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MCAPI.class.php in https-bitbucket.org-bityvip-alpes https://bitbucket.org/izubizarreta/https-bitbucket.org-bityvip-alpes.git | 1814 lines | PHP
  1.      * @example xml-rpc_campaignCreate.php
  2.      * @example xml-rpc_campaignCreateABSplit.php
  3.      *
  4.      * @param string $type the Campaign Type to create - one of "regular", "plaintext", "absplit", "rss", "trans", "auto"
  6.             For A/B Split campaigns, this array should contain:
  7.                 string split_test The values to segment based on. Currently, one of: "subject", "from_name", "schedule". NOTE, for "schedule", you will need to call campaignSchedule() separately!
  8.                 string pick_winner How the winner will be picked, one of: "opens" (by the open_rate), "clicks" (by the click rate), "manual" (you pick manually)
  9.                 integer wait_time optional the number of units to wait before auto-selecting a winner - defaults to 1, so if not set, a winner will be selected after 1 Day.
  10.                 integer split_size optional this is a percentage of what size the Campaign's List plus any segmentation options results in. "schedule" type forces 50%, all others default to 10%
  11.                 string from_name_a optional sort of, required when split_test is "from_name"
  12.             string  status optional - return campaigns of a specific status - one of "save", "paused", "schedule", "sending"
  13.             string  type optional - return campaigns of a specific type - one of "regular", "plaintext", "absplit", "rss", "trans", "auto"
  14.      * @returnf string title Title of the campaign
  15.      * @returnf string type The type of campaign this is (regular,plaintext,absplit,rss,inspection,trans,auto)

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