup of coffee."
 845"Let's have a nutsplit."
 846"Let's have a penny stock spam."
 847"Let's have a race to recompile Emacs."
 848"Let's have a race."
 849"Let's have a red scare."
 850"Let's have a science fiction universe in which every planet has its"
 851"Let's have a special case for when elt is the car of foo."
 852"Let's have a war where nobody shows up."
 853"Let's have an AI winter."
 854"Let's have an alternate seat of government."
 855"Let's have an obsession with asian stuff."
 856"Let's have brain-damaged APIs."
 857"Let's have sound and fury signify nothing."
 858"Let's heat HFCS"
 859"Let's hide clues to our national treasure in the wiki."
 860"Let's hire Dream Theater for a private show."
 861"Let's hire a consultant to improve our daily workflow."
 862"Let's hold a crumble sale for our baking infrastructure"
 863"Let's hook up our IRC client to teletype terminals so we can kill the earth while we waste our lives."
 864"Let's hope the viper expert settings were all that mattered :P"
 865"Let's implement DHCP over HTTP"
 866"Let's implement POSIX on top of the NT kernel."
 867"Let's implement a diff(1) mode that outputs plain-english editing instructions. \"Go to line 34, column 12 and delete the word \"print\". Then type \"printf\". Then go to line 65...\""
 868"Let's implement an elisp machine in Erlang and run it in the cloud, creating the ultimate cloud OS on the ultimate cloud machine."
 869"Let's implement an elisp machine in Erlang and run it in the cloud, creating the ultimate cloud OS on the ultimate cloud machine."
 870"Let's implement double-incf."
 871"Let's implement ercroulette"
 872"Let's implement keming."
 873"Let's implement redisplay as a wrapper over TeX."
 874"Let's implement rfc2324 support in emacs."
 875"Let's implement the Sword of Damocles"
 876"Let's implement vim in Clean."
 877"Let's implode spectacularly."
 878"Let's imply a warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose."
 879"Let's imply a warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose."
 880"Let's increase our column width to 132."
 881"Let's increase social spending."
 882"Let's increment our reference counts"
 883"Let's induce an eigenstate."
 884"Let's int 21h"
 885"Let's introduce a new disease to control a species we introduced."
 886"Let's invent a buzzword."
 887"Let's invent a system to tell people when things are invented."
 888"Let's invent the recycle bin."
 889"Let's issue a fatwa declaring vim unclean."
 890"Let's issue a fatwa declaring vim unclean."
 891"Let's javascript(void);"
 892"Let's join some random irc channel and try to troll them."
 893"Let's join the EU."
 894"Let's join the EU."
 895"Let's just call it C++2 and be done with it"
 896"Let's just let us all have artistic license with our sarcastic statments, how about?"
 897"Let's kick people out of the FSF's associate membership program when they butcher the spirit of the GPL?"
 898"Let's kill all the armenians."
 899"Let's launch a huge balloon shaped like a pig."
 900"Let's lay seige to stalingrad."
 901"Let's leak our classified #emacs logs onto wikileaks."
 902"Let's learn eunichs."
 903"Let's learn important life lessons from Internet music videos."
 904"Let's leave a trail of breadcrumbs through our editor."
 905"Let's leave in a huff."
 906"Let's left-justify our love."
 907"Let's let hubble fall out of the sky, much better to keep working on that stupid ISS."
 908"Let's let the Hapsburgs back into power."
 909"Let's like our programs like we like our scotch."
 910"Let's lock our fonts."
 911"Let's look at more videos from Wikileaks."
 912"Let's lose 12 billion dollars per year."
 913"Let's lubricate."
 914"Let's make 1D films."
 915"Let's make a MS Comic Chat with xkcd characters"
 916"Let's make a botnet of ubuntu machines."
 917"Let's make a case-sensitive operating system in an era when  most terminals are ucase-only"
 918"Let's make a comic about carjacking."
 919"Let's make a fanfic of Godel Escher Bach."
 920"Let's make a free software project so we can sell out to apple."
 921"Let's make a free software project so we can sell out to apple."
 922"Let's make a language where statements end with a period."
 923"Let's make a literate lisp."
 924"Let's make a move about emacs in IMAX."
 925"Let's make a political thriller."
