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   1Changes since 1.11.22:
   6* A new log option -n reverts the -N option which may be in a .cvsrc
   7  file.
   9* The `cvs blame' command is now a synonym for the `cvs annotate' command.
  11* The :extssh: method will use $CVS_SSH if set, or fall back on "ssh"
  12  by default (but may be explicitly set using the --with-ssh flag to
  13  configure).
  15* There is a new IgnoreUnknownConfigKeys option available for
  16  CVSROOT/config to aid in the transition to newer versions of CVS.
  20* Merges of file removals using -j options are a little smarter.
  22* `cvs add' checks more thoroughly for `CVS' directories in the argument list.
  24* `cvs server' now accepts `--allow-root=PATH' options.
  26* `cvs import' no longer attempts to send CVS metadata to the server.
  28* `cvs import' makes more of an effort not to import paths containing files
  29  and directories named `CVS'.
  31* The CVS server will no longer allow clients to run `cvs init'.
  33* Applying diffs when checking out very old revisions has been reduced from an
  34  O(n^2) operation to an O(n) thanks to a patch from Michael J. Smith
  35  <> and additional touch-up work from the CVS team.
  37* Thanks to report from Paul Eggert <eggert@CS.UCLA.EDU>, an assertion failure
  38  that could occur when "." was in the path (e.g. `cvs co /cvsroot/./module')
  39  has been removed.
  41* Thanks to a report from Peter Toft <>, CVS server now sends
  42  correct patch files more often when the RCS `Name' keyword is present in
  43  a working file (bug #17302).
  45* Thanks to a report from Dan Peterson <>, clients now send the
  46  right set of commands to the server when asked to update directories with
  47  trailing slashes on their name.
  49* Thanks to a report and patch from <>, potential stack
  50  corruption during pserver login is avoided (bug #16961).
  52* The :extssh: method is now properly recognized as an alias for :ext:.
  56* We've standardized on Autoconf version 2.61 to get a bug fix that notes
  57  that the AIX C compiler's default mode isn't quite C89 and sets the
  58  correct mode instead.
  60* We've standardized on Autoconf version 1.10 because it lets us simplify our
  61  sources.
  63Changes from 1.11.21 to 1.11.22:
  68* The CVS client again correctly reports files with conflicts when using
  69  servers running CVS 1.11.20/1.12.12, or earlier (and maybe 3rd party
  70  servers).
  72* The GSSAPI server should now build under HP-UX.
  74* `cvs rtag' now correctly tags files that have been removed from the trunk.
  76* Code efficiency has been improved slightly.
  78* A rare race condition that could leave a lock on the val-tags file has been
  79  avoided.
  81* A potential buffer overflow in the history command has been fixed.
  83* Thanks to a report and patch from Garrett Rooney <>, paused
  84  trigger processes no longer cause the CVS server to consume 100% CPU.
  86* Thanks to a suggestion from Joseph P. Skudlarek <>, an
  87  :extssh: has been added as a synonym of the :ext: access method, as a
  88  kindness to users of old version of Eclipse.
  90* Misc documentation updates and minor bug fixes.
  92Changes from 1.11.20 to 1.11.21:
  97* Thanks to Serguei E. Leontiev <>, CVS with Kerberos 5 GSSAPI
  98  should automatically link on FreeBSD 5.x. (bug #14639).
 100* Thanks to Rahul Bhargava <>, heavily loaded systems
 101  suffering from a disk crash or power failure will not lose data they claimed
 102  to have committed.
 104* CVS server now handles conflict markers in Entry requests as documented.
 106* CVS now remembers that binary file merge conflicts occurred until the
 107  timestamp of the updated binary file changes.
 109* CVS client now saves some bandwidth by not sending the contents of files
 110  with conflicts to the server when it isn't needed.
 112* CVS now does correct locking during import.
 114* A problem where the server could block indefinitely waiting for an EOF from
 115  the client when compression was enabled has been fixed.
 117* `cvs diff' no longer splits its arguments on spaces.
 119* Thanks to an old report and patch from Stewart Brodie <>, a
 120  potential crash in response to a corrupt RCS file has been fixed.
 122* CVS now locks the history and val-tags files before writing to them.
 123  Especially with large repositories, users should no longer see new warnings
 124  about corrupt history records when using the `cvs history' command.  Existing
 125  corrupt history records will still need to be removed manually.  val-tags
 126  corruption should have had less obvious effects, but removing the
 127  CVSROOT/val-tags file and allowing a 1.11.21 or later version of CVS to
 128  regenerate it may eliminate a few odd behaviors and possibly cause a slight
 129  speed up of read transactions in large repositories over time.
 133* The RPM spec file works again with the most modern versions of `rpm'.
 137* We've standardized on Automake 1.9.6 to get some at new features that make
 138  our jobs easier.  See the HACKING file for more on using the autotools with
 139  CVS.
 141Changes from 1.11.19 to 1.11.20:
 146* Thanks to a report from Alen Zukich <>, several minor
 147  security issues have been addressed.  One was a buffer overflow that is
 148  potentially serious but which may not be exploitable, assigned CAN-2005-0753
 149  by the Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures Project
 150  <>.  Other fixes resulting from Alen's report include
 151  repair of an arbitrary free with no known exploit and several plugged memory
 152  leaks and potentially freed NULL pointers which may have been exploitable for
 153  a denial of service attack.
 155* Thanks to a report from Craig Monson <>, minor
 156  potential vulnerabilities in the contributed Perl scripts have been fixed.
 157  The confirmed vulnerability could allow the execution of arbitrary code on
 158  the CVS server, but only if a user already had commit access and if one of
 159  the contrib scripts was installed improperly, a condition which should have
 160  been quickly visible to any administrator.  The complete description of the
 161  problem is here: <>.  If
 162  you were making use of any of the contributed trigger scripts on a CVS
 163  server, you should probably still replace them with the new versions, to be
 164  on the safe side.
 166  Unfortunately, our fix is incomplete.  Taint-checking has been enabled in all
 167  the contributed Perl scripts intended to be run as trigger scripts, but no
 168  attempt has been made to ensure that they still run in taint mode.  You will
 169  most likely have to tweak the scripts in some way to make them run.  Please
 170  send any patches you find necessary back to <> so that we
 171  may again ship fully enabled scripts in the future.
 173  You should also make sure that any home-grown Perl scripts that you might
 174  have installed as CVS triggers also have taint-checking enabled.  This can be
 175  done by adding `-T' on the scripts' #! lines.  Please try running
 176  `perldoc perlsec' if you would like more information on general Perl security
 177  and taint-checking.
 181* Thanks to a report and a patch from Georg Scwharz <>
 182  CVS now builds without error on IRIX 5.3
 186* We've standardized on Automake 1.9.5 to get some at new features that make
 187  our jobs easier.  See the HACKING file for more on using the autotools with
 188  CVS.
 190Changes from 1.11.18 to 1.11.19:
 195* Thanks to a patch from Jim Hyslop <>, issuing
 196  'cvs watch on' or 'cvs watch off' in an empty directory no longer
 197  clears any watchers in that directory.
 199* An intermittant assertion failure in checkout has been fixed.
 201* Thanks to a report from Chris Bohn <>, all the source files
 202  needed for the Windows "red file" fix are actually included in the
 203  distribution.
 205* Misc bug and documentation fixes.
 207Changes from 1.11.17 to 1.11.18:
 212* Thanks to a report from Gottfried Ganssauge <>, CVS no
 213  longer exits when it encounters links pointing to paths containing more
 214  than 128 characters.
 216* Thanks to a report from Dan Peterson <>, error messages from
 217  GSSAPI servers are no longer truncated.
 219* Thanks to a report from Dan Peterson <>, attempts to resurrect
 220  a file on the trunk that was added on a branch no longer causes an assertion
 221  failure.
 223* Thanks to a report from Dan Peterson <>, imports to branches
 224  like "1.1." no longer create corrupt RCS archives.
 226* Thanks to a report from Chris Bohn <>, links from J.C. Hamlin
 227  <>, and code posted by Jonathan Gilligan, we think we have
 228  finally corrected the Windows "red-file" (daylight savings time) bug once and
 229  for all.
 231* Thanks to a patch from Jeroen Ruigrok/asmodai <>, the
 232 script should no longer elicit warnings from Perl 5.8.5.
 234* The r* commands (rlog, rls, etc.) can once again handle requests to run
 235  against the entire repository (e.g. `cvs rlog .').  Thanks go to Dan Peterson
 236  <> for the report.
 238* A problem where the attempted access of files via tags beginning with spaces
 239  could cause the CVS server to hang has been fixed.  This was a particular
 240  problem with WinCVS clients because users would sometimes accidentally
 241  include spaces in tags pasted into a dialog box.  This fix also altered some
 242  of the error messages generated by the use of invalid tags.  Thanks go to Dan
 243  Peterson <> for the report.
 245* Thanks to James E Wilson <> for a bug fix to
 246  modules processing "gcc-core -a !gcc/f gcc" will no longer exclude
 247  gcc/fortran by mistake.
 249* Thanks to Conrad Pino <>, the Windows build works once again.
 251* Misc updates to the manual.
 255* We've standardized on Automake 1.9.3 to get some at new features that make
 256  our jobs easier.  See the note below on the Autoconf upgrade for more
 257  details.
