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  1.         <div style="clear:both;"><p><?php _e( 'On this page, you can edit the content of the table.', WP_TABLE_RELOADED_TEXTDOMAIN ); ?> <?php _e( 'It is also possible to change the table structure by inserting, deleting, moving, and swapping columns and rows.', WP_TABLE_RELOADED_TEXTDOMAIN ); ?><br />
  2. 		<?php printf( __( 'To insert the table into a page, post or text-widget, copy the shortcode <strong>[table id=%s /]</strong> and paste it into the corresponding place in the editor.', WP_TABLE_RELOADED_TEXTDOMAIN ), $this->helper->safe_output( $table_id ) ); ?></p></div>
  4.             printf( __( 'Sort table by column %s in %s order', WP_TABLE_RELOADED_TEXTDOMAIN ), $col_select, $sort_order_select );
  5.             $a_cols_unhide = '<a id="a-unhide-columns" class="button-primary" href="javascript:void(0);">' . _x( 'Unhide', 'item', WP_TABLE_RELOADED_TEXTDOMAIN ) . '</a>';
  6.             printf( _x( 'Selected columns: %s %s', 'hide_unhide', WP_TABLE_RELOADED_TEXTDOMAIN ), $a_cols_hide, $a_cols_unhide );
  7.             $a_rows_delete = '<input id="button-delete-rows" type="submit" name="submit[delete_rows]" class="button-primary" value="' . __( 'Delete', WP_TABLE_RELOADED_TEXTDOMAIN ) . '" ' . $row_disabled . '/>';
  8.             printf( _x( 'Selected rows: %s %s', 'insert_delete', WP_TABLE_RELOADED_TEXTDOMAIN ), $a_rows_insert, $a_rows_delete );
  9.             $a_cols_delete = '<input id="button-delete-columns" type="submit" name="submit[delete_cols]" class="button-primary" value="' . __( 'Delete', WP_TABLE_RELOADED_TEXTDOMAIN ) . '" ' . $col_disabled . '/>';
  10.             printf( _x( 'Selected columns: %s %s', 'insert_delete', WP_TABLE_RELOADED_TEXTDOMAIN ), $a_cols_insert, $a_cols_delete );
  11.         ?>
  12.         <?php printf( __( 'Add %s row(s)', WP_TABLE_RELOADED_TEXTDOMAIN ), $row_insert ); ?>
  13.             echo '<span style="vertical-align: middle;">';
  14.             printf( __( 'The Table Name shall be written %s the table (HTML tag &lt;h2&gt;).', WP_TABLE_RELOADED_TEXTDOMAIN ), $position_select );
  15.             echo '<span style="vertical-align: middle;">';
  16.             printf( __( 'The Table Description shall be written %s the table.', WP_TABLE_RELOADED_TEXTDOMAIN ), $position_select );

  1.         <div class="inside">
  2.         <p><?php _e( 'At first you should add or import a table.', WP_TABLE_RELOADED_TEXTDOMAIN ); ?> <?php _e( 'This means that you either let the plugin create an empty table for you or that you load an existing table from either a CSV, XML or HTML file.', WP_TABLE_RELOADED_TEXTDOMAIN ); ?></p><p><?php _e( 'Then you can edit your data or change the structure of your table (e.g. by inserting or deleting rows or columns, swaping rows or columns or sorting them) and select specific table options like alternating row colors or whether to print the name or description, if you want.', WP_TABLE_RELOADED_TEXTDOMAIN ); ?> <?php _e( 'To easily add a link or an image to a cell, use the provided buttons. Those will ask you for the URL and a title. Then you can click into a cell and the corresponding HTML will be added to it for you.', WP_TABLE_RELOADED_TEXTDOMAIN ); ?></p><p><?php printf( __( 'To insert the table into a page, post or text-widget, copy the shortcode <strong>[table id=%s /]</strong> and paste it into the corresponding place in the editor.', WP_TABLE_RELOADED_TEXTDOMAIN ), '&lt;ID&gt;' ); ?