 926"Let's make a science fiction movie starring Kevin Costner that is so scientifically inaccurate and has so many logical plot holes that you just want to fucking throw a rock through the screen."
 927"Let's make a smart dildo that keeps track of mucous viscosity and internal temperature in order to predict ovulation."
 928"Let's make a tinyurl with a 16 bit hash."
 929"Let's make an anonymizer network for credit-card purchases.  Like Tor."
 930"Let's make functions second-class objects."
 931"Let's make laptops with non-removable batteries."
 932"Let's make like a plant, and leaf."
 933"Let's make our variables volatile so they're nice and thread safe."
 934"Let's make password hashes without salting them."
 935"Let's make retro hand held games."
 936"Let's make something people want."
 937"Let's make text editing massively parallel"
 938"Let's make the mullet fashionable again"
 939"Let's make up a quote that somebody supposedly said -- qDot_"
 940"Let's make up a quote that somebody supposedly said"
 941"Let's mount /usr noexec for hardening purposes."
 942"Let's move on."
 943"Let's move this channel to identica."
 944"Let's multithread emacs so it can truly suck and blow concurrently"
 945"Let's navigate by dead reckoning."
 946"Let's nominate Sarah Palin for Fuhrer."
 947"Let's not be regular."
 948"Let's not bother."
 949"Let's not forget that being cyber has nothing to do with robots necessarily."
 950"Let's not push it."
 951"Let's not."
 952"Let's not..."
 953"Let's nuke academia."
 954"Let's nuke it from orbit."
 955"Let's ogle antique furniture."
 956"Let's only use software released in 2007."
 957"Let's operate our pocket calculators."
 958"Let's optimazate."
 959"Let's optimize prematurely."
 960"Let's part the Red Sea."
 961"Let's participate in a non-blocking conversation."
 962"Let's party like it's 2007, because we just got a HUGE home equity loan and we know values just keep going up!"
 963"Let's patent troll."
 964"Let's pay attention to the role that blood plays in deep magic."
 965"Let's pay valuable money for sugar water."
 966"Let's pgp sign all of our irc messages."
 967"Let's plan our apple bankrupcy party."
 968"Let's play to the galley."
 969"Let's pollute the french language."
 970"Let's port Emacs to Arc."
 971"Let's post this channel log to an emacs-devel thread."
 972"Let's prepare to run the hooks!"
 973"Let's pretend that xkcd is clever."
 974"Let's pretend we're Cormac McCarthy."
 975"Let's print up our invitations for the victory party following the fall of Leningrad."
 976"Let's program for Mono."
 977"Let's program in Times New Roman."
 978"Let's program like it's 1975 baby!"
 979"Let's pronounce assoc as \"a sock\"."
 980"Let's protect our objects."
 981"Let's publicly express our admiration of feminine anatomy."
 982"Let's publish the public key of our heart."
 983"Let's punish those artists for making content!"
 984"Let's put \"creative commons\" tags on all of our posts to IRC."
 985"Let's put a giant, burning, lower-case t in their yard."
 986"Let's put on an off-broadway play."
 987"Let's put that in the Jargon File."
 988"Let's put the GUI in the kernel."
 989"Let's raytrace our MIME to render it."
 990"Let's re-examine _Inception_ for signs of internment."
 991"Let's record this IRC session for quality assurance."
 992"Let's reimplemnt emacs in Fortran."
 993"Let's remember that old classic:"
 994"Let's rename IF to \\?:"
 995"Let's reorbit the moon"
 996"Let's replace ops with a clip-art image of a cloud--PROBLEM SOLVED."
 997"Let's replace top with psdoom."
 998"Let's reprogram emacs in scheme."
 999"Let's require copyright assignment via fax machine."
1000"Let's require every smartphone to include a telegraph"
1001"Let's rescue trapped miners"
1002"Let's reserve our future selves for present use."
1003"Let's restart with extensions off."
1004"Let's restate our earnings."
1005"Let's revoke the GPL"
1006"Let's rewrite SICP in the style of the Principia Mathematica."
1007"Let's rewrite most conversation using abbreviations."
1008"Let's right-justify our existence."
1009"Let's riot because our sports team won/lost."
1010"Let's rise up against our oppressors."