 259* We've standardized on Autoconf version 2.59 to get presumed bug fixes and
 260  features, but nothing specific.  Mostly, once we decide to upgrade one of the
 261  autotools we just figure it'll save time later to grab the most current
 262  versions of the others too.  See the HACKING file for more on using the
 263  autotools with CVS.
 265Changes from 1.11.16 to 1.11.17:
 270* Thanks to Stefan Esser & Sebastian Krahmer, several potential security
 271  problems have been fixed.  The ones which were considered dangerous enough
 272  to catalogue were assigned issue numbers CAN-2004-0416, CAN-2004-0417, &
 273  CAN-2004-0418 by the Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures Project.  Please
 274  see <> for more information.
 276* A potential buffer overflow vulnerability in the server has been fixed.
 277  This addresses the Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures Project's issue
 278  #CAN-2004-0414.  Please see <> for more information.
 280Changes from 1.11.15 to 1.11.16:
 285* A potential buffer overflow vulnerability in the server has been fixed.
 286  Prior to this patch, a malicious client could potentially use carefully
 287  crafted server requests to run arbitrary programs on the CVS server machine.
 288  This addresses the Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures Project's issue
 289  #CAN-2004-0396.  Please see <> for more information.
 293* The Microsoft Visual C++ workspace and project files have been repaired and
 294  regenerated with MSVC++ 6.0.
 296* The cvs.1 man page is now generated automatically from a section of the CVS
 297  Manual.
 299* Thanks to a report from Mark Andrews at the Internet Systems Consortium, the
 300  :ext: connection method no longer relies on a transparent transport that uses
 301  an argument processor that can handle arbitrary ordering of options and other
 302  arguments when using a username other than the caller's.
 304* Thanks to Ken Raeburn at MIT, directory deletion, whether via `cvs release'
 305  or empty directory pruning, now works on network shares under Windows XP.
 307Changes from 1.11.14 to 1.11.15:
 312* Piped checkouts of paths above $CVSROOT no longer work.  Previously, clients
 313  could have requested the contents of RCS archive files anywhere on a CVS
 314  server.  This addresses CVE issue CAN-2004-0405.  Please see
 315  <> for more information.
 319* Clients now check paths from the server to verify that they are within one of
 320  the sandboxes the user requested be updated.  Previously, a trojan server
 321  could have written or overwritten files anywhere the user had access,
 322  presenting a serious security risk.  This addresses CVE issue CAN-2004-1080.
 323  Please see <> for more information.
 327* Method options (used by WinCVS & CVS 1.12.7+) in CVSROOTs are ignored.
 329* Configure no longer checks the $TMPDIR, $TMP, & $TEMP variables to set the
 330  default temporary directory.
 332* CVS on Cygwin correctly handles X:\ style paths.
 334* Import now uses backslash rather than slash on Windows when checking for
 335  "CVS" directories to ignore in import commands.
 337* Relative paths containing up-references (`..') should now work in
 338  client/server mode (client fix).
 340* A race condition between the ordering of messages from CVS and messages from
 341  called scripts in client/server mode has been removed (server fix).
 343* Resurrected files now get their modes and timestamps set correctly and a
 344  longstanding bug involving resurrection of an uncommitted removal has been
 345  fixed (server fix).
 347* Some resurrection (cvs add) status messages have changed slightly.
 349* `cvs release' now works with Kerberos or GSSAPI encryption enabled (server
 350  fix).
 352* File resurrection from a previously existing revision no longer just reports
 353  that it works (server fix).
 355* Misc error & status message corrections.
 357* Diffing of locally added files against arbitrary revisions in an RCS archive
 358  is now allowed when a file of the same name exists or used to exist on some
 359  branch (server fix).
 361* Misc documentation fixes.
 363Changes from 1.11.13 to 1.11.14:
 368* Imports will now always ignore directories and files named `CVS' to avoid
 369  violating assumptions made by other parts of CVS.
 371* A problem with `cvs release' of subdirs that could corrupt CVS/Entries files
 372  has been fixed (client/server).
 374* The CVS server's protocol check for unused data from the client is no longer
 375  called automatically at program exit in order to avoid potential recursive
 376  calls to error when the first close is due to memory allocation or similar
 377  problems that cause calls to error() to fail.  The check is still made when
 378  the server program exits normally.
 380* The spec file has been updated to work with more recent versions of RPM.
 382* Several memory leaks have been plugged (client/server).
 386* Misc cosmetic, readability, and commenting fixes.
 388Changes from 1.11.12 to 1.11.13:
 393* Several memory leaks have been plugged.
 395* Thanks to Ville Skyttä the man page has a few less spelling errors and is
 396  slightly more accurate.
 398* An unlikely potential segfault when using the :fork: connection method has
 399  been fixed.
 401* The CVS server has had the protocol check for unused data from the client
 402  partially restored.
 404* A fix has been included that should avoid a very rare race condition that
 405  could cause a CVS server to exit with a "broken pipe" message.
 407* A minor problem with the nmake build file that was preventing the source from
 408  compiling under Windows has been fixed.
 410* Tests have been added to the test suite.
 414* Misc cosmetic, readability, and commenting fixes.
 416Changes from 1.11.11 to 1.11.12:
 421* Infinite alias loops in the modules file are now checked for and avoided.
 423* Clients on case insensitive systems now preserve the case of directories in
 424  CVS/Entries, in addition to files, for use in communications with the CVS
 425  server.
 427* Some previously untested behavior is now being tested.
 429* Server support for case insensitive clients has been removed in favor of the
 430  server relying on the client to preserve the case of checked out files, as
 431  per the CVS client/server protocol spec.  This is not as drastic as it may
 432  sound, as all of the current tests still pass without modification when run
 433  from a case insensitive client to a case sensitive server.  This change
 434  disables little previous functionality, enables access to more of the
 435  possible namespace to users on systems with case insensitive file systems,
 436  fixes a few bugs, and in the end this should provide a major stability
 437  improvement.
 439* Thanks to Ville Skyttä the man page is a bit more accurate.
 441* Thanks to Ville Skyttä some unused variables were removed from the log_accum
 442  Perl script in contrib.
 444* Thanks to Alexey Mahotkin, a bug that prevented CVS from being compiled with
 445  Kerberos 4 authentication enabled has been fixed.
 447* A minor bug that caused CVS to fail to report an inifinte alias loop in the
 448  modules file when portions of the alias definition contained trailing slashes
 449  has been fixed.
 451* A bug in the gzip code that could cause heap corruption and segfaults in CVS
 452  servers talking to clients less than 1.8 and some modern third-party CVS
 453  clients has been fixed.
 455* is now included with the source distribution so that the rcs2log
 456  and cvsbug executables may be run on systems which do not contain an
 457  implementation of mktemp.
 459* Misc documentation fixes.
 461Changes from 1.11.10 to 1.11.11:
 466* pserver can no longer be configured to run as root via the
 467  $CVSROOT/CVSROOT/passwd file, so if your passwd file is compromised, it no
 468  longer leads directly to a root hack.  Attempts to root will also be logged
 469  via the syslog.
 471Changes from 1.11.9 to 1.11.10:
 476* Malformed module requests could cause the CVS server to attempt to create
 477  directories and possibly files at the root of the filesystem holding the CVS
 478  repository.  Filesystem permissions usually prevent the creation of these
 479  misplaced directories, but nevertheless, the CVS server now rejects the
 480  malformed requests.
 484* Case insensitive clients using a case sensitive server can now use a
 485  `cvs rm -f file; cvs add FILE' command sequence to add a file with the same
 486  name in a new case.
 488* CVSROOTs which contain a symlink to a real repository should work.
 490* The configure script now tests whether it is building CVS on a case
 491  insensitive file system.  If it is, CVS assumes that all file systems on this
 492  platform will be case insensitive.  This is useful for getting the case
 493  insensitivity flag set correctly when compiling on Mac OS X and under Cygwin
 494  on Windows.  Autodetection can be overridden using the
 495  --disable-case-sensitivity and --enable-case-sensitivity arguments to
 496  configure.
 498* A behavior change in `cvs up -jrev1 -jrev2' for modified files with a base
 499  revision of rev2 (ie, checked-out version matches rev2 and file has been
 500  modified).  The operation is no longer ignored and instead is passed to
 501  diff3.  This will potentially re-apply the diffs between the two revisions to
 502  a modified local file.  Status messages like from a standard merge have also
 503  been added when the file would not or does not change due to this merge
 504  request ("[file] already contains the changes between [revisions]...").
 506* A bug which could stop `cvs admin -mTAG:message' from recursing has been
 507  fixed.
 509* Misc documentation cleanup and fixes.
 511* Some of the contrib scripts, some of the documentation, and were
 512  modified to use and recommend more portable commands rather than using and
 513  recommending commands which were not compatible with the POSIX 1003.1-2001
 514  specification.
 518* A new set of tests to test issues specific to case insensitive clients and
 519  servers has also been added.
 521* Support has been added to the test suite to support testing over a :ext: link
 522  to another machine, subject to some stringent requirements.  This support can
 523  be used, for instance, to test the operation of a case insensitive client
 524  against a case sensitive server.  Please see the comments in TEST and the
 525  src/ test script itself for more.
 527* We've standardized on Automake 1.7.9 to get a bug fix.  See the note below
 528  on the Autoconf upgrade for more details.
 530* We've standardized on Autoconf version 2.58 to avoid a bug and get at a few
 531  new macros.  Again, this should only really affect developers, though it is
 532  possible that CVS will now compile on a few new platforms.  Please see the
 533  section of the INSTALL file about using the autotools if you are compiling
 534  CVS yourself.
 536Changes from 1.11.8 to 1.11.9:
 538* CVS now knows how to report, as well as record, `P' record types.