> <?php printf( __( 'You can also select the desired table from a list (after clicking the button &quot;%s&quot; in the editor toolbar) and the corresponding shortcode will be added for you.', WP_TABLE_RELOADED_TEXTDOMAIN ), __( 'Table', WP_TABLE_RELOADED_TEXTDOMAIN ) ); ?></p><p><?php _e( 'Tables can be styled by changing and adding CSS commands.', WP_TABLE_RELOADED_TEXTDOMAIN ); ?> <?php _e( 'The plugin ships with default CSS Stylesheets, which can be customized with own code or replaced with other Stylesheets.', WP_TABLE_RELOADED_TEXTDOMAIN ); ?> <?php _e( 'For this, each table is given certain CSS classes that can be used as CSS selectors.', WP_TABLE_RELOADED_TEXTDOMAIN ); ?> <?php printf ( __( 'Please see the <a href="%s">documentation</a> for a list of these selectors and for styling examples.', WP_TABLE_RELOADED_TEXTDOMAIN ), 'http://tobias.baethge.com/go/wp-table-reloaded/documentation/' ); ?></p>
  3.         <div class="inside">
  4.         <p><?php printf( __( 'More information about WP-Table Reloaded can be found on the <a href="%s">plugin\'s website</a> or on its page in the <a href="%s">WordPress Plugin Directory</a>.', WP_TABLE_RELOADED_TEXTDOMAIN ), 'http://tobias.baethge.com/go/wp-table-reloaded/website/', 'http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wp-table-reloaded/' ); ?> <?php printf( __( 'For technical information, see the <a href="%s">documentation</a>.', WP_TABLE_RELOADED_TEXTDOMAIN ), 'http://tobias.baethge.com/go/wp-table-reloaded/documentation/' ); ?></p>
  5.         <div class="inside">
  6.         <p><?php printf( __( '<a href="%s">Support</a> is provided through the <a href="%s">WordPress Support Forums</a>.', WP_TABLE_RELOADED_TEXTDOMAIN ), 'http://tobias.baethge.com/go/wp-table-reloaded/support/', 'http://www.wordpress.org/support/' ); ?> <?php printf( __( 'Before asking for support, please carefully read the <a href="%s">Frequently Asked Questions</a> where you will find answered to the most common questions, and search through the forums.', WP_TABLE_RELOADED_TEXTDOMAIN ), 'http://tobias.baethge.com/go/wp-table-reloaded/faq/' ); ?></p><p><?php printf( __( 'If you do not find an answer there, please <a href="%s">open a new thread</a> in the WordPress Support Forums with the tag &quot;wp-table-reloaded&quot;.', WP_TABLE_RELOADED_TEXTDOMAIN ), 'http://wordpress.org/tags/wp-table-reloaded' ); ?></p>
  7.         <div class="inside">
  8.         <p><?php printf( __( 'This plugin was written by <a href="%s">Tobias B&auml;thge</a>.', WP_TABLE_RELOADED_TEXTDOMAIN ), 'http://tobias.baethge.com/' ); ?> <?php _e( 'It is licensed as Free Software under GPL 2.', WP_TABLE_RELOADED_TEXTDOMAIN ); ?><br/><?php printf( __( 'If you like the plugin, <a href="%s"><strong>a donation</strong></a> is recommended.', WP_TABLE_RELOADED_TEXTDOMAIN ), 'http://tobias.baethge.com/go/wp-table-reloaded/donate/' ); ?> <?php printf( __( 'Please rate the plugin in the <a href="%s">WordPress Plugin Directory</a>.', WP_TABLE_RELOADED_TEXTDOMAIN ), 'http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wp-table-reloaded/' ); ?><br/><?php _e( 'Donations and good ratings encourage me to further develop the plugin and to provide countless hours of support. Any amount is appreciated! Thanks!', WP_TABLE_RELOADED_TEXTDOMAIN ); ?></p>
  9.                 foreach ( $this->available_plugin_languages as $code => $language ) {
  10.                     echo "<br/>&middot; " . sprintf( __( '%s (thanks to %s)', WP_TABLE_RELOADED_TEXTDOMAIN ), $language, $credits_links[ $code ] ) . "\n";

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