1011"Let's run a Level 3 Diagnoistic."
1012"Let's run a shell server on FreeDOS!"
1013"Let's run the channel bots through an extensive battery of tests."
1014"Let's secretly bomb cambodia while we're at it."
1015"Let's secretly spend $100 billion --- via think tanks, media outlets, and subsidized rallies --- to whip up a froth of hatred directed at Eclipse."
1016"Let's see..."
1017"Let's sell plan 9 machines to the end user."
1018"Let's send a census-taking robot back in time: The Enumerator"
1019"Let's send text messages while we drive this train."
1020"Let's separate mechanism and policy."
1021"Let's set off on a trireme."
1022"Let's set up our computers to install whatever software a corporation wants to install, automatically, without telling us."
1023"Let's show JohannesSM64 the emacs-devel thread about Emacs' learning curve."
1024"Let's sing about guys dieing on a boat"
1025"Let's sing him some hava nagila."
1026"Let's sing of arms and the man."
1027"Let's sink ships with loose lips."
1028"Let's sneak a keylogger into the next binary release of Emacs. LOL."
1029"Let's spend an evil night together."
1030"Let's spill MATÉ on our THINKPADS!!!"
1031"Let's spit like a fish."
1032"Let's stare unflinchingly into the howling void."
1033"Let's start a Kathy without Kathy comic."
1034"Let's start a revolution based on free love."
1035"Let's start a sleep bank."
1036"Let's start an internet 2."
1037"Let's start an internet 2."
1038"Let's start making a list."
1039"Let's start over and make a new Emacs-style editor."
1040"Let's start wearing diapers so that we can IRC for longer periods of time."
1041"Let's steak out a claim."
1042"Let's stop."
1043"Let's suppose that we do, in fact, have some data that manages to be so universal that it works across major software packages."
1044"Let's switch to Latin. XMPP can refer to \"amici\"."
1045"Let's switch to Yggdrasil."
1046"Let's take a dump in a walmart parking lot"
1047"Let's take care of business."
1048"Let's take our umbrella to Munich."
1049"Let's take regular expressions and ..."
1050"Let's take some locks. Any old order should do."
1051"Let's talk about PERL using GNUS."
1052"Let's talk about how firefox sucks."
1053"Let's talk about how much we hate mozilla."
1054"Let's talk about semeiotics."
1055"Let's talk about something else."
1056"Let's talka bout how much rms sucks."
1057"Let's teach Emacs to Stone Cold Steve Austin."
1058"Let's teleport to net 21."
1059"Let's tempt Manos: The hands of Fate."
1060"Let's throw around the phrase \"Hello Sailor\" for shock value."
1061"Let's touch ~/-i"
1062"Let's trade catch phrases from it."
1063"Let's trade our families for chocolate."
1064"Let's trudge along in silent despair"
1065"Let's try to out nerd eachother."
1066"Let's turn Cthulhu into a pop star"
1067"Let's turn Emacs into a social gaming plataform."
1068"Let's turn emacs into a web 3.0 app"
1069"Let's use *BSD to an unusual degree."
1070"Let's use ActiveX"
1071"Let's use Clojure."
1072"Let's use Java."
1073"Let's use SunOS."
1074"Let's use Usenet."
1075"Let's use Windows/386."
1076"Let's use a binomial distribution."
1077"Let's use a non-relational database in order to get with the ladies."
1078"Let's use an abstract representation of a sheep."
1079"Let's use bitkeeper."
1080"Let's use foo and bar."
1081"Let's use lexical let!"
1082"Let's use multi-threaded regular expressions for maximum efficiency."
1083"Let's use strncpy."
1084"Let's use the Linux."
1085"Let's use unicode identifiers"
1086"Let's vacation in Darfur."
1087"Let's vacation in the Niger Delta."
1088"Let's vote for OOXML."
1089"Let's wait for Mac OSX11"
1090"Let's want the change, do the change, be the change"
1091"Let's watch Tank Girl for the umphteenth time."
1092"Let's wear ill-fitting hats."
1093"Let's worship Francis Bacon."
1094"Let's write _another_ emacs mailer."
1095"Let's write a bad check."
1096"Let's write a boot loader for emacs."
1097"Let's write a free software."
1098"Let's write a language for formula translation."