 540* When running the `cvs history' command, clients will now send the
 541  long-accepted `-e' option, for all records, rather than explicitly requesting
 542  `P' record types, a request which servers prior to 1.11.7 will reject with a
 543  fatal error message.
 545* A problem with locating files requested by case insensitive clients which was
 546  accidentally introduced in 1.11.6 as part of a fix for a data loss problem
 547  involving `cvs add's from case insensitive clients has been fixed.  The
 548  relevant error message was `cvs [<command> aborted]: filE,v is ambiguous;
 549  could mean FILE,v or file,v'.
 551* Attempts to use the global `-l' option, removed from both client and server
 552  as of version 1.11.6, will now elicit a warning rather than a fatal error
 553  from the server.
 555Changes from 1.11.7 to 1.11.8:
 557* A problem in the CVS getpass library that could cause passwords to echo on
 558  some systems has been fixed.
 560Changes from 1.11.6 to 1.11.7:
 562* A segfault that could occur in very rare cases where the stat of a file
 563  failed during a diff has been fixed.
 565* Any user with write privleges to the CVSROOT/checkoutlist file could pass
 566arbitrary format strings directly through to a printf function.  This was
 567probably bad and has been fixed.  White space at the beginning of error strings
 568in checkoutlist is now ignored properly.
 570* In client/server mode, most messages from CVS now contain the actual
 571command name rather than the generic "server".
 573* A long-standing bug that prevented most client/server updates from being
 574logged in the history file has been fixed.
 576* Updates done via a patch ("P" status) are now logged in the history file
 577by default and the corresponding "P" history record type is now documented.
 578If you're setting the LogHistory option in your CVSROOT/config file, you may
 579want to add "P" to the list of record types.
 581* CVS now will always compile and its own getpass() function (originally from
 582GNULIB) in favor of any system one that may exist.  This avoids some problems
 583with long passwords on some systems and updates us to POSIX.2 compliance, since
 584getpass() was removed from the POSIX.2 specification.
 586* A bug that allowed a write lock to be created in a directory despite
 587there being existing read locks when using LockDir in CVSROOT/config has
 588been fixed.
 590* A bug with short patches (`rdiff -s') which caused rdiff to sometimes report
 591differences that did not exist has been fixed.
 593* Some minor corrections were made to the diff code to keep diff & rdiff from
 594printing diff headers with empty change texts when two files have different
 595revision numbers but the same content.
 597* The global '-l' option, which suppressed history logging, has been removed
 598from both client and server.
 600Changes from 1.11.5 to 1.11.6:
 602* A warning message is now issued if an administrative file contains
 603more than one DEFAULT entry.
 605* An error running a verifymsg script (such as referencing an unset user
 606variable or the script not existing) now causes the verification to
 609* Errors in administrative files commands (like unset user variables)
 610are no longer reported unless the command is actually executed.
 612* When a file is initially checked out, its last access time is now set
 613to the current time rather than being set to the time the file was last
 614checked in like the modification time is.
 616* The Checkin.prog and Update.prog functionality has been removed.  This
 617fuctionality previously allowed executables to be specified in the modules file
 618to be run at update and checkin time, but users could edit these files on a per
 619workspace basis, creating a security hole.
 621* contrib/rcs2log and src/cvsbug now use the BSD mktemp program to create
 622their temp files and directories on systems which provide it.
 624* Corrected the path in a failed write error message.
 626* Autoconf and Automake are no longer run automatically unless you run
 627configure with --enable-maintainer-mode.  Accordingly, is
 628no longer needed and has been removed.
 630* We've standardized on Automake version 1.7.5 and Autoconf version 2.57 to get
 631at a few new macros.  Again, this should only really affect developers.  See
 632the section of the INSTALL file about using the autotools if you are compiling
 633CVS yourself.
 635Changes from 1.11.4 to 1.11.5:
 637* Fixed a security hole in the CVS server by which users with read only access
 638could gain write access.  This issue does not affect client builds.  The
 639Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures project ( has assigned the
 640name CAN-2003-0015 to this issue.  See
 641<> for more
 644* Fixed some bugs where revision numbers starting with 0 (like 0.3)
 645weren't correctly handled.  (CVS doesn't normally use such revision
 646numbers, but users may be able to force it to do so and old RCS files
 649Changes from 1.11.3 to 1.11.4:
 651* Some minor changes to allow the code to compile on Windows platforms.
 653Changes from 1.11.2 to 1.11.3:
 655* The tag/rtag code has been fixed to once again lock just a single
 656directory at a time.
 658* There was a bug where certain error conditions could cause the server
 659to go into an infinite loop.  There was also a bug that caused a
 660compressed connection from an older client to hang on shutdown.  These
 661bugs have been fixed.
 663* Fixed a bug that caused the server to reject most watch commands.
 665* When waiting for another user's lock, the message timestamps are now
 666in UTC rather than the server's local time.
 668* The options.h file is no longer used.  This fixes a bug that occurred when
 6691.11.2 was compiled on Windows platforms.
 671* We've standardized on Automake version 1.6.3 and Autoconf version 2.53.
 672They are cleaner, less bug prone, and will hopfully allow me to start updating to use Autotest and Autoshell.  Again, this should only really affect
 674developers.  See the section of the INSTALL file about using the autotools if
 675you are compiling CVS yourself.
 677* Fixed a bug in the log/rlog code when a revision range crosses a
 678branch point.
 680* Fixed a bug where filenames starting with - would be misinterpreted as
 681options when using client/server mode.
 683Changes from 1.11.1p1 to 1.11.2:
 685* There is a new feature, enabled by RereadLogAfterVerify in CVSROOT/config,
 686which tells CVS to reread the log message after running the verifymsg
 687script.  This allows the verifymsg script to reformat or otherwise
 688modify the log message.
 690* The interpretation of revision ranges using :: in "log" and "rlog"
 691has changed: a::b now excludes the log message from revision a but
 692includes the log message from revision b.  Also, revision ranges that
 693cross branch points should now work.
 695* zlib has been updated to version 1.4.  There is a security advisory
 696out in regards to 1.3.  This should fix that problem.
 698* The "log" and "rlog" commands now have a -S option to suppress the
 699header information when no revisions are selected.
 701* A serious error that allowed read-only users to tag files has been
 704* The "annotate" command will no longer annotate binary files unless
 705you specify the new -F option.
 707* The "tag" and "rtag" commands will no longer move or delete branch
 708tags unless you use the new -B option.  (This prevents accidental
 709changes to branch tags that are hard to undo.)
 711* We've standardized on the 1.5 Automake release for the moment.  Again, this
 712should only really affect developers.  See the section of the INSTALL file
 713about using the autotools if you are compiling CVS yourself.
 715Changes from 1.11.1 to 1.11.1p1:
 717* Read only access was broken - now fixed.
 719Changes from 1.11 to 1.11.1:
 721* There was a locking bug in the tag/rtag code that could lose changes
 722made to a file while the tag operation was in progress.  This has been
 723fixed, but all of the directories being tagged are now locked for the
 724entire duration of the tag operation rather than only one directory at a
 727* The "cvs diff" command now accepts the -y/--side=by-side and -T/
 728--initial-tab options.  (To use these options with a remote repository,
 729both the client and the server must support them.)
 731* The expansion of the loginfo format string has changed slightly. 
 732Previously, the expansion was surrounded by single quotes ('); if a file
 733name contained a single quote character, the string would not be parsed
 734as a single entity by the Unix shell (and it would not be possible to
 735parse it unambiguously).  Now the expansion is surrounded by double
 736quotes (") and any embedded dollar signs ($), backticks (`), backslashes
 737(\), and double quotes are preceded by a backslash.  This is parsed as a
 738single entity by the shell reguardless of content.  This change should
 739not be noticable unless you're not using a Unix shell or you have
 740embedded the format string inside a double quoted string.
 742* There was a bug in the diff code which sometimes caused conflicts to
 743be flagged which shouldn't have been.  This has been fixed.
 745* New "cvs rlog" and "cvs rannotate" commands have been added to get log
 746messages and annotations without having to have a checked-out copy.
 748* Exclusive revision ranges have been added to "cvs log" using ::
 749(similar to "cvs admin -o").
 751* The VMS client now accepts wildcards if you're running VMS 7.x.
 753* ZLIB has been updated to version 1.1.3, the most current version.  This
 754includes mostly some optimizations and minor bug fixes.
 756* The ~/.cvspass file has a slightly modified format.  CVSROOTs are now
 757stored in a new canonical form - hostnames are now case insensitive and
 758port numbers are always stored in the new format.  Until a new login for
 759a particular CVSROOT is performed with the new version of CVS, new and
 760old versions of CVS should interoperate invisibly.  After that point, an
 761extra login using the old version of CVS may be necessary to continue to
 762allow the new and old versions of CVS to interoperate using the same
 763~/.cvspass file and CVSROOT. The exception to this rule occurs when the
 764CVSROOTs used with the different versions use case insensitively
 765different hostnames, for example, "empress", and "".
 767* A password and a port number may now be specified in CVSROOT for
 768pserver connections.  The new format is:
 770    :pserver:[[user][:password]@]host[:[port]]/path
 772Note that passwords specified in a checkout command will be saved in the
 773clear in the CVS/Root file in each created directory, so this is not
 774recommended, except perhaps when accessing anonymous repositories or the
 777* The distribution has been converted to use Automake.  This shouldn't
 778affect most users except to ease some portability concerns, but if you
 779are building from the repository and encounter problems with the
 780makefiles, you might try running ./ after a fresh update
 783Changes from 1.10 to 1.11:
 785* The "cvs update" command has a new -C option to get clean copies from
 786the repository, abandoning any local changes.
 788* The new "cvs version" command gives a short version message.  If
 789the repository is remote, both the client and server versions are
 792* "cvs admin -t" now works correctly in client/server mode.
 794* The "cvs history" command output format has changed -- the date
 795now includes the year and is given is ISO 8601 format (yyyy-mm-dd).
 796Also, the new LogHistory option in CVSROOT/config can be used to
 797control what information gets recorded in the log file and code has
 798been added to record file removals.
 800* The buggy PreservePermissions code has been disabled.
 802* Anonymous read-only access can now be done without requiring a
 803password.  On the server side, simply give that user (presumably
 804`anonymous') an empty password in the CVSROOT/passwd file, and then
 805any received password will authenticate successfully.
 807* There is a new access method :fork: which is similar to :local:
 808except that it is implemented via the CVS remote protocol, and thus
 809has a somewhat different set of quirks and bugs.
 811* The -d command line option no longer updates the CVS/Root file.  For
 812one thing, the CVS 1.9/1.10 behavior never had updated CVS/Root in
 813subdirectories, and for another, it didn't seem that popular in
 814general.  So this change restores the CVS 1.8 behavior (which is also
 815the CVS 1.9/1.10 behavior if the environment variable
 816CVS_IGNORE_REMOTE_ROOT is set; with this change,
 817CVS_IGNORE_REMOTE_ROOT no longer has any effect).
 819* It is now possible for a single CVS command to recurse into several
 820CVS roots.  This includes roots which are located on several servers,
 821or which are both remote and local.  CVS will make connections to as
 822many servers as necessary.
 824* It is now possible to put the CVS lock files in a directory
 825set by the new LockDir option in CVSROOT/config.  The default
 826continues to be to put the lock files in the repository itself.
 828Changes from 1.9 to 1.10:
 830* A bug was discovered in the -t/-f wrapper support that can cause
 831serious data loss.  Because of this (and also the fact that it doesn't
 832work at all in client/server mode), the -t/-f wrapper code has been
 833disabled until it can be fixed.
 835* There is a new feature, enabled by TopLevelAdmin in CVSROOT/config,
 836which tells CVS to modify the behavior of the "checkout" command.  The
 837command now creates a CVS directory at the top level of the new
 838working directory, in addition to CVS directories created within
 839checked-out directories.  See the Cederqvist for details.
 841* There is an optional set of features, enabled by PreservePermissions
 842in CVSROOT/config, which allow CVS to store unix-specific file
 843information such as permissions, file ownership, and links.  See the
 844Cederqvist for details.
 846* One can now authenticate and encrypt using the GSSAPI network
 847security interface.  For details see the Cederqvist's description of
 848specifying :gserver: in CVSROOT, and the -a global option.
 850* All access to RCS files is now implemented internally rather than by
 851calling RCS programs.  The main user-visible consequence of this is
 852that there is no need to worry about making sure that CVS finds the
 853correct version of RCS.  The -b global option and the RCSBIN setting
 854in CVSROOT/config are still accepted but don't do anything.  The
 855$RCSBIN internal variable in administrative files is no longer
 858* There is a new syntax, "cvs admin -orev1::rev2", which collapses the
 859revisions between rev1 and rev2 without deleting rev1 or rev2
 862* There is a new administrative file CVSROOT/config which allows one
 863to specify miscellaneous aspects of CVS configuration.  Currently
 864supported here:
 866  - SystemAuth, allows you to prevent pserver from checking for system
 867  usernames/passwords.
 869For more information see the "config" section of cvs.texinfo.
 871* When setting up the pserver server, one now must specify the
 872allowable CVSROOT directories in inetd.conf.  See the Password
 873authentication server section of cvs.texinfo for details.  Note that
 874this implies that everyone who is running a pserver server must edit
 875inetd.conf when upgrading their CVS.
 877* The client no longer needs an external patch program (assuming both
 878the client and the server have been updated to the new version).
 880* "cvs admin [options]" will now recurse.  In previous versions of
 881CVS, it was an error and one needed to specify "cvs admin [options] ."
 882to recurse.  This change brings admin in line with the other CVS
 885* New "logout" command to remove the password for a remote cvs
 886repository from the cvspass file.
 888* Read-only repository access is implemented for the
 889password-authenticated server (other access methods are just governed
 890by Unix file permissions, since they require login access to the
 891repository machine anyway).  See the "Repository" section of
 892cvs.texinfo for details, including a discussion of security issues.
 893Note that the requirement that read-only users be able to create locks
 894and write the history file still applies.
 896* There is a new administrative file verifymsg which is like editinfo
 897but merely validates the message, rather than also getting it from the
 898user.  It therefore works with client/server CVS or if one uses the -m
 899or -F options to commit.  See the verifymsg section of cvs.texinfo for
 902* The %s format formerly accepted in loginfo has been extended to
 903formats such as %{sVv}, so that loginfo scripts have access to the
 904version numbers being changed.  See the Loginfo section of cvs.texinfo
 905for details.
 907* The postscript documentation (doc/ shipped with CVS is now
 908formatted for US letter size instead of A4.  This is not because we
 909consider this size "better" than A4, but because we believe that the
 910US letter version will print better on A4 paper than the other way
 913* The "cvs export" command is now logged in the history file and there
 914is a "cvs history -x E" command to select history file entries
 915produced by export.
 917* CVS no longer uses the CVS_PASSWORD environment variable.  Storing
 918passwords in cleartext in an environment variable is a security risk,
 919especially since (on BSD variants) any user on the system can display
 920any process's environment using 'ps'.  Users should use the 'cvs
 921login' command instead.
 924Changes from 1.8 to 1.9:
 926* Windows NT client should now work on Windows 95 as well.
 928* New option "--help-synonyms" prints a list of all recognized command
 931* The "log" command is now implemented internally rather than via the
 932RCS "rlog" program.  The main user-visible consequence is that
 933symbolic branch names now work (for example "cvs log -rbranch1").
 934Also, the date formats accepted by -d have changed.  They previously
 935had been a bewildering variety of poorly-documented date formats.  Now
 936they are the same as the date formats accepted by the -D options to
 937the other CVS commands, which is also a (different) bewildering
 938variety of poorly-documented date formats, but at least we are
 939consistently bewildering :-).
 941* Encryption is now supported over a Kerberos client/server
 942connection.  The new "-x" global option requests it.  You must
 943configure with the --enable-encryption option in order to enable
 946* The format of the CVS commit message has changed slightly when
 947committing changes on a branch.  The tag on which the commit is
 948ocurring is now reported correctly in all cases.
 950* New flag -k in wrappers allows you to specify the keyword expansion
 951mode for added files based on their name.  For example, you can
 952specify that files whose name matches *.exe are binary by default.
 953See the Wrappers section of cvs.texinfo for more details.
 955* Remote CVS with the "-z" option now uses the zlib library (included
 956with CVS) to compress all communication between the client and the
 957server, rather than invoking gzip on each file separately.  This means
 958that compression is better and there is no need for an external gzip
 959program (except to interoperate with older version of CVS).
 961* The "cvs rlog" command is deprecated and running it will print a
 962warning; use the synonymous "cvs log" command instead.  It is
 963confusing for rlog to mean the same as log because some other CVS
 964commands are in pairs consisting of a plain command which operates on
 965a working directory and an "r" command which does not (diff/rdiff;
 968* "cvs diff" has a bunch of new options, mostly long options.  Most of
 969these work only if rcsdiff and diff support them, and are named the
 970same as the corresponding options to diff.
 972* The -q and -Q command options to "cvs diff" were removed (use the
 973global options instead).  This brings "cvs diff" into line with the
 974rest of the CVS commands.
 976* The "annotate" command can now be used to annotate a revision other
 977than the head revision on the trunk (see the -r, -D, and -f options in
 978the annotate node of cvs.texinfo for details).
 980* The "tag" command has a new option "-c" which checks that all files
 981  are not locally modified before tagging.
 983* The -d command line option now overrides the cvsroot setting stored
 984in the CVS/Root file in each working directory, and specifying -d will
 985cause CVS/Root to be updated.
 987* Local (non-client/server) CVS now runs on Windows NT.  See
 988windows-NT/README for details.
 990* The CVSROOT variable specification has changed to support more
 991access methods.  In addition to "pserver," "server" (internal rsh
 992client), "ext" (external rsh client), "kserver" (kerberos), and
 993"local" (local filesystem access) can now be specified.  For more
 994details on each method, see cvs.texinfo (there is an index entry for
 995:local: and each of the other access methods).
 997* The "login" command no longer prompts the user for username and
 998hostname, since one will have to provide that information via the `-d'
 999flag or by setting CVSROOT.
1001Changes from 1.7 to 1.8:
1003* New "cvs annotate" command to display the last modification for each
1004line of a file, with the revision number, user checking in the
1005modification, and date of the modification.  For more information see
1006the `annotate' node in cvs.texinfo.
1008* The cvsinit shell script has been replaced by a cvs init command.