1099"Let's write an OOXML document."
1100"Let's write an RBAC for accessing the RBAC."
1101"Let's write an epic walkthrough for The Secret of Mana."
1102"Let's write code in Java unironically."
1103"Let's write compressed grep expressions."
1104"Let's write our changes to disk."
1105"Let's write our changes to disk."
1106"Let's write our own irc clients."
1107"Let's write skynet-mode"
1108"Let's yeah that."
1110"let's (add-hook 'pop-song-hook 'the-chorus)"
1111"let's (require 'insanity)"
1112"let's ,,anyone the regulars"
1113"let's M-x execute-extended-command"
1114"let's MAKE MONEY FAST"
1115"let's XCOPY instead"
1116"let's ^L"
1117"let's abuse the english language"
1118"let's abuse the notation"
1119"let's accentuate the positive"
1120"let's achieve emacs nirvana"
1121"let's achieve immortality by specifying that our lisppastes should never expire"
1122"let's add a sidebar"
1123"let's add booty call optimization to elisp"
1124"let's add more non-fastforwardable bullshit to the beginning of legit DVDs"
1125"let's all be like Slater from Saved By the Bell"
1126"let's all go to the lobby"
1127"let's all inject DROP TABLEs into SQL websites"
1128"let's all join ##linux and start a conversation about compiling the linux kernel with dildo support"
1129"let's all laptop on airforce one"
1130"let's all listen to the velvet underground"
1131"let's all prepend our nicks with GNU"
1132"let's all reduce left"
1133"let's all start using vi"
1134"let's amputate emacs legs so he doesn't die from gangrene"
1135"let's applaud those sensitive to the needs of others"
1136"let's apply emacs to small children"
1137"let's apply six sigma to emacs"
1138"let's approach from the east and send emacs around to flank them from the north"
1139"let's ask slashdot for advice"
1140"let's ask the kids what this InterNet craze is all about"
1141"let's assess Vandelay Enterprises with Rearden Metals"
1142"let's assuage our existential desperation with comedy"
1143"let's assume P==NP"
1144"let's assume statistical significance."
1145"let's assume the throne."
1146"let's attempt landings on europa"
1147"let's attend a Webinar"
1148"let's automatically update our drug dependencies"
1149"let's avoid alliteration"
1150"let's avoid cliches like the plague"
1151"let's avoid marionettes AT ALL COSTS"
1152"let's award all of our collective assets to the last survivor."
1153"let's award ourselves honorary degrees in the art and science of emacsology"
1154"let's bake our children into a pie."
1155"let's ban Obama"
1156"let's bang for a, er, never mind."
1157"let's barf-if-buffer-read-only"
1158"let's bark like a tree."
1159"let's barque like a ship"
1160"let's bash hippies."
1161"let's be Angela Merkel for Halloween"
1162"let's be OpenVMS evangelists"
1163"let's be an hero"
1164"let's be careful with those silver thumbs"
1165"let's be committed to the highest standards of business ethics and corporate conduct"
1166"let's be dazed and confused for so long it's not true"
1167"let's be down with grandmaster flash and the furious five"
1168"let's be embarrassingly parallel"
1169"let's be from pakistan"
1170"let's be kemel hackers"
1171"let's be like chocoholics, but with alcohol"
1172"let's be like that bit in Microserfs where they talk about roadway"
1173"let's be obsequious, purple and clairvoyant"
1174"let's be sensitive and just describe the reckoning as having \"passed on\""
1175"let's be slaves to fashion"
1176"let's be the canary in the data mine"
1177"let's be unsporting on #emacs"
1178"let's beat swords into way better swords"
1179"let's begin the beguine"
1180"let's bind all self-insert keys to 'dunnet"
1181"let's bind free variables eternally and immutably"
1182"let's blame alpha particles"
1183"let's blame fsbot"
1184"let's blame it on scheme."
1185"let's blame p4 for blatant rumormongering"
1186"let's blame the license"
1187"let's blast to the past."
1188"let's blog about clojure taking defun out of lisp"
1189"let's blow our mind."
1190"let's boil the ocean"
1191"let's bow before zod."
1192"let's braise emacs in a nice white wine sauce"
1193"let's breed a cyberus"
1194"let's brine and roast a whole prime factor"
1195"let's bring back the Turbo button"
1196"let's bring back the Turbo button...on laptops"
1197"let's bring it all back to nietzsche"
1198"let's broadcast our thoughts on electromagnetic waves."
1199"let's buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo"
1200"let's build 9 version control systems for mortal men doomed to die, and one SCM to in the darkness bind them."
1201"let's build a MechanismFactory"
1202"let's build a house in the sky."
1203"let's build a language based on the universal aesthetics."
1204"let's build a memorial to 9/11 in Mecca"
1205"let's build a server, then lure it into a wine cellar to sample the amontillado."
1206"let's build an elaborate interface that relies on dynamic scope."
1207"let's build eel traps"
1208"let's bulldoze houses in palastine"
1209"let's burst the bubble on bubble sort"
1210"let's buy a small aeroplane with an engine based on Project Orion."
1211"let's buy an ipad on credit."
1212"let's buy documentation on tape."
1213"let's buy houses and flip 'em for mad profits."
1214"let's buy rms a gift for his 60th birthday."
1215"let's call in a missile strike"
1216"let's call multicellular organisms what they really are: soc'lists."
1217"let's call the exterminators to deal with all the crickets around here."
1218"let's call with current continuation"
1219"let's cancel our unsubscription"
1220"let's carry out mass carry out"
1221"let's cd /cygdrive/c/"
1222"let's celebrate ironically."
1223"let's celebrate."
1224"let's change our nicks"
1225"let's check the stock price and lose all motivation for the day"
1226"let's choose sides"
1227"let's circumcise drm measures"
1228"let's clone ourselves to carry out menial tasks."
1229"let's close down Sourceforge and move all the *free* projects to GNU Savannah and burn the rest."
1230"let's code in ascii art"
1231"let's code or die."
1232"let's collapse our eigenlung"
1233"let's color-theme the universe"
1234"let's comment our code with psuedo-code"
1235"let's commit changes that break the build and immediately go on vacation"
1236"let's compensate emacs reactive power!"
1237"let's compile a brand new operating syste."
1238"let's compile a minimal working example."
1239"let's compile elisp to bitcode to save space"
1240"let's compile like a biographer"
1241"let's compile our C programs in g++"
1242"let's conciously split infinitives"
1243"let's confess our sins to an angry god."
1244"let's connect the two batteries in parallel"
1245"let's construct an interociter"
1246"let's contact all our ex's looking for Clojure"
1247"let's contact the dead"
1248"let's contemplate Sarah Palin in 2012."
1249"let's continue using 30-year-old operating systems, 30 years from now"
1250"let's contract insanity"
1251"let's cook our elisp *extra* shpicey"
1252"let's cook the books"
1253"let's count how many parens our .emacs has"
1254"let's count our chickens before they hatch"
1255"let's count references"
1256"let's crash Def Con"
1257"let's create a key that opens no lock."
1258"let's create an exploitation flick featuring several previously well-regarded programs."
1259"let's create shareholder value."
1260"let's create the Stone Punk sub-genre"
1261"let's create the eXtensible Sexp Language Transformation"
1262"let's cry 'havoc!' and let slip the dogs of war"
1263"let's curse out the customers, grab some booze, and slide to freedom"
1264"let's dangle our references above the water."
1265"let's date a career diplomat."
1266"let's debate the topic"
1267"let's debug our elisp with HSPICE"
1268"let's declare comic sans the official font of #emacs"
1269"let's declare emacs a failure and celebrate it"
1270"let's declare our love for that bomb on valentine's day."
1271"let's declare war on nature."
1272"let's decoupage our desks"
1273"let's deduce why."
1274"let's defeat seven evil exes."
1275"let's deny global warming the satisfaction of making us uncomfortable"
1276"let's deprecate deprecation"
1277"let's design a language that is nothing but variables"
1278"let's design a movie by the numbers."
1279"let's design stuff using the principles of dymaxion"
1280"let's destroy the universe by side effect."
1281"let's disassemble our ACPI tables"
1282"let's discover a truly marvelous proof which this channel is too narrow to contain"
1283"let's discover a truly remarkable proof which this channel is too small to contain"
1284"let's discuss emacs' learning curve"
1285"let's disinfect the premises"
1286"let's do a depth-first search of the family tree"
1287"let's do a global map-reduce in elisp."
1288"let's do a little ahead of ahead of time compilation"
1289"let's do a three way merge blindfolded."
1290"let's do as we say, not as we do"
1291"let's do it in software."
1292"let's do that."
1293"let's do the knuth shuffle"
1294"let's do the math"
1295"let's do x-treme merging - like eating Doritos while air-boarding off a prop-plane"
1296"let's downsize our elisp in these tough economic times."
1297"let's dream of a day in which everybody just uses xemacs."
1298"let's drop our pants and burst into song"
1299"let's duel boot"
1300"let's duel with the Sword of Damocles and Occam's Razor"
1301"let's eat recalled eggs"
1302"let's enable gnu screen's flow control by default"
1303"let's enable womankind's flow control by default"
1304"let's end the workday and go ride soapbox carts"
1305"let's end users"
1306"let's enhance shareholder seating arrangements"
1307"let's envision a pork future"
1308"let's eschew obfuscation"
1309"let's exhume the corpse of western thought."
1310"let's expect them in a glob"
1311"let's extend the irc protocol so we can cross-post to #vim"
1312"let's facebook"
1313"let's fake our data."
1314"let's fall off the wagon...again"
1315"let's fallout of love in the nuclear winter"
1316"let's fashion a new emacs from driftwood"
1317"let's fatalistically go exploring with a stuffed tiger."
1318"let's fear the textual revolution."
1319"let's feel the need, the need for speed."
1320"let's ffap"
1321"let's file a feature request for the next major release to have a larger version number"
1322"let's film the battle of the #emacs stars"
1323"let's find a crack for emacs so we can keep using it after the demo expires"
1324"let's find slash dot dash name star bang emacs star dash print"
1325"let's find the Iraks in a map"
1326"let's find the eigenvalues of the suckage transformation"
1327"let's finish customizing emacs"
1328"let's fix the intelligence around policy"
1329"let's flame non-blockingly"
1330"let's foil the plans of lesser men."
1331"let's force Italians to spell it \"chow\""
1332"let's force feed emacs to harvest its delicious fatty liver"
1333"let's forcibly integrate the schools."
1334"let's forget about signal bars in our iphones and display dBms"
1335"let's forget red, yellow, green lights, use P and V instead."
1336"let's form a political movement to build a bridge to the 19th century."
1337"let's fulfill our stereotyped destiny"
1338"let's further dilute some homeopathic remedies and have an overdose"
1339"let's gather around the netbook"
1340"let's gaze wistfully into the disposal"
1341"let's gcc generate faster code"
1342"let's gesture our intentions"
1343"let's get a cup of coffee and renew office acquaintances while gnus gets my IMAP email .."
1344"let's get a sugar high"
1345"let's get ahead of ourselves"
1346"let's get dangerous"
1347"let's get deldo added to Emacs 24"
1348"let's get emacs hoisted on Irish Car Bombs"
1349"let's get emacs into rehab?"
1350"let's get esr to write a text adventure interface to customizing .emacs"
1351"let's get half a day off on boxing day."
1352"let's get jerry lewis on the case"
1353"let's get married using our text editor."
1354"let's get our parachute pants out of storage"
1355"let's get our tech news from that wise-ass quiche in our fever dreams"
1356"let's get paid to watch youtube all day."
1357"let's get pixelated"
1358"let's get ready for our close-up"
1359"let's get sequoia on the horn, pronto!"
1360"let's get shanghaied"
1361"let's get small"
1362"let's get some authentic pizza"
1363"let's get started in powershell."
1364"let's get to work."
1365"let's get together after work to work some more"
1366"let's give 'em enough rope"
1367"let's give emacs a parachute jump for his birthday"
1368"let's go ask alice"
1369"let's go beyond the fringe"
1370"let's go do some crimes"
1371"let's go door to door and spread the good news about emacs"
1372"let's go get sushi and not pay"
1373"let's go in with a wimper"
1374"let's go off the emacs learning curve"
1375"let's go on a crime spree and steal old computers."
1376"let's go on high alert"
1377"let's go out to the kitchen and have ourselves a snack"
1378"let's go race tricycles"
1379"let's go release some tribbles in #vim"
1380"let's go ride bicycles in the countryside"
1381"let's go see ben hassan about a snake"
1382"let's go see the wizard of omaha."
1383"let's go shopping."
1384"let's go the whole nine yards and really hit this one out of the park, folks"
1385"let's go through the network on a localhorse with no name"
1386"let's go to mars and fight demons."
1387"let's go to the desert for Burning Emacs"
1388"let's go visit our files in the country"
1389"let's google ayn rand paul"
1390"let's google rand paul"
1391"let's grandstand and showboat"
1392"let's grep expressed written compressions"
1393"let's hack the gibson"
1394"let's hang a '___ days since a funny xkcd' sign in the break room"
1395"let's harass people for _not_ wearing funny caps"
1396"let's have a \"juglar\" tell the tales of #emacs"
1397"let's have a exhibition of tech geekers incompetence"
1398"let's have a fringe festival"
1399"let's have a mandatory inheritance tax for recursion."
1400"let's have a meeting of the joint subcommittee"
1401"let's have a nice stay in fawlty towers."
1402"let's have a word with our supervisor"
1403"let's have an ad hoctoberfest"
1404"let's have an arms race"
1405"let's have an order of emacs with all the prefixins'"
1406"let's have enormous knees"
1407"let's have lunch together, all of us"
1408"let's have multiple paths."
1409"let's have our modes fight to the death"
1410"let's have pharrell remix emacs"
1411"let's have tea with mussolini"
1412"let's heap ridicule on esr like he deserves it"
1413"let's hesitate"
1414"let's hire Christopher Nolan to direct an ad for an elisp mode."
1415"let's hire a man to deal with that."
1416"let's hire the a-team"
1417"let's hire undocumented immigrants to unroll our loops"
1418"let's hold a bake sale for our crumbling infrastructure"
1419"let's hold our code to an unreasonable standard."
1420"let's hold our oppressors to the wall"
1421"let's hope that doesn't happen"
1422"let's hustle and flow."
1423"let's identify ourselves with the real numbers."
1424"let's imagine plato's dialogues rewritten for the internet."
1425"let's imitate jordanb"
1426"let's implement XQuery in Elisp"
1427"let's implement abs() in O(n lg n) time."
1428"let's implement an incognito minor mode for naughty info pages"
1429"let's implement flashplayer-mode"
1430"let's implement our bubble sort in assembly for optimal performance"
1431"let's incite a laff-riot"
1432"let's insert a secret code on the world wide web which gives hackers backdoor access."
1433"let's intimidate our enemies."
1434"let's introduce dildos to fleshlights"
1435"let's invent # as a language"
1436"let's invent a quaternary operator"
1437"let's invent an operadic operator"
1438"let's invent better backronyms for \"emacs\""
1439"let's invent more closet space"
1440"let's invest our money in venusian bonds."
1441"let's jailbreak emacs so we can extend it with arbitrary code"
1442"let's jeopardize our immortality"
1443"let's juggle slavia"
1444"let's just CDMA the whole spectrum!"
1445"let's just build a KnittingFactory"
1446"let's just get rid of perl-mode."
1447"let's just nuke it from orbit."
1448"let's just use 8-column tabs and not worry about the 80th column."
1449"let's just use bogo-sort"
1450"let's just use iswitchb, which is fast."
1451"let's justify our existence"
1452"let's keep .git/ in cvs"
1453"let's kill a process in reno just to watch it die"
1454"let's killfile Buddha"
1455"let's laugh in the face of danger."
1456"let's launch the sun into our nuclear waste instead."
1457"let's lay in hundreds of pounds of emacs for the winter"
1458"let's let borked dependency trees leave us feeling empty inside"
1459"let's let emacs out to play in the yard"
1460"let's let's let's buffalo buffalo"
1461"let's lexically scope some digital insects."
1462"let's like our emacs like we like our women"
1463"let's listen to edie brickell"
1464"let's listen to the radio at a reasonable volume from nine to eleven"
1465"let's live forever or die trying"
1466"let's live in a post-scarcity society."
1467"let's live the life aquatic."
1468"let's lol in face of strangers"
1469"let's lol it all the way to the bank"
1470"let's lol out loud"
1471"let's longjmp to the moon."