1009The cvs init command creates some example administrative files which
1010are similar to the files found in the examples directory (and copied
1011by cvsinit) in previous releases.
1013* Added the patterns *.olb *.exe _$* *$ to default ignore list.
1015* There is now a $USER internal variable for *info files.
1017* There is no longer a separate `mkmodules' program; the functionality
1018is now built into `cvs'.  If upgrading an old repository, it is OK to
1019leave in the lines in the modules file which run mkmodules (the
1020mkmodules actions will get done twice, but that is harmless); you will
1021probably want to remove them once you are no longer using the old CVS.
1023* One can now specify user variables in *info files via the
1024${=varname} syntax; there is a -s global option to set them.  See the
1025Variables node in cvs.texinfo for details.
1027Changes from 1.6 to 1.7:
1029* The default ignore list has changed slightly: *.obj has been added
1030and CVS* has been changed to CVS CVS.adm.
1032* CVS now supports password authentication when accessing remote
1033repositories; this is useful for sites that can't use rsh (because of
1034a firewall, for example), and also don't have kerberos.  See node
1035"Password authenticated" (in "Remote repositories", in
1036doc/cvs.texinfo) for more details.  Note: This feature requires both
1037the client and server to be upgraded.
1039* Using the -kb option to specify binary files now works--most cases
1040did not work before.  See the "Binary files" section of
1041doc/cvs.texinfo for details.
1043* New developer communication features.  See the "Watches" section of
1044doc/cvs.texinfo for details.
1046* RCS keyword "Name" supported for "cvs update -r <tag>" and "cvs
1047checkout -r <tag>".
1049* If there is a group whose name matches a compiled in value which
1050defaults to "cvsadmin", only members of that group can use "cvs
1051admin".  This replaces the CVS_NOADMIN option.
1053* CVS now sets the modes of files in the repository based on the
1054CVSUMASK environment variable or a compiled in value defaulting to
1055002.  This way other developers will be able to access the files in
1056the repository regardless of the umask of the developer creating them.
1058* The command names in .cvsrc now match the official name of the
1059command, not the one (possibly an alias) by which it was invoked.  If
1060you had previously relied on "cvs di" and "cvs diff" using different
1061options, instead use a shell function or alias (for example "alias
1062cvsdi='cvs diff -u'").  You also can specify global CVS options (like
1063"-z") using the command name "cvs".
1065Changes from 1.5 to 1.6:
1067* Del updated the man page to include all of the new features
1068of CVS 1.6.
1070* "cvs tag" now supports a "-r | -D" option for tagging an already
1071tagged revision / specific revision of a file.
1073* There is a "taginfo" file in CVSROOT that supports filtering and
1074recording of tag operations.
1076* Long options support added, including --help and --version options.
1078* "cvs release" no longer cares whether or not the directory being
1079released has an entry in the `modules' file.
1081* The modules file now takes a -e option which is used instead of -o
1082for "cvs export".  If your modules file has a -o option which you want
1083to be used for "cvs export", change it to specify -e as well as -o.
1085* "cvs export" now takes a -k option to set RCS keyword expansion.
1086This way you can export binary files.  If you want the old behavior,
1087you need to specify -kv.
1089* "cvs update", "cvs rdiff", "cvs checkout", "cvs import", "cvs
1090release", "cvs rtag", and "cvs tag" used to take -q and -Q options
1091after the command name (e.g. "cvs update -q").  This was confusing
1092because other commands, such as "cvs ci", did not.  So the options
1093after the command name have been removed and you must now specify, for
1094example, "cvs -q update", which has been supported since CVS 1.3.
1096* New "wrappers" feature.  This allows you to set a hook which
1097transforms files on their way in and out of cvs (apparently on the
1098NeXT there is some particular usefulness in tarring things up in the
1099repository).  It also allows you to declare files as merge-by-copy
1100which means that instead of trying to merge the file, CVS will merely
1101copy the new version.  There is a CVSROOT/cvswrappers file and an
1102optionsl ~/.cvswrappers file to support this feature.
1104* You can set CVSROOT to user@host:dir, not just host:dir, if your
1105username on the server host is different than on the client host.
1107* VISUAL is accepted as well as EDITOR.
1109* $CVSROOT is expanded in *info files.
1111Changes from 1.4A2 to 1.5:
1113* Remote implementation.  This is very helpful when collaborating on a
1114project with someone across a wide-area network.  This release can
1115also be used locally, like other CVS versions, if you have no need for
1116remote access.
1118Here are some of the features of the remote implementation:
1119- It uses reliable transport protocols (TCP/IP) for remote repository
1120  access, not NFS.  NFS is unusable over long distances (and sometimes
1121  over short distances)
1122- It transfers only those files that have changed in the repository or
1123  the working directory.  To save transmission time, it will transfer
1124  patches when appropriate, and can compress data for transmission.
1125- The server never holds CVS locks while waiting for a reply from the client;
1126  this makes the system robust when used over flaky networks.
1128The remote features are documented in doc/cvsclient.texi in the CVS
1129distribution, but the main doc file, cvs.texinfo, has not yet been
1130updated to include the remote features.
1132* Death support.  See src/README-rm-add for more information on this.
1134* Many speedups, especially from
1136* CVS 1.2 compatibility code has been removed as a speedup.  If you
1137have working directories checked out by CVS 1.2, CVS 1.3 or 1.4A2 will
1138try to convert them, but CVS 1.5 and later will not (if the working
1139directory is up to date and contains no extraneous files, you can just
1140remove it, and then check out a new working directory).  Likewise if
1141your repository contains a CVSROOT.adm directory instead of a CVSROOT
1142directory, you need to rename it.
1144Fri Oct 21 20:58:54 1994  Brian Berliner  <>
1146	* Changes between CVS 1.3 and CVS 1.4 Alpha-2
1148	* A new program, "cvsbug", is provided to let you send bug reports
1149	directly to the CVS maintainers.  Please use it instead of sending
1150	mail to the info-cvs mailing list.  If your build fails, you may
1151	have to invoke "cvsbug" directly from the "src" directory as
1152	"src/".
1154	* A new User's Guide and Tutorial, written by Per Cederqvist
1155	<> of Signum Support.  See the "doc" directory.  A
1156	PostScript version is included as "doc/".
1158	* The Frequesntly Asked Questions file, FAQ, has been added to the
1159	release.  Unfortunately, its contents are likely out-of-date.
1161	* The "cvsinit" shell script is now installed in the $prefix/bin
1162	directory like the other programs.  You can now create new
1163	CVS repositories with great ease.
1165	* Index: lines are now printed on output from 'diff' and 'rdiff',
1166	in order to facilitate application of patches to multiple subdirs.
1168	* Support for a ~/.cvsrc file, which allows you to specify options
1169	that are always supposed to be given to a specific command.  This
1170	feature shows the non-orthogonality of the option set, since while
1171	there may be an option to turn something on, the option to turn
1172	that same thing off may not exist.
1174	* You can now list subdirectories that you wish to ignore in a
1175	modules listing, such as:
1177		gcc  -a gnu/gcc, !gnu/gcc/testsuites
1179	which will check out everything underneath gnu/gcc, except
1180	everything underneath gnu/gcc/testsuites.
1182	* It is now much harder to accidentally overwrite an existing tag
1183	name, since attempting to move a tag name will result in a error,
1184	unless the -F (force) flag is given to the tag subcommands.
1186	* Better error checking on matching of the repository used to
1187	check code out from against the repository the current cvs
1188	commnands would use. (Thanks to Mark Baushke <>)
1190	* Better support for sites with multiple CVSROOT repositories has
1191	been contributed.  The file "CVS/Root" in your working directory
1192	is created to hold the full path to the CVS repository and a
1193	simple check is made against your current CVSROOT setting.
1195	* You can now specify an RCS keyword substitution value when you
1196	import files into the repository.
1198	* Uses a much newer version of Autoconf, and conforms to the GNU
1199	coding standards much more closely.  No, it still doesn't have
1200	long option names.
1202	* Code cleanup.  Many passes through gcc -Wall helped to identify
1203	a number of questionable constructs.  Most arbitrary length limits
1204	were removed.
1206	* Profiling to determine bottlenecks helped to identify the best
1207	places to spend time speeding up the code, which was then done.  A
1208	number of performance enhancements in filename matching have sped
1209	up checkouts.
1211	* Many more contributions have been added to the "contrib"
1212	directory.  See the README file in that directory for more
1213	information.
1215	* "cvs commit" will try harder to not change the file's
1216	modification time after the commit.  If the file does not change
1217	as a result of the commit operation, CVS will preserve the
1218	original modification time, thus speeding up future make-type
1219	builds.
1221	* "cvs commit" now includes any removed files in the (optional)
1222	pre-commit checking program that may be invoked.  Previously, only
1223	added and modified files were included.
1225	* It is now possible to commit a file directly onto the trunk at a
1226	specific revision level by doing "cvs commit -r3.0 file.c", where
1227	"3.0" specifies the revision you wish to create.  The file must be
1228	up-to-date with the current head of the trunk for this to succeed.
1230	* "cvs commit" will now function with a pre-commit program that
1231	has arguments specified in the "commitinfo" file.
1233	* The "mkmodules" program will now look within the
1234	$CVSROOT/CVSROOT/checkoutlist" file for any additional files that
1235	should be automatically checked out within CVSROOT; mkmodules also
1236	tries harder to preserve any execute bits the files may have
1237	originally had.
1239	* "cvs diff" is much more accurate about its exit status now.  It
1240	now returns the maximum exit status of any invoked diff.
1242	* The "-I !" option is now supported for the import and update
1243	commands correctly.  It will properly clear the ignore list now.
1245	* Some problems with "cvs import" handling of .cvsignore have been
1246	fixed; as well, some rampant recursion problems with import have
1247	also been fixed.
1249	* "cvs rdiff" (aka "cvs patch") now tries to set the modify time
1250	of any temporary files it uses to match those specified for the
1251	particular revision.  This allows a more accurate patch image to
1252	be created.
1254	* "cvs status" has improved revision descriptions.  "Working
1255	revision" is used for the revision of the working file that you
1256	edit directly; "Repository revision" is the revision of the file
1257	with the $CVSROOT source repository.  Also, the output is clearer
1258	with regard to sticky and branch revisions.
1260	* CVS no longer dumps core when given a mixture of directories and
1261	files in sub-directories (as in "cvs ci file1 dir1/file2").
1262	Instead, arguments are now clumped into their respective directory
1263	and operated on in chunks, together.
1265	* If the CVSEDITOR environment variable is set, that editor is
1266	used for log messages instead of the EDITOR environment variable.
1267	This makes it easy to substitute intelligent programs to make more
1268	elaborate log messages.  Contributed by Mark D Baushke
1269	(
1271	* Command argument changes:
1272	cvs:			The "-f" option has been added to ignore
1273				the ~/.cvsrc file.
1274	commit:			Renamed the "-f logfile" option to the
1275				"-F logfile" option.  Added the "-f"
1276				option to force a commit of the specified
1277				files (this disables recursion).
1278	history:		Added "-t timezone" option to force any
1279				date-specific output into the specified
1280				timezone.
1281	import:			Added "-d" option to use the file's
1282				modification time as the time of the
1283				import. Added "-k sub" option to set the
1284				default RCS keyword substitution mode for
1285				newly-created files.
1286	remove:			Added "-f" option to force the file's
1287				automatic removal if it still exists in
1288				the working directory (use with caution).
1289	rtag:			Added "-F" option to move the tag if it
1290				already exists -- new default is to NOT
1291				move tags automatically.
1292	tag:			Added "-F" option to move the tag if it
1293				already exists -- new default is to NOT
1294				move tags automatically.
1296Tue Apr  7 15:55:25 1992  Brian Berliner  (berliner at
1298	* Changes between CVS 1.3 Beta-3 and official CVS 1.3!
1300	* A new shell script is provided, "./cvsinit", which can be run at
1301	install time to help setup your $CVSROOT area.  This can greatly
1302	ease your entry into CVS usage.
1304	* The INSTALL file has been updated to include the machines on
1305	which CVS has compiled successfully.  I think CVS 1.3 is finally
1306	portable.  Thanks to all the Beta testers!
1308	* Support for the "editinfo" file was contributed.  This file
1309	(located in $CVSROOT/CVSROOT) can be used to specify a special
1310	"editor" to run on a per-directory basis within the repository,
1311	instead of the usual user's editor.  As such, it can verify that
1312	the log message entered by the user is of the appropriate form
1313	(contains a bugid and test validation, for example).
1315	* The manual pages cvs(1) and cvs(5) have been updated.
1317	* The "mkmodules" command now informs you when your modules file
1318	has duplicate entries.
1320	* The "add" command now preserves any per-directory sticky tag when
1321	you add a new directory to your checked-out sources.
1323	* The "admin" command is now a fully recursive interface to the
1324	"rcs" program which operates on your checked-out sources.  It no
1325	longer requires you to specify the full path to the RCS file.
1327	* The per-file sticky tags can now be effectively removed with
1328	"cvs update -A file", even if you had checked out the whole
1329	directory with a per-directory sticky tag.  This allows a great
1330	deal of flexibility in managing the revisions that your checked-out
1331	sources are based upon (both per-directory and per-file sticky
1332	tags).
1334	* The "cvs -n commit" command now works, to show which files are
1335	out-of-date and will cause the real commit to fail, or which files
1336	will fail any pre-commit checks.  Also, the "cvs -n import ..."
1337	command will now show you what it would've done without actually
1338	doing it.
1340	* Doing "cvs commit modules" to checkin the modules file will no
1341	properly run the "mkmodules" program (assuming you have setup your
1342	$CVSROOT/CVSROOT/modules file to do so).
1344	* The -t option in the modules file (which specifies a program to
1345	run when you do a "cvs rtag" operation on a module) now gets the
1346	symbolic tag as the second argument when invoked.
1348	* When the source repository is locked by another user, that user's
1349	login name will be displayed as the holder of the lock.
1351	* Doing "cvs checkout module/file.c" now works even if
1352	module/file.c is in the Attic (has been removed from main-line
1353	development).
1355	* Doing "cvs commit */Makefile" now works as one would expect.
1356	Rather than trying to commit everything recursively, it will now
1357	commit just the files specified.
1359	* The "cvs remove" command is now fully recursive.  To schedule a
1360	file for removal, all you have to do is "rm file" and "cvs rm".
1361	With no arguments, "cvs rm" will schedule all files that have been
1362	physically removed for removal from the source repository at the
1363	next "cvs commit".
1365	* The "cvs tag" command now prints "T file" for each file that was
1366	tagged by this invocation and "D file" for each file that had the
1367	tag removed (as with "cvs tag -d").
1369	* The -a option has been added to "cvs rtag" to force it to clean
1370	up any old, matching tags for files that have been removed (in the
1371	Attic) that may not have been touched by this tag operation.  This
1372	can help keep a consistent view with your tag, even if you re-use
1373	it frequently.
1375Sat Feb 29 16:02:05 1992  Brian Berliner  (berliner at
1377	* Changes between CVS 1.3 Beta-2 and CVS 1.3 Beta-3
1379	* Many portability fixes, thanks to all the Beta testers!  With any
1380	luck, this Beta release will compile correctly on most anything.
1381	Hey, what are we without our dreams.
1383	* CVS finally has support for doing isolated development on a
1384	branch off the current (or previous!) revisions.  This is also
1385	extremely nice for generating patches for previously released
1386	software while development is progressing on the next release.
1387	Here's an example of creating a branch to fix a patch with the 2.0
1388	version of the "foo" module, even though we are already well into
1389	the 3.0 release.  Do:
1391		% cvs rtag -b -rFOO_2_0 FOO_2_0_Patch foo
1392		% cvs checkout -rFOO_2_0_Patch foo
1393		% cd foo
1394		[[ hack away ]]
1395		% cvs commit
1397	A physical branch will be created in the RCS file only when you
1398	actually commit the change.  As such, forking development at some
1399	random point in time is extremely light-weight -- requiring just a
1400	symbolic tag in each file until a commit is done.  To fork
1401	development at the currently checked out sources, do:
1403		% cvs tag -b Personal_Hack
1404		% cvs update -rPersonal_Hack
1405		[[ hack away ]]
1406		% cvs commit
1408	Now, if you decide you want the changes made in the Personal_Hack
1409	branch to be merged in with other changes made in the main-line
1410	development, you could do:
1412		% cvs commit		     # to make Personal_Hack complete
1413		% cvs update -A		     # to update sources to main-line
1414		% cvs update -jPersonal_Hack # to merge Personal_Hack
1416	to update your checked-out sources, or:
1418		% cvs checkout -jPersonal_Hack module
1420	to checkout a fresh copy.
1422	To support this notion of forked development, CVS reserves
1423	all even-numbered branches for its own use.  In addition, CVS
1424	reserves the ".0" and ".1" branches.  So, if you intend to do your
1425	own branches by hand with RCS, you should use odd-numbered branches
1426	starting with ".3", as in "1.1.3", "1.1.5", 1.2.9", ....
1428	* The "cvs commit" command now supports a fully functional -r
1429	option, allowing you to commit your changes to a specific numeric
1430	revision or symbolic tag with full consistency checks.  Numeric
1431	tags are useful for bringing your sources all up to some revision
1432	level:
1434		% cvs commit -r2.0
1436	For symbolic tags, you can only commit to a tag that references a
1437	branch in the RCS file.  One created by "cvs rtag -b" or from
1438	"cvs tag -b" is appropriate (see below).
1440	* Roland Pesch <> and K. Richard Pixley
1441	<> were kind enough to contribute two new manual
1442	pages for CVS: cvs(1) and cvs(5).  Most of the new CVS 1.3 features
1443	are now documented, with the exception of the new branch support
1444	added to commit/rtag/tag/checkout/update.
1446	* The -j options of checkout/update have been added.  The "cvs join"
1447	command has been removed.
1449	With one -j option, CVS will merge the changes made between the
1450	resulting revision and the revision that it is based on (e.g., if
1451	the tag refers to a branch, CVS will merge all changes made in
1452	that branch into your working file).
1454	With two -j options, CVS will merge in the changes between the two
1455	respective revisions.  This can be used to "remove" a certain delta
1456	from your working file.  E.g., If the file foo.c is based on
1457	revision 1.6 and I want to remove the changes made between 1.3 and
1458	1.5, I might do:
1460		% cvs update -j1.5 -j1.3 foo.c		# note the order...