1472"let's look for half-price sales on leather vests and jackboots"
1473"let's look forward to a future of guile & bzr"
1474"let's lower the bar in this limbo tournament"
1475"let's lynch the landlord"
1476"let's make a *new* kind of science"
1477"let's make a closed source program called Sesame, then open source it"
1478"let's make a documentary on emacs' tragic descent into sex and drugs"
1479"let's make a function that lies about itself."
1480"let's make a godawful racket"
1481"let's make a joyful noise"
1482"let's make a list of everything that fits the description \"it's proprietary, and I cannot install it via 'apt-get'\""
1483"let's make a new desktop application in html5"
1484"let's make a phone mode for emacs"
1485"let's make a quick getaway"
1486"let's make a smartphone with a full-size keyboard"
1487"let's make a sparse world map"
1488"let's make a system which generates 1000 dynamic jpegs per second"
1489"let's make achieving synergies through buzzword-compliance a stretch goal"
1490"let's make an advert-free mirror of encyclopaedia dramatica"
1491"let's make clean vim"
1492"let's make finishing dunnet one of our stretch goals for the next quarter"
1493"let's make it happen people."
1494"let's make lambdas with bells and whistles"
1495"let's make lick-a-maid and lick a maid"
1496"let's make like a Biff"
1497"let's make like tourists and get lost"
1498"let's make my bub-bubs bounce"
1499"let's make our functions learn by rote memoization"
1500"let's make software with the meta emacs nature"
1501"let's make some money and buy island"
1502"let's make the UK version of pudding pops"
1503"let's make the next version of emacs out of sustainable hemp"
1504"let's make the weaker argument the stronger"
1505"let's make them fight to the death!"
1506"let's make water powder"
1507"let's manufacture Stallman bobbleheads"
1508"let's manufacture consenting adults"
1509"let's march forward, arm in arm, to the brave gnu world"
1510"let's market a war in August."
1511"let's marvel at the highs and lows of #emacs"
1512"let's mention emacs in the proper circles"
1513"let's mode 13h"
1514"let's monetize emacs users"
1515"let's monetize our deepest fears"
1516"let's mourn the day the music died."
1517"let's move to replace jlf`'s rules of order with Dredd's rule of law"
1518"let's move to snžfellsnes peninsula, iceland"
1519"let's nark out ashawley to the SPA and collect the reward money"
1520"let's needlessly complicate text representation discussions by overloading variable-width and variable-length"
1521"let's nominate emacs for president of the united states of america"
1522"let's not anger john matrix"
1523"let's not be original"
1524"let's not look into that void"
1525"let's not pay the mortgage like we own the place"
1526"let's not point -- it's impolite."
1527"let's not split hairs"
1528"let's not stop here, it's bat country"
1529"let's not take ##bullfighting's purpose in life away from them."
1530"let's not talk about me"
1531"let's not"
1532"let's not."
1533"let's nuke it from orbit and invent a sane second system."
1534"let's observe robert's rules of order in this channel from now on"
1535"let's ogle the body politic"
1536"let's only eat free-range Doritos"
1537"let's only use gvim for  a night."
1538"let's only write code that contains forbidden rituals."
1539"let's oprt our code eto rakudo"
1540"let's order Real Dolls™ in the likeness of henry kissinger"
1541"let's order four fried chickens and a coke"
1542"let's override our inhibitions."
1543"let's pack a punch bowl, just in case"
1544"let's partner with microsoft"
1545"let's party time"
1546"let's patent a monologue box that is impossible to dismiss"
1547"let's pear program"
1548"let's perform a silent rendition of \"Reign In Blood\""
1549"let's persist across bodies"
1550"let's phial it under \"anachronism\""
1551"let's pick a webcomic to hate."
1552"let's pimp the breakroom"
1553"let's pit scala against clojure"
1554"let's plan for spam"
1555"let's plan tomorrow's catastrophe today."
1556"let's play .au files"
1557"let's play global thermonuclear war"
1558"let's play havoc with our sock selection"
1559"let's play it by ear"
1560"let's play it through one more time. And a one and a two and a --"
1561"let's play nice"
1562"let's play semantic games"
1563"let's play some skynard!"
1564"let's plead insanity, but say \"unsanitary