1462	In addition, each -j option can contain on optional date
1463	specification which, when used with branches, can limit the chosen
1464	revision to one within a specific date.  An optional date is
1465	specified by adding a colon (:) to the tag, as in:
1467		-jSymbolic_Tag:Date_Specifier
1469	An example might be what "cvs import" tells you to do when you have
1470	just imported sources that have conflicts with local changes:
1472		% cvs checkout -jTAG:yesterday -jTAG module
1474	which tells CVS to merge in the changes made to the branch
1475	specified by TAG in the last 24 hours.  If this is not what is
1476	intended, substitute "yesterday" for whatever format of date that
1477	is appropriate, like:
1479		% cvs checkout -jTAG:'1 week ago' -jTAG module
1481	* "cvs diff" now supports the special tags "BASE" and "HEAD".  So,
1482	the command:
1484		% cvs diff -u -rBASE -rHEAD
1486	will effectively show the changes made by others (in unidiff
1487	format) that will be merged into your working sources with your
1488	next "cvs update" command.  "-rBASE" resolves to the revision that
1489	your working file is based on.  "-rHEAD" resolves to the current
1490	head of the branch or trunk that you are working on.
1492	* The -P option of "cvs checkout" now means to Prune empty
1493	directories, as with "update".  The default is to not remove empty
1494	directories.  However, if you do "checkout" with any -r options, -P
1495	will be implied.  I.e., checking out with a tag will cause empty
1496	directories to be pruned automatically.
1498	* The new file INSTALL describes how to install CVS, including
1499	detailed descriptions of interfaces to "configure".
1501	* The example loginfo file in examples/loginfo has been updated to
1502	use the perl script included in contrib/  The nice thing
1503	about this log program is that it records the revision numbers of
1504	your change in the log message.
1506	Example files for commitinfo and rcsinfo are now included in the
1507	examples directory.
1509	* All "#if defined(__STDC__) && __STDC__ == 1" lines have been
1510	changed to be "#if __STDC__" to fix some problems with the former.
1512	* The lib/regex.[ch] files have been updated to the 1.3 release of
1513	the GNU regex package.
1515	* The ndbm emulation routines included with CVS 1.3 Beta-2 in the
1516	src/ndbm.[ch] files has been moved into the src/myndbm.[ch] files
1517	to avoid any conflict with the system <ndbm.h> header file.  If
1518	you had a previous CVS 1.3 Beta release, you will want to "cvs
1519	remove ndbm.[ch]" form your copy of CVS as well.
1521	* "cvs add" and "cvs remove" are a bit more verbose, telling you
1522	what to do to add/remove your file permanently.
1524	* We no longer mess with /dev/tty in "commit" and "add".
1526	* More things are quiet with the -Q option set.
1528	* New src/config.h option:  If CVS_BADROOT is set, CVS will not
1529	allow people really logged in as "root" to commit changes.
1531	* "cvs diff" exits with a status of 0 if there were no diffs, 1 if
1532	there were diffs, and 2 if there were errors.
1534	* "cvs -n diff" is now supported so that you can still run diffs
1535	even while in the middle of committing files.
1537	* Handling of the CVS/Entries file is now much more robust.
1539	* The default file ignore list now includes "*.so".
1541	* "cvs import" did not expand '@' in the log message correctly.  It
1542	does now.  Also, import now uses the ignore file facility
1543	correctly.
1545	Import will now tell you whether there were conflicts that need to
1546	be resolved, and how to resolve them.
1548	* "cvs log" has been changed so that you can "log" things that are
1549	not a part of the current release (in the Attic).
1551	* If you don't change the editor message on commit, CVS now prompts
1552	you with the choice:
1554		!)reuse this message unchanged for remaining dirs
1556	which allows you to tell CVS that you have no intention of changing
1557	the log message for the remainder of the commit.
1559	* It is no longer necessary to have CVSROOT set if you are using
1560	the -H option to get Usage information on the commands.
1562	* Command argument changes:
1563	checkout:		-P handling changed as described above.
1564				New -j option (up to 2 can be specified)
1565				for doing rcsmerge kind of things on
1566				checkout.
1567	commit:			-r option now supports committing to a
1568				numeric or symbolic tags, with some
1569				restrictions.  Full consistency checks will
1570				be done.
1571				Added "-f logfile" option, which tells
1572				commit to glean the log message from the
1573				specified file, rather than invoking the
1574				editor.
1575	rtag:			Added -b option to create a branch tag,
1576				useful for creating a patch for a previous
1577				release, or for forking development.
1578	tag:			Added -b option to create a branch tag,
1579				useful for creating a patch for a previous
1580				release, or for forking development.
1581	update:			New -j option (up to 2 can be specified)
1582				for doing rcsmerge kind of things on
1583				update.
1585Thu Jan  9 10:51:35 MST 1992 Jeff Polk (polk at BSDI.COM)
1587	* Changes between CVS 1.3 Beta-1 and CVS 1.3 Beta-2
1589	* Thanks to K. Richard Pixley at Cygnus we now have function
1590	prototypes in all the files
1592	* Some small changes to configure for portability.  There have
1593	been other portability problems submitted that have not been fixed
1594	(Brian will be working on those).  Additionally all __STDC__
1595	tests have been modified to check __STDC__ against the constant 1 
1596	(this is what the Second edition of K&R says must be true).
1598	* Lots of additional error checking for forked processes (run_exec)
1599	(thanks again to K. Richard Pixley)
1601	* Lots of miscellaneous bug fixes - including but certainly not 
1602	limited to:
1603		various commit core dumps
1604		various update core dumps
1605		bogus results from status with numeric sticky tags
1606		commitprog used freed memory
1607		Entries file corruption caused by No_Difference
1608		commit to revision broken (now works if branch exists)
1609		ignore file processing broken for * and !
1610		ignore processing didn't handle memory reasonably
1611		miscellaneous bugs in the recursion processor
1612		file descriptor leak in ParseInfo
1613		CVSROOT.adm->CVSROOT rename bug
1614		lots of lint fixes
1616	* Reformatted all the code in src (with GNU indent) and then 
1617	went back and fixed prototypes, etc since indent gets confused.  The
1618	rationale is that it is better to do it sooner than later and now
1619	everything is consistent and will hopefully stay that way.
1620	The basic options to indent were: "-bad -bbb -bap -cdb -d0 -bl -bli0 
1621	-nce -pcs -cs -cli4 -di1 -nbc -psl -lp -i4 -ip4 -c41"  and then
1622	miscellaneous formatting fixes were applied.  Note also that the 
1623	"-nfc1" or "-nfca" may be appropriate in files where comments have
1624	been carefully formatted (e.g, modules.c).
1626Sat Dec 14 20:35:22 1991  Brian Berliner  (berliner at
1628	* Changes between CVS 1.2 and CVS 1.3 Beta are described here.
1630	* Lots of portability work.  CVS now uses the GNU "configure"
1631	script to dynamically determine the features provided by your
1632	system.  It probably is not foolproof, but it is better than
1633	nothing.  Please let me know of any portability problems.  Some
1634	file names were changed to fit within 14-characters.
1636	* CVS has a new RCS parser that is much more flexible and
1637	extensible.  It should read all known RCS ",v" format files.
1639	* Most of the commands now are fully recursive, rather than just
1640	operating on the current directory alone.  This includes "commit",
1641	which makes it real easy to do an "atomic" commit of all the
1642	changes made to a CVS hierarchy of sources.  Most of the commands
1643	also correctly handle file names that are in directories other than
1644	".", including absolute path names.  Commands now accept the "-R"
1645	option to force recursion on (though it is always the default now)
1646	and the "-l" option to force recursion off, doing just "." and not
1647	any sub-directories.
1649	* CVS supports many of the features provided with the RCS 5.x
1650	distribution - including the new "-k" keyword expansion options.  I
1651	recommend using RCS 5.x (5.6 is the current official RCS version)
1652	and GNU diff 1.15 (or later) distributions with CVS.
1654	* Checking out files with symbolic tags/dates is now "sticky", in
1655	that CVS remembers the tag/date used for each file (and directory)
1656	and will use that tag/date automatically on the next "update" call.
1657	This stickyness also holds for files checked out with the the new
1658	RCS 5.x "-k" options.
1660	* The "cvs diff" command now recognizes all of the rcsdiff 5.x
1661	options.  Unidiff format is available by installing the GNU
1662	diff 1.15 distribution.
1664	* The old "CVS.adm" directories created on checkout are now called
1665	"CVS" directories, to look more like "RCS" and "SCCS".  Old CVS.adm
1666	directories are automagically converted to CVS directories.  The
1667	old "CVSROOT.adm" directory within the source repository is
1668	automagically changed into a "CVSROOT" directory as well.
1670	* Symbolic links in the source repository are fully supported ONLY
1671	if you use RCS 5.6 or later and (of course) your system supports
1672	symlinks.
1674	* A history database has been contributed which maintains the
1675	history of certain CVS operations, as well as providing a wide array
1676	of querying options.
1678	* The "cvs" program has a "-n" option which can be used with the
1679	"update" command to show what would be updated without actually
1680	doing the update, like:  "cvs -n update".  All usage statements
1681	have been cleaned up and made more verbose.
1683	* The module database parsing has been rewritten.  The new format
1684	is compatible with the old format, but with much more
1685	functionality.  It allows modules to be created that grab pieces or
1686	whole directories from various different parts of your source
1687	repository.  Module-relative specifications are also correctly
1688	recognized now, like "cvs checkout module/file.c".
1690	* A configurable template can be specified such that on a "commit", 
1691	certain directories can supply a template that the user must fill
1692	before completing the commit operation.
1694	* A configurable pre-commit checking program can be specified which
1695	will run to verify that a "commit" can happen.  This feature can be
1696	used to restrict certain users from changing certain pieces of the
1697	source repository, or denying commits to the entire source
1698	repository.
1700	* The new "cvs export" command is much like "checkout", but
1701	establishes defaults suitable for exporting code to others (expands
1702	out keywords, forces the use of a symbolic tag, and does not create
1703	"CVS" directories within the checked out sources.
1705	* The new "cvs import" command replaces the deprecated "checkin"
1706	shell script and is used to import sources into CVS control.  It is
1707	also much faster for the first-time import.  Some algorithmic
1708	improvements have also been made to reduce the number of
1709	conflicting files on next-time imports.
1711	* The new "cvs admin" command is basically an interface to the
1712	"rcs" program.  (Not yet implemented very well).
1714	* Signal handling (on systems with BSD or POSIX signals) is much
1715	improved.  Interrupting CVS now works with a single interrupt!
1717	* CVS now invokes RCS commands by direct fork/exec rather than
1718	calling system(3).  This improves performance by removing a call to
1719	the shell to parse the arguments.
1721	* Support for the .cvsignore file has been contributed.  CVS will
1722	now show "unknown" files as "? filename" as the result of an "update"
1723	command.  The .cvsignore file can be used to add files to the
1724	current list of ignored files so that they won't show up as unknown.
1726	* Command argument changes:
1727	cvs:		Added -l to turn off history logging.
1728			Added -n to show what would be done without actually
1729			doing anything.
1730			Added -q/-Q for quiet and really quiet settings.
1731			Added -t to show debugging trace.
1732	add:		Added -k to allow RCS 5.x -k options to be specified.
1733	admin:		New command; an interface to rcs(1).
1734	checkout:	Added -A to reset sticky tags/date/options.
1735			Added -N to not shorten module paths.
1736			Added -R option to force recursion.
1737			Changed -p (prune empty directories) to -P option.
1738			Changed -f option; forcing tags match is now default.
1739			Added -p option to checkout module to standard output.
1740			Added -s option to cat the modules db with status.
1741			Added -d option to checkout in the specified directory.
1742			Added -k option to use RCS 5.x -k support.
1743	commit:		Removed -a option; use -l instead.
1744			Removed -f option.
1745			Added -l option to disable recursion.
1746			Added -R option to force recursion.
1747			If no files specified, commit is recursive.
1748	diff:		Now recognizes all RCS 5.x rcsdiff options.
1749			Added -l option to disable recursion.
1750			Added -R option to force recursion.
1751	history:	New command; displays info about CVS usage.
1752	import:		Replaces "checkin" shell script; imports sources
1753			under CVS control.  Ignores files on the ignore
1754			list (see -I option or .cvsignore description above).
1755	export:		New command; like "checkout", but w/special options
1756			turned on by default to facilitate exporting sources.
1757	join:		Added -B option to join from base of the branch;
1758			join now defaults to only joining with the top two
1759			revisions on the branch.
1760			Added -k option for RCS 5.x -k support.
1761	log:		Supports all RCS 5.x options.
1762			Added -l option to disable recursion.
1763			Added -R option to force recursion.
1764	patch:		Changed -f option; forcing tags match is now default.
1765			Added -c option to force context-style diffs.
1766			Added -u option to support unidiff-style diffs.
1767			Added -V option to support RCS specific-version
1768			keyword expansion formats.
1769			Added -R option to force recursion.
1770	remove:		No option changes.  It's a bit more verbose.
1771	rtag:		Equivalent to the old "cvs tag" command.
1772			No option changes.  It's a lot faster for re-tag.
1773	status:		New output formats with more information.
1774			Added -l option to disable recursion.
1775			Added -R option to force recursion.
1776			Added -v option to show symbolic tags for files.
1777	tag:		Functionality changed to tag checked out files
1778			rather than modules; use "rtag" command to get the
1779			old "cvs tag" behaviour.
1780	update:		Added -A to reset sticky tags/date/options.
1781			Changed -p (prune empty directories) to -P option.
1782			Changed -f option; forcing tags match is now default.
1783			Added -p option to checkout module to standard output.
1784			Added -I option to add files to the ignore list.
1785			Added -R option to force recursion.
1787	Major Contributors:
1789	* Jeff Polk <> rewrote most of the grody code of CVS
1790	1.2.  He made just about everything dynamic (by using malloc),
1791	added a generic hashed list manager, re-wrote the modules database
1792	parsing in a compatible - but extended way, generalized directory
1793	hierarchy recursion for virtually all the commands (including
1794	commit!), generalized the loginfo file to be used for pre-commit
1795	checks and commit templates, wrote a new and flexible RCS parser,
1796	fixed an uncountable number of bugs, and helped in the design of
1797	future CVS features.  If there's anything gross left in CVS, it's
1798	probably my fault!
1800	* David G. Grubbs <> contributed the CVS "history" and
1801	"release" commands.  As well as the ever-so-useful "-n" option of
1802	CVS which tells CVS to show what it would do, without actually
1803	doing it.  He also contributed support for the .cvsignore file.
1805	* Paul Sander, HaL Computer Systems, Inc. <> wrote and
1806	contributed the code in lib/sighandle.c.  I added support for
1807	POSIX, BSD, and non-POSIX/non-BSD systems.
1809	* Free Software Foundation contributed the "configure" script and
1810	other compatibility support in the "lib" directory, which will help
1811	make CVS much more portable.
1813	* Many others have contributed bug reports and enhancement requests.
1814	Some have even submitted actual code which I have not had time yet
1815	to integrate into CVS.  Maybe for the next release.
1817	* Thanks to you all!
1819Wed Feb  6 10:10:58 1991  Brian Berliner  (berliner at
1821	* Changes from CVS 1.0 Patchlevel 1 to CVS 1.0 Patchlevel 2; also
1822	known as "Changes from CVS 1.1 to CVS 1.2".
1824	* Major new support with this release is the ability to use the
1825	recently-posted RCS 5.5 distribution with CVS 1.2.  See below for
1826	other assorted bug-fixes that have been thrown in.
1828	* ChangeLog (new): Added Emacs-style change-log file to CVS 1.2
1829	release.  Chronological description of changes between release.
1831	* README: Small fixes to installation instructions.  My email
1832	address is now "".
1834	* src/Makefile: Removed "rcstime.h".  Removed "depend" rule.
1836	* src/partime.c:  Updated to RCS 5.5 version with hooks for CVS.
1837	* src/maketime.c: Updated to RCS 5.5 version with hooks for CVS.
1838	* src/rcstime.h:  Removed from the CVS 1.2 distribution.
1839	Thanks to Paul Eggert <> for these changes.
1841	* src/checkin.csh: Support for RCS 5.5 parsing.
1842	Thanks to Paul Eggert <> for this change.
1844	* src/collect_sets.c (Collect_Sets): Be quieter if "-f" option is
1845	specified.  When checking out files on-top-of other files that CVS
1846	doesn't know about, run a diff in the hopes that they are really
1847	the same file before aborting.
1849	* src/commit.c (branch_number): Fix for RCS 5.5 parsing.
1850	Thanks to Paul Eggert <> for this change.
1852	* src/commit.c (do_editor): Bug fix - fprintf missing argument
1853	which sometimes caused core dumps.
1855	* src/modules.c (process_module): Properly NULL-terminate
1856	update_dir[] in all cases.
1858	* src/no_difference.c (No_Difference): The wrong RCS revision was
1859	being registered in certain (strange) cases.
1861	* src/patch.c (get_rcsdate): New algorithm.  No need to call
1862	maketime() any longer.
1863	Thanks to Paul Eggert <> for this change.
1865	* src/patchlevel.h: Increased patch level to "2".
1867	* src/subr.c (isdir, islink): Changed to compare stat mode bits
1868	correctly.
1870	* src/tag.c (tag_file): Added support for following symbolic links
1871	that are in the master source repository when tagging.  Made tag
1872	somewhat quieter in certain cases.
1874	* src/update.c (update_process_lists): Unlink the user's file if it
1875	was put on the Wlist, meaning that the user's file is not modified
1876	and its RCS file has been removed by someone else.
1878	* src/update.c (update): Support for "cvs update dir" to correctly
1879	just update the argument directory "dir".
1881	* src/cvs.h: Fixes for RCS 5.5 parsing.
1882	* src/version_number.c (Version_Number): Fixes for parsing RCS 5.5
1883	and older RCS-format files.
1884	Thanks to Paul Eggert <> for these changes.
1886	* src/version_number.c (Version_Number): Bug fixes for "-f" option.
1887	Bug fixes for parsing with certain branch numbers.  RCS
1888	revision/symbol parsing is much more solid now.
1890Wed Feb 14 10:01:33 1990  Brian Berliner  (berliner at
1892	* Changes from CVS 1.0 Patchlevel 0 to CVS 1.0 Patchlevel 1; also
1893	known as "Changes from CVS 1.0 to CVS 1.1".
1895	* src/patch.c (get_rcsdate): Portability fix.  Replaced call to
1896	timelocal() with call to maketime().
1898Mon Nov 19 23:15:11 1990  Brian Berliner  (berliner at
1900	* Sent CVS 1.0 release to comp.sources.unix moderator and FSF.
1902	* Special thanks to Dick Grune <> for his work on the
1903	1986 version of CVS and making it available to the world.  Dick's
1904	version is available on in the
1905	comp.sources.unix/volume6/cvs